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Floods: Pierre Appeals To Citizens Not To Dump Garbage In Waterways


Improper waste disposal exacerbated the flash flood events of November 6.

The intensity of the trough system that affected Saint Lucia’s northern region also underscored the island’s vulnerability to the global climate crisis.

Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre addressed those issues at a news conference on Monday.

Rehani Isidore reports:


SOURCE: Office of the Prime Minister

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  1. No sh***t Pierre I thought you were gonna tell us something new, like a bedtime story. What the hell wrong with you man? first you made appeal for regional help, who in the world want to come to this crime ridden Island risking their life to help anyone from something which could be avoided – but St. Lucians have had that unhealthy habit of dumping trash in their rivers, now you are mouthing off on something we’ve heard for years. I’m tired of telling St. Lucians To humble themselves, find the Lord and pray.

  2. Nope the desilting was not done! This man is always looking to pass the buck. How about you accept responsibility and do better. Same way you asked person’s to eat more fig and Supporters run with this like it was some sort of grand policy decision!

  3. PJP Lucians are just nasty people and they know themselves, after eating and drinking the pathways where it is being consumed, that become their dumping site. It is prevalent all over Lucia. So bark all you want!

  4. Hillaire off island on another joyride. King called back from another joyride to attempt to fix a mess he created. The other Cabinet ministers just came back or going in the next two weeks. Airport in good use!
    Casimir promises he go desilt the rivers AFTER the rainy season.
    SLP including their leader and their goons on social media blaming Lucians for the rivers flooding, calling them all kinds of names.
    Incompetence in real time action. Please please SLP mismanagers realize you are there to WORK not to empty the coffers.
    You were voted in to give the $1500 to everyone as you promised. They need it urgently to clean up their houses, buy the furniture and appliances destroyed in the flood. Most did not have insurance and lost everything.
    You have spent at least a billion dollars since you won elections and all we have is inflation, bad roads, flooding and excuses.

    You all are simply doing what you do everytime you get into power. Enjoying the ride. The big cars, unlimited first class travel, million dollar salaries, opportunities for filling your pockets, the prestige of office, champagne and caviar lifestyle on the backs of debt ridden lucians.
    Please start to work, be proactive, plan ahead, burn the midnight oil, think through procedure and processes
    You lazy unproductive lot!

  5. SLP government has been shifting blame from themselves to the general public from since Covid. Remember when they said it was your responsibility to stop Covid. Now its your fault for dumping garbage in the river. I see a failing system at wont take accountability for their failures. People should not be left to their own vices, the authorities should be monitoring and punishing all persons breaking the law. What is the point of those river monitoring devices if no one is using it. The Corinth river should have been desilted again since a lot of soil erosion has occurred since the start of the season. And not to mention the met office, its almost full moon and we have the highest tides of the year, this will make it more difficult for rivers to empty out into the sea.

  6. Nasty is an understatement. Disgusting is more apt. A few days ago observed a few people at the beach eating KFC. One of the young ladies simply tossed her cup on the sand and the crew drove off. It occured to none of them to actually ask her to pick up. This country is doomed.

  7. Although I have no clue concerning this photographe and cannot recall, but I am very sadden by this,eventually we are defiled by our own mistakes and it is others to blame !!

  8. Pjp St. Lucian’s nasty just like you the wrath of god nasty politicians people of the the country will pay for your sins divided the country with hatred dumb pm

  9. Your political affiliation really does not matter – the truth IS most St. Lucians are self destructive……….

  10. What evidence was there to confirm that it was garbage dumped in the rivers was the cause of this flooding? Considering that there was no desilting done and peoples homes and businesses were flooded? Is garbage the reason for these muddy waters that were witnessed? Pierre assumes that making a political statement against the St. Lucian public that party hacks would carry his water for him and also his one sided complicit media would broadcast this garbage. Man if is loans you don’t want to take or whatever which prevents you from doing the people work that you promised to do then we cannot live on auto pilot. We are dying from inflation with no economic plan. Is promising 1500 dollars or tax reduction (which was on the cards anyway) an economic plan? I am really sceptical that by March 2023 that St Lucia wouldn’t find itself in a recession.

  11. These very same people with their businesses, huge equipment and trucks are the real polluters. Poor people are not responsible for these huge undertakings. Which set of pple are responsible for polluting rivers such as cul de sac etc , trucks pass spewing all their contents including cement, stones etc. Into communities, drains, roads etc. None of these businesses are being charged. Even the construction of a hospital was done without a plan by the very same government so where is the example and what is the message here?


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