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Casimir Suggests Temporary Return To Online Learning


Gros Islet MP Kenson Casimir suggested a temporary return to online learning as he, Education Minister Shawn Edward and others surveyed flood damage to the Dame Pearlette Louisy Primary school on Monday morning.

“I am very proud of the government for providing laptops to all our kids, so you know we may have to go back to online learning for some time at the Dame Pearlette Louisy and of course at some of the other institutions in Gros Islet,” Casimir stated.

The Ministry of Education announced the closure of the Dame Pearlette Louisy and the Corinth Secondary Schools due to the impact of Sunday’s flooding, which devastated the North of Saint Lucia.

Casimir, Minister for Youth Development and Sports, described the event as a troubled time for his constituency.

He estimated that Gros Islet had suffered millions of dollars in damage.

And he echoed the concern Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre and National Emergency Management Organisation (NEMO) Director Maria Medard expressed at a news conference on Monday about the indiscriminate dumping of garbage in the rivers.

“We as a people can do better in terms of the way we treat our rivers – the way we dump garbage. We can see the remnants of what happened when we do things indiscriminately in our constituency and of course, in Saint Lucia,” the MP declared.

Nevertheless, Casimir said he was proud of his people who came together to assist each other amid the calamity.

He recalled that those who suffered no damage reached out to help others in distress.

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  1. I am not saying flooding will not happen but the way we go about doing things and what the results are showing it will be great if the think tankers pay visionary approach to designs and implementations when it comes to physical structure. Some situation can we avoided once proper work being done for decades now Gov. always say its a temp fix and lack funding but at the same time pay premium cost to carry out the job. 1stly that school should not have been built in a flood prone area and also the river needs to redefine. Do you know how many turns that river have before balata before it reaches choc bridge? And do you know how much water will backup at each turns causing over flooding… Come on ppl open those sleeping brain cells and just don’t look for every skirt. No offense to the females, but some leaders if you put a skirt on a donkey they going full force! no offense to the donkey too…

  2. My only take is how the current govt ministers seem to blame the people for everything and take no part blame whatsoever. They’ve done the same with crime and blamed the parents. now flooding is on us the citizens who throw garbage in the rivers. Smh. Some of these fridges etc were not in the river but near it. Were the vehicles thrown in the river too? Smh. Did the citizenry allow Dame to be built in this location? I consider this poor leadership. Which coach blames his players for every lost? Anyways. Citizens stop throwing garbage such as condom wrappers in the rivers and also cars and fridges and containers.

  3. SLP government has been shifting blame from themselves to the general public from since Covid. Remember when they said it was your responsibility to stop Covid. Now its your fault for dumping garbage in the river. I see a failing system at wont take accountability for their failures. People should not be left to their own vices, the authorities should be monitoring and punishing all persons breaking the law. What is the point of those river monitoring devices if no one is using it. The Corinth river should have been desilted again since a lot of soil erosion has occurred since the start of the season. And not to mention the met office, its almost full moon and we have the highest tides of the year, this will make it more difficult for rivers to empty out into the sea.

  4. It is always when disasters strike we react. We are not proactive at all. It is not yesterday we the public have been calling out to the authorities to place fines and get more serious about illegal dumping of garbage. Spending money on a signage and expect people to adhere is not enough. We have been pointing out the way people dispose of litter in the city gutters but the authorities seem deaf and always come out when the damage is already done.

  5. Always pointing out the obvious with no viable, sensible solution. Casimir praises the government for giving laptops to the students (rolls eyes). Temporary return to online learning (duh!). We are in serious trouble with these people at the helm.

  6. First of all that school is situated in the wrong place. Why the teachers of that school didn’t have higher shelves to store school books and supplies? I think that should be taken into consideration. The lady who runs the canteen is so wicked, I think the entire school got punished because of her pretending to be sister in church yet treating her staff like animals. God not sleeping.

  7. all the time it wasnt in the wrong place as flood now it in the wrong place awa wiii……well go to the ministry and report the wicked lady…….which part of earth dont have wicked people??? you see we tolerate too much and saying oh their job their bread they shudnt lose it but the wickedness still continues…… lucia continue to be purged

  8. At least Casimir can do some real work now instead of strutting up and down the place with his attention seeking turncoat woman.

  9. that school is overated and poorly managed the canteen is the worst everthing is overpriced and they rob the vulnerable younger children by giving wrong change,their focus is to make sure ur child goes home with their pockets empty,the meals are overpriced small and unhealthy,water is doubled price large water cuz the price will b 6 dollars.soft drinks alone are affordable, they also dont want kids to buy outside which sells healthy adult meals by km2.everthing about this school is to make u spend money at least have a damn school feeding program but u kno why not? cuz the canteen needs to rob every child serves as a private entity not part of anyone or the childrens best interest just malnutrition and robbery at that low class school.


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