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‘Hang Them!’ CFPWA Supports Death Penalty For Killing Cops


The Caribbean Federation of Police Welfare Associations (CFPWA) has reiterated its concern over attacks on police officers across the region and has supported the death penalty for killing a cop.

“We stand firmly behind the calls for the death penalty to be applied to anyone found guilty of killing a police officer,” the CFPWA declared in a statement on Tuesday.

“We urge the countries with the death penalty on the books to use it; hang them,” the statement declared.

“They need to be put to the gallows in front of their families and friends. Criminals must understand that their actions have consequences,” the Caribbean police group asserted.

In a press release early last month, the CFPWA raised its concern about the attacks on police officers while performing their lawful duties.

And in a subsequent November 1, 2022 statement, the organisation said it had learnt that two more officers were killed.

“A police officer’s car was firebombed, and most recently, another police officer shot,” the CFPWA disclosed.

According to the CFPWA, it appeared that the attacks on and the killing of police officers have been normalised instead of being viewed as an attack on the state.

“We note with great disappointment that very few voices have come out to condemn these acts against our members, yet many will come out promptly in defence of criminals,” the police welfare group declared.

” A police officer has a family too. We want to ask, where is the public outrage or outcry when a police officer is attacked or killed?”

“The CFPWA wants to condemn these attacks and killings of our police officers across the region and calls for harsher penalties to be applied to those who attack police officers,” the CFPWA stated.

“It must be made unequivocally clear to criminals that when you take the life of an agent of the state, you have given up your right to life when you are found guilty in a court of law,” the CFPWA observed.

And the organisation called on legislators around the region to make the necessary amendments to reflect harsher penalties for people who attack state agents responsible for preserving and maintaining law and order.

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  1. St Lucians want to know how many passports Chas sold during his tenure. And what did he do with the 863 million dollars he borrowed. Juke Bois tell us tomorrow morning.

  2. you said that it must be made unequivocally clear to criminals that when you take the life of an agent of the state, you have given up your right to life when you are found guilty in a court of law but you are the same ones that will say abortion is not good.

  3. @Juke Bois, and I would like to add that she should lick it after不不不不不不不.
    I just don’t know where these fools come from. Such an important topic and you, @Lydia Estaphane coming here with your partisan political bullshit. Yes, i want Chastanet and every politician to account for their actions but don’t post your partisan political nonsense under an article that should generate serious debate. Like @juke bois I suggest you put your finger up there, smell it and lick it.

  4. I agree with that but why stop there? I have advocated for a long time, since you have these laws on the books and kept it frozen, don’t just use them for the killing of cops, use them for the death penalty of criminals – the only way to stop that murder rate on little St. Lucia. We are too small a beautiful Island to allow criminals to do whatever he wishes at the expense of families to live in peace. There are many abroad who are fearful of visiting their relatives; its high time to hang these criminals, not only for Policemen. LUDOVIC KENNEDY – WROTE A BOOK, ” 10 RILLINGTON PLACE” back in the early 1950’s exposing the mistake the Police & the Judge made in hanging the wrong man. Evans the Welshman was handed instead of Cristy (long story) I lived not far from there – the British who ruled the Colonies, Forced the same stupid laws on its colonies or else ‘no help, trade cut off’ a lot of crap. Are we independent? LET US SEE HAW THE WANG IN THE CABINET DO WITH THAT RULLING. For the sake of the poor Malaiway I will keep praying for St. Lucia, for God’s blessings on them.

  5. So let’s kill people to teach them the lesson that killing people is wrong. Big brained thinking right there.

  6. What about the innocent people the police kill – it happens. Do the police face the death sentence too? Just asking…


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