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Pierre Looks Forward To Opening ‘Much Needed’ St. Jude Hospital

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Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre is looking forward to opening the ‘much needed’ St. Jude Hospital to serve the people of Saint Lucia.

On Tuesday, Pierre opened the medical facility’s new construction phase after more than five years of inactivity at the previously abandoned site.

“We did not take this decision to finish the original St. Jude Hospital lightly. We listened to the experts and are confident that we can construct a patient-friendly, fully functional hospital to serve the people of Saint Lucia, particularly the people of the south of the island,” Pierre wrote on Facebook.

He explained that several government agencies are collaborating to ensure the project’s completion within the shortest possible timeframe and to oversee the spending of taxpayers’ money.

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“There has been too much wastage, and people must be held accountable,” the Castries East MP declared.

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  1. This has taken too long . I want to know the expected date of completion and the mechanisms you have in place to ensure timelines and minimum compliance codes are met, funds, resources, and personnel are in place to complete each phase of this hospital.

  2. Mr. P.M. I do respect you since you are the one in charge of St. Lucia right now. But I must say, the decision to —–” the experts….to oversee the spending of Taxpayers money” then he says “there has been too much wastage” so you listened to the wrong voices Mr. P.M; please do permit me to offer some good advise. YOU ARE NOT FOOLING THE PEOPLE OF THE SOUTH, THE REPRESENTATIVES OF V/FORT NORTH & SOUTH & LABORIE, MAYBE BUT NOT THE PEOPLE OF THE SOUTH. You will agree that a proper modern Hospital with the newest of up to date Building CODE design, with $millions already spent – you guys stopped because of politics, why the hell has politics must interfere with ‘PROGRESS’ why every thing in St. Lucia must be UWP Vs SLP? why the small mindedness, why so myopic why stay so stupid in the face of everyone around you?
    My dear P.M. you have a Cabinet that should not oppose everything Chastanet started or said. You won the Election, stop the crap, build the Country, complete the New modern Hospital, Stop the crime rate, hang the murderers ‘if you do, you’ll win next election’ but I promise you, short of doing that, you and your bunch are finished. Now before its too late, rescind the contract you singed to sell out the Castries and Soufriere Habours to an unknown, do so before its too late. I pray the good Lord will give you the wisdom thereof. Amen.

  3. …he owes you nothing fool.. what the hell do you blasted Clowns take it for?? He would complete St Jude’s only to have the likes of you and Chastanet to say you, YOU SEE, YOU SEE WHAT I TOLD YOU ABOUT THEM, no such luck, so keep it moving pal St Jude’s will be completed under this administration, and there will be no plywood fence to block the view of the progress been made, so even the likes of you could go up there and see for yourself.

  4. Direct award to Rayneau at least fresh start was giving a fair days pay do a survey on rayneaus workers you will find out

  5. @John Brown, and @The Fox … very intelligent and interesting comments. WE are the people, (not hacks!), and we have a right to know everything. The two of you are wearing your hearts on your sleeves. I have made those same comments that you are now making.

    This current PM is only singing “tunes” with no lyrics!! What does that say about him? He’s just TRYING to placate his base, with no foundation of his words. He’s not fooling us.

    To the hacks: “Ignorance is bliss!” Stay in your “blissful euphoria”!!

  6. This man is the worst PM Saint Lucia has ever had! Does nothing for the Island. All he’s good for is selling this Island and pocketing the money YOU’RE THE BIGGEST IDIOT.


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