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NCOPT President Calls For Action To Curb Road Accidents


Citing a spike in road accidents resulting in injuries and deaths, the President of the National Council on Public Transportation (NCOPT) has called for comprehensive measures to address the problem.

Saint Lucia has recorded twenty road deaths so far for the year.

And on Saturday, the Saint Lucia Fire Service (SLFS) responded to a mass casualty accident at Balenbouche, Choiseul involving a minibus and a van.

SLFS Communications Officer Stacy Joseph said seventeen individuals were involved, among them fifteen youngsters who were transported to St. Jude Hospital

NCOPT President Godfrey Ferdinand, expressing concern about the situation, asked why a demerit point system, breathalysers, speed guns, and cameras on some roads were not in place to deter careless motorists.

“With the increase in vehicle accidents and vehicles also, why is it the authorities are not seeing the need? ” Ferdinand told St Lucia Times.

He explained that the measures he enquired about were ‘on the books’.

In addition, the NCOPT President expressed concern that no disciplinary committee was in operation to deal with errant minibus operators.

Ferdinand raised the disciplinary committee matter late last month, recalling that the government had agreed to implement the body within a month.

However, he explained that it was a source of frustration for the people who operate the  1400 minibuses providing public transport that the committee was not in place.

“If we see an increase in road accidents, why is there not an urgency to put in speed guns, breathalysers, cameras on certain roads – especially the Bexon Road? Let’s see the driving habits of certain individuals,” Ferdinand told St Lucia Times.

“Why not have highway patrols for the Bexon Highway where most of our fatal accidents have occurred – Bexon to Dennery?” The NCOPT President stated.

“We just seem to be allowing our vehicle operators to do anything on the road,” Ferdinand lamented.

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  1. Drive on a Saturday or Sunday from Castries to Vieux Fort either east or west and tell me how many police vehicle you will see patrolling the road. If by accident one sees a vehicle the glass is up with a/c on.

  2. Year after year, administration after administration we called for the same things yet it seems the authorities do not see any urgency to stop the careless & reckless activities that have been on the rise for the past years. It is over 2 months since the Castrues Mayor said that they would installed the parking meters, where are they. Not now we have been hearing about these parking meters to be installed. We were also told under the last administration that they would look into spending guns and cameras. Look at the illegal vending on the sidewalks inconveniencing pedestrians also. Look at the illegal dumping of garbage and continuous littering especially in the city. Look at the site of the city and these basic things we have to see for a better St Lucia moving forward the keepers do not see this is not a good image for St Lucia.

  3. Bad drivers? Badly maintained roads? Take your pick. I’ve had a few near misses already trying to escape pot holes.

  4. Interesting coming from bus drivers. The most reckless inconsiderate accident causing drivers on our roads.

  5. Mr. Henry, I agree that the Government must play its role in addressing this important matter. However, apart from the government’s role, what measures have the NCOPT put in place to address errant drivers? When matters are reported to your organization, are they addressed satisfactorily?

    Additionally, the public must play its role in addressing this issue. We must understand that driving while drunk is a cause for concern and yet there are people (mostly men) who would say “gasa, I driving home and nuffing happening to me” or some would say ‘leave duh mun alone”. What can “goovermant” do in cases like that? Also, what can government do about youngsters taking their parents vehicle, without their consent, and recklessly driving on the streets without concern for other persons’ wellbeing?

  6. I have a suggestion. – The NCOPT should educate its members to be more disciplined on the roads. If they, the minibus drivers listen, that will contribute to a big reduction.

  7. The Rslpf Police officers Don’t Patrol Whether by Day or Night .Beat and patrol in the City of Castries have been abolished .Mobile patrol is a Very important. Thats why theres so much Crime no presence of The police. I Wonder why

  8. Simply because they will tell their superior bold face they not going .when they detail them to any beat some times I ask my self why join the service then

  9. so true just yesterday there was one on the morne where the bus driver hit the audi at the back. Also these bus drivers they dont like to wait to go back on the road when the pick up or letting off passengers some of them see you are very close to approaching them and what do they do they just pull out on the road in front of you most times with no indication

  10. It can easily be implemented –

    1. honest and hard working police women and men.

    2. Setup a point system – each driver is awarded the same amount of points. As you offend the law you lose points. Once all points have been lost, the driver’s license is gone.

    3. Compliment good driving – low insurance

    4. Towing System – bad driving gets suspected for 48 hours and cost of towing vehicle.

    5. Record Keeping – for insurance renewal and license

    6. Make it compulsory jail time for driving with a suspended license.

  11. Buses need to use directions, they just pull in over no regard no warning to everyone on the road! Smph… people have your vehicles checked bc the roads are terrible! On another note, I just don’t PHOCKING Understand why since last sundays devastation level 2 disaster, I have seen not 1 gutter being cleaned from aquatic center to beaucest jour to Corinth I see no man women or child cleaning the mud slit and garbage to clean st Lucia and keep St Lucia Beautiful. Why are people not being hired to maintain every gutter on the island from the north to the south each side!….? Why has this not happened? SMH perfect job opportunities from Govt to assist the country!.Be it 50$ or 75$ a day with lunch vouchers or not please Start Desitling gutters………clear the Gutters! People Clean your gutters, like soufrier fond cest Jacque coming together koudma by protecting the only little bit of land left there for the peoples future generations from intrusive disruptive real estate developments. Like up north!…..What about WASCO Desitling? No water in cap for several days….smh

  12. Oh, I thought the roads were just a lil “shiity” to you, guess you took a look around for your self to see!

  13. The roads got worse especially after the rains yh and having to invest in my vehicle so it’s safe on the roadfor others’ , did you check your shocks TG tyerods, suspension, bushings …or no!…? You should! All around.


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