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UWP Says Time For Pierre To Address The Nation On Crime


The opposition United Workers Party (UWP) has declared in a post on its official Facebook page that it is time for Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre to address the nation on crime amid 59 homicides for the year.

Pierre is also the Minister of National Security.

“When will the Minister for National Security address the country? Who really is Saint Lucia’s Minister for National Security? Is there even a Minister? Based on his silence, one would wonder why he still holds the position since he obviously doesn’t care,” the UWP said.

The opposition party asserted that Saint Lucia had been rocked under Pierre’s watch by recording breaking crimes, including numerous murders and robberies.

“The Prime Minister has returned from his vacation where according to him, he got a chance to ‘rest and reflect’. It is time for Philip J Pierre to address the nation regarding crime and do what he was elected to do, which is Put People First! How many more must die before he says something or takes action?” The UWP stated.


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  1. Yes I agree.Mr National Security Minister Phillip J Pierre WHAT’s TAKING SO LONG ? This bail policy needs to change, it’s not working. CHANGE THE LAW!

    You letting criminals back on the streets to kill people and then you ask them to put down the guns and settle their disputes peacefully THAT’s DUMB!

    Citizens should demand that the law be changed for bail and that people caught with illegal firearms should serve a mandatory 10 years in jail.

    SLP voters as well need to put pressure on Phillip J Pierre to change the law. We all are affected by crime and it is his job as national security minister to keep the citizens and the country safe.

    You’all beg Taiwan for everything, beg for some cctvs and install a perimeter around your city.

    People getting shot broad daylight in your capital city. No one knows the shooter, no man hunt for the suspect, no type of urgency to bring these people to justice.

    Smh unacceptable!!

  2. Pierre HAS nothing to do with crime , leave the man alone he’s Not a little boy y your’ll keep calling the man name so.

  3. Crime is everybody business… if you see and dont talk then that’s your business. So make 180k people living on a rock crime free…who ready!

  4. #Citizen..Actually people caught with illegal firearms should be executed and weapons destroyed in that way lives are saved…make that law

  5. I strongly support the uwp, but before Pierre address the nation on crime, can all you tell us how many passports were sold during 2016 to 2021. Can Mr Chas tell us something about the Pajoah letter and finally what did he do with the 863 million dollars he borrowed.

  6. PIP don’t get too comfortable, last time you were saying how you gonna sweep the UWP at the polls with a decisive win next election.

    Guess what, as an SLP supporter, I personally will vote against you at the next election if you don’t make an effort on the crime front.

    As an experienced politician you need to do more. You not one of these guys that come into politics yesterday, and that’s how you will be judged do better for the country. And stop expecting police to do everything.

    Do something about the judicatory system. It’s broken. Everyone knows it’s broken. So what the hell is your problem and excuse now To fix it?

    You have big lawyers in your party talk to them to fix the broken system. You and SLP WILL LOSE if you don’t appear to be fixing this.

    People are getting fed up, the issues has changed. Crime is affecting everyone, from business people, taxi drivers, home owners.

    Everyone is talking about it. Even the last shooting in the city, the kids in the Methodist School had to be sent home early. So schools are getting affected now.

    Don’t get too comfortable about this election win. Lucian’s have low tolerance for bullshit and they will vote you out LIKITI SPLIT.

  7. It’s like the snail telling the turtle to move faster. Sigh! Never a dull moment in St. Lisi.

  8. @Jilly, your comment is the most ignorant ever posted on this site. I never though St. Lucia had such ignorant people. Anyway, I believe you are one of a kind. Imagine you are asking what crime has to do with the Minister of National Security. And what does he not being a little boy have to do with the issue? I really don’t care about the back and forth between the two useless parties but oh boy i cannot believe we have a fool like you making such a stupid comment on such a serious issue.

  9. Yes idiot. but if the turtle which is now in charge does not move faster things will only get worse. Whatever it takes, the turtle had better move faster. But to your credit, it’s nice that you recognize (strange feat for You) that what we have in St. Lucia are a snail and a turtle. I guess with that recognition we can expect no real progress. Thanks again for noting and even bold enough to express 👏👏👏👏👏

  10. Unfortunately, your thickness bars you from understanding figurative language and cynicism. You should have stayed in school longer because it shows.

  11. Thanks for telling a little more about yourself 🤣🤣🤣🤣. You spent a very long time in school for obvious reasons – you were very slow. Up to now it seems that you, Poule Foo, can only recall and repeat. You have not reached the understanding/ comprehension level.
    The UWP called on the SLP PM to move on the issue of crime. You @Poule Foo indicated that it was a case of the snail (obviously the UWP) calling on the turtle (obviously the SLP) to move faster. Well that of course it would be obvious to someone who understands figurative language and cynicism. That you have a problem with the interpretation suggests that you can only recall and repeat – no understanding. It shows why you stayed in school very a very long time (it appears much longer than I did). But not even that helped. I hope the space you occupied did not deprive someone else who would have made better use.
    Imagine you are grudging that I complimented you on noting and expressing an important fact. I guess the very long time you spent in school did not help. poor jab. Was it your behaviour in school that earned you the named Poule Foo (mad fowl)?

  12. you all can bark all you all want you know St. Lucia already sell… so you are just a habitat… check it Columbus came and bus us… the caribs gone so you think you special – paytu!

  13. Allen Chastanet is more preoccupied with bad roads rather than what’s happening in the streets that’s affecting every day people. He never spoke about crime in power, he refuse to address it in opposition. No one is excusing criminality and lawlessness, and who is charge NOW that’s their fight, but if you are the leader of the MAIN opposition party in the country and you are on your quest to acclaim to fame, one would think by now he would have stated his pinioned view on the number two quality of life issue facing this nation but his SILENCE iS DEAFENING, so what does this say about him wanting to be PM. Happy Sunday off to brunch with loving sweetheart.😎😎😎🍹🍹🍹🍹💓💓💓💓💓

  14. failed state, a state that is unable to perform the two fundamental functions of the sovereign nation-state in the modern world system: it cannot project authority over its territory and peoples, and it cannot protect its national boundaries. The governing capacity of a failed state is attenuated such that it is unable to fulfill the administrative and organizational tasks required to control people and resources and can provide only minimal public services. Its citizens no longer believe that their government is legitimate, and the state becomes illegitimate in the eyes of the international community.

    A failed state is composed of feeble and flawed institutions. Often, the executive barely functions, while the legislature, judiciary, bureaucracy, and armed forces have lost their capacity and professional independence. A failed state suffers from crumbling infrastructures, faltering utility supplies and educational and health facilities, and deteriorating basic human-development indicators, such as infant mortality and literacy rates. Failed states create an environment of flourishing corruption and negative growth rates, where honest economic activity cannot flourish.

  15. Prime minister Pierre, don’t act like you your self was not a victim of crime. Remember in 2020 your home was burglarized by some thugs, Armed thugs as a matter of fact… Remeber that !!

    All now, I don’t think anyone got arrested for this crime. You need to stop playing around and address this issue sir !!
    This is not a game, this is not Monopoly or Scrabble. This is not a UWP or SLP issue. This is a St.Lucian issue. The opposition as well as the SLP need to do something about crime. Don’t say you wasn’t warned.

  16. And is the UWP going to put out their own statement/ press release on crime urging fellow citizens to take accountability when it comes to crime, provide solutions and support in the crime fighting efforts and start implementing said solutions to help combat crime even while out of office? Are they going to do something that actually helps the situation instead of playing politics or are they just calling on the pm to address the nation so if/when he does they will be critical of anything he says?

  17. Peep when will you realise that you are failing as the minister on charge of national security and appoint someone capable? Don’t let your arrogance get the better of you. Or, is it that you have not found a square peg from your clicque of buddies or elite club to put in yet, because all we are seeing is you appointing square pegs in round holes as party favors, those who are part of your lodge and inner crew whilst the round pegs who are capable are ignored and only seen as worthy of doing manual labour to help your secure the victory so your big boys and girls can sit pretty with fat pockets. Or is it that the round pegs are not corrupt, are too decent, respectable and will not support some of your undesirable ministers behavioir? Tell me sir, when you have capable persons who can guide you, why would you not do what it takes to at least show that you’re actually concerned about the crime situation in this country. Is that how you put us first, sir. Shame on you! I guess when it hits home we will see action. Sir National Security needs attention from skilled and knowledgeable persons and need it now. Stop letting he lies guide you to your detriment. Man up!

  18. If Pierre were to speak the truth about our dismal economic situation on the island, it would most likely instill more fear in the populace for those who recognize and believe in the truth. The old saying “who feels it knows it” lives on. It is easy to say keep gun slingers and other high level criminals incarcerated indefinitely, but the truth is the government cannot afford it. It would be reckless for any government anywhere to admit it as it would only embolden criminals even more. The police need to change their strategy and gang up on those gang bangers and keep that pressure on, until almost all illegal weapons are taken off the streets. The prosecutors need to lash out harsh punishments on a few to deter the other criminals. The government must take some tough decisions, even if they may not be popular for outsiders.” Who feels it knows it” . The climate must change and that is for the few criminals to live in fear instead of the entire population.


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