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UWP Calls Out PM’s Press Secretary Over SLP Borrowing


At tomorrow’s sitting of Parliament, the Government of Saint Lucia will seek to borrow approximately $25 Million EC.

This persistent borrowing, which the Philip J Pierre led government promised Saint Lucians would not happen, has been unprecedented over the last 16 months.

In an attempt to respond to a Facebook post from the Leader of the Opposition Hon. Allen Chastanet, who sought to bring transparency to the government’s historic borrowing practices, Press Secretary Maundy Lewis responded by stating that Hon. Chastanet was a “liar” and went further to claim that tomorrow’s borrowing of $25 Million EC is the first time that the SLP Government will be borrowing since they assumed office in July of 2021.

This false and misleading statement by the Press Secretary is a blatant insult to the intelligence of all Saint Lucians and to find the “liar” Ms. Lewis only needs to look in the mirror.

The facts are clear. On July 10th 2022, the SLP Administration went to parliament to borrow a total of $49.5 Million US or $134.4 Million EC from 4 different loans.

In October, the Government once again borrowed US$102.12 Million or EC $277.44 Million for budgetary support.

It is unacceptable that a public figure such as the Press Secretary would deliberately mislead the public about such an important and sensitive matter.

One is left to wonder and ask the question: what other important national issues has the Press Secretary been misleading the public about? The Opposition calls on Ms. Lewis to issue an apology to the public for her misleading statements.

SOURCE: United Workers Party

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  1. Well so they borrowed and er at their calculations and even then, this fall way short of what Allen Chastanet borrowed (so sayeth the IMF). No other PM has borrowed more than Allen Chastanet NONE. Who are the biggest debtor to the Caribbean Development Bank ? We are (Allen Chastanet). Who Borrowed USD $100 Millon from The Bank of Taiwan ? Allen Chastanet. Who borrowed USD$40 Millon from the world bank ? Allen Chastanet. USD$ 7 million for vaccine that was stolen, and we never will get back? Allen Chastanet (teef) . The list goes on and on…they need to hold their ass. i wont even add the money he took from IMF to it.

  2. Hmmm I wonder at the end of SLP tenure how much will they borrow if by tomorrow their debt could well be over $400 million. 🤔

    My gosh could you even believe this secretary? Did they hire you to lie like that!?

  3. Be careful little mouth what you say and be careful lil hand what you type because there is a Father up above. Only about 19 months in power and over $300 million borrowed? Mind you, which is the same thing that we all criticized Chastenet for. Over 30, 000 more covid cases so far, covid & covid related deaths under this 19 month old government, I am even afraid to say. It is alarming! In opposition you didnt want to hear excuses, so did I. Now you’re in power, deal with it, don’t want to hear yours.

  4. I am not sure who is calling who borrowing seeker. From since independence this banana republic is borrowing money to feed its people. If 40 years gone by and no proper formula can be established, you think they will achieve it in next 300 years? Zero Agriculture Base, Zero Manufacturing base, zero exporting do the maths.

  5. In the culture of politics political parties will talk irrespective of the situation. Nevertheless, fundamental issues such as the current crisis within the nursing department at SALCC is being overlooked. The administration within the nursing department continues to induce financial, emotional and mental hardship on our students(majority women) while SALCC senior administration focuses on the next pay day. It appears that the most authorative figure at SALCC resides within the department of nursing. Hence, no one can assist our student nurses at SALCC who are being financially, emotionally and mentally strangulated.

  6. My youths in st lucia reading this crap from maundy lewis politician’s have preyed on our parents grandparents ignorance for way to long time to break the chains BBC

  7. Yes that is their primary goal; to twist and lie to the public, however the average lucian is not that stupid. How sad this individual is been used and she is willing to be the puppet. You are indeed pathetic young lady. The time for honoring yourself will soon be and end SLP.

  8. No one is disputing the fact that UWP borrowed during their tenure. The fact that SLP would lie so blatantly is the issue. Why would you lie about that, saying it’s the first time that you’re borrowing.

  9. You know everyone think you an idiot right? it is evident you are getting paid for your asinine comments. Get lost! loser.

  10. I don’t think that’s the point. The point is why lie about something that’s easily debunked. Brings trustworthiness and accountability into question. It also makes the assumption that St. Lucians are illiterate.


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