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Homicide #63 – Nurse Shot Dead At Goodlands


Saint Lucia recorded its 63rd homicide on Tuesday when a nurse, identified as Keziah Wilson succumbed after being shot at Goodlands.

The incident occurred some time before 9:00 am.

According to the police, the 38-year-old Goodlands resident sustained a gunshot wound to the head.

At the OKEU Hospital, a medical practitioner pronounced her dead.

The police have appealed to anyone with information regarding the fatal shooting to contact the Major Crime Unit at 456-3754 or the Crime Hotline at 555, for anonymous reporting.,

News of the death of Nurse Wilson has sent shockwaves through the nursing community.

And in a statement, Saint Lucia Fire Service (SLFS) EMS Officer Fernando James, expressed condolences to the deceased’s family, her friends, and the nursing fraternity.

James described Wilson’s death as ‘the loss of one of our own’ who had died due to ‘gruesome gun violence.’

Saint Lucia has recorded 63 homicides this year.

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  1. Sincerely condolences to the family, friends, colleagues and loved ones of our dearly beloved Nurse. We strongly condemn every form of violence particularly violence against vulnerable populations like women. Therefore, with total fear for our mental and emotional health we do beg for deliverance from the administration of the department of nursing at SALCC. Please help us as women. Our mental and emotional vulnerability has just gotten worst. Help us please.

  2. In almost every vile crime commited in this wretched society, there are people who know exactly who are the criminals carrying out these heinous acts. Saint Luci is cursed with the plague of “No Snitching”, which is bleeding the nation to death! Deepest condolences to the bereaved as the nation mourns the tragic and senseless loss of a beloved health practitioner to gun violence, May the perpetrators be brought to justice swiftly!

  3. the student nurse is talking no one is listening…now look at that….this nonsense is crazy and really has to stop…….what has this lady done??? truly the there is no respect for people in such professions……this is madness……

  4. Yes … there is a reason for no snitching ..and when we get rid of the corrupt police then we might see a change ..

  5. Whats Really Happening in St.Lucia .The persons Responsible for Crime in St.Lucia Do Something .Stop making Statements of Increase police Presence for Christmas .Do Something now about these Homicides

  6. Pierre Cautions Against Creating ‘Environment Of Fear’- Doh be scared.

    We are witnessing deadly violence on a level that is unsustainable. Pierre has to strap a pair to get rid of this menace. He can easily lose the country’s core business if he continues with his bs. Get tough, Pierre. More roadside checks and search those darn vehicles. We are not doing an adequate job with the roads. We can’t have another five years of the same. We had Lacorbs and Duh Security Guy previously. We can’t afford more of the same.

  7. Is it safe to call St. Lucia a failed state. Corruption is rife. Government is non functional. Public services are barely function. The judiciary is in shambles.

  8. The government, the opposition, the police force, they are all lost when it comes to crime fighting, and it’s really sad.

  9. As long as crime doesn’t hit your favorite political clown/rep then it will never change…You really think these individuals care about y’all? 🤣….The ppl in power only care about their pockets & the individuals that can get them Rich….The most these politicians will do is to come to your home while your mourning and rub your back & y’all feeling GOOD,a big shot was at my home.The Ppl have so much to learn (the circus continues).

  10. The crime situation is multifaceted but our immediate response should be that we take control of our road network. We need squad cars 24/7 on our major highways in particular. We need for our police to work with telecommunications providers to send out mass text to citizens to close in on getaway vehicles… There’s so much we are not doing. Stop making rocket science out of policing 238 square miles. Epic fail!

  11. Pierre is a deck deck the man talking a bunch of papishow. Saying his father that was this police, he is not a police so he can’t effect change. Smh

    Even making the absurd statement that he as Prime Minister cannot do anything. Stating that he has no control over the Public Service Commission which is FALSE!!

    The Prime minister, the Governor General along with the leader of the opposition are all involved in the public Service Commission.

    Pierre talking foolishness to Saint Lucians and no one is challenging him. Not even a Journalist or a lawyer can correct the Prime Minister.

  12. When one’s national security is compromised because of a misguided prime minister who does not listen this is the end result. PM you are failing on crime…you can’t manage our national security ….accept that! WE NEED A NATIONAL SECURITY MINISTER NOW. PUT AWAY YOUR FOOLISH PRIDE AND STOP LISTENING TO HILAIRE NECAUSE HE TOO WANTS YOU TO FAIL . TIRED OF YALL

  13. First, go through her call history and see how has been repeatedly calling her for the past two months or so. Then get with the Digi and Flow to find out the owner of the phone. Then start from there. This seems like a crime of emotions and passion.

  14. …this has nothing to do with the PM…..this is personal and not random by now you should have figured that, she was not robbed or raped, she knew the person who shot her. These are the kind of crimes that are hard to prevent because they are domestic in nature. I would start with boyfriend/husband/baby mother/ relative.

  15. YOU KILL – YOU HANG / NO IF’s BUT’s OR MAYBE’s / LOOSE THE NOOSE / AND THE LOLO BEFF After hanging the first one, tings much change. Say a prayer for him and hang him; that’ll do.

  16. Condolences to the family of Keziah Wilson. What more can you say except say a prayer for her.
    This type of act is happening over and over again in what used to called Sweet Helen of the West. No more can we be called that!
    We do not know the circumstances of this horrendous crime but that is besides the point. The fundamental issue facing this country is that we have an utterly evil environment in which an individual can calculatingly approach a nurse in broad daylight and end her life with a gunshot. This is not a criminally bent gang member taking out another. This is a woman in one of the most respected fields of endeavor callously gunned down for whatever reason. I can assure you that no matter what country you are in that nurses are the angels of a hospital who do so much to make a hospital stay less traumatic than it is to many of us.

    This means that we are all now targets. Even those too bind to see with their virtue signalling in their gated communities and dogs must realize that if they piss off the wrong person they too can be a target.
    We saw this coming.
    Five years of racism, agitation, xenophobia put in place a bunch of corrupt characters in governance of this country which says to all of the bad boys that “anything goes”. And anything does go in this country now.
    This horrendous unnecessary and vile act has shocked us all but is just one more act in our downward spiral as a society.

  17. yeppp….the criminals are now showing us that they respect no one no matter who you are….our police, teachers and now nurses are under severe attack…something needs to seriously be done abt crime in this country….

  18. ….this is a narrow field they did not take her car or belongings so it’s a hit or she was killed by someone she knew personally. Three things, either someone was on board with her, or they stopped her at that point, or they pulled up against her she rolls the window down and they shot her. But for sure it’s not a random act.

  19. If you don’t pull out the weeds when they spring up in your garden. Eventually they will take over.

  20. U have got to be phockin kidding me honestly I thought it was u they killed student nurse bc u are driving everyone on here crazy with your continuous battery of nonsensical verbiage that has nothing to do with the point overhead. Condolences to this family especially this woman’s 11 year old child, this is heartbreaking how can this be in St Lucia, This entire island needs anger management and community outreach programs. What are you going to do about this ParlimentariaNS?


  22. Why do you think he has nothing to do with that. You are trying to convince yourself but still don’t believe it because you keep repeating it. He is ultimately responsible as minister of National Security and more so as PM. Let the brainwashing stop

  23. Criminals are taking over, see how Rodney Bay is turning into a ghetto, all the so called bad boys patrolling the business places especially bars , see how pizza plus previously known as pizza pizza is turning into a bad boys spot. Where can we take our children now. The police needs to start searching people and vehicles in the areas where know bad people hang out before its too late

  24. I did learn firefighting and also did security work smart a$$, so come again. The murdered persons partner is ALWAYS the first person looked at. Cell phones records, social media is also checked, cameras, etc. Based on whatever info and evidence Police finds, they either rule people out or continue looking at certain individuals.

  25. What did The PM have to do with it Clown?? You tell us since you know who the PM sent to commit this act and for what reasons. What could he have done to prevent this stand in the middle of the road?? We don’t know what was taking place in her personal life, and that should be ground zero to start looking husband/babyfather/boyfriend/bad mind relatives/coworkers

  26. Lucian’s u’ll will never go forward cuz many person giving hints but u’ll not paying attention u’ll focus is on red an yellow they trying to slove a murder but keeps an interrupting y that make sense she was not rob so someone who knew her that’s her killer she an her killer knows what went wrong ull commenters give the government a chance an also give the police they chance to work they case stupid Lucian’s

  27. Well now there turning to ghetto the rich people will get to feel what the poor people have been dealing with. Hopefully, to please their rich friends the politicians will finally do something to clean up the place.

  28. Yes you’re right, it is not difficult to check phone usage through the service providers, and this doesn’t seem to be done in St Lucia. Although it’s not right, I can see why people are afraid to report information to Police, given the current state of lawlessness on the island. But by starting with phone records, it’s highly likely a culprit could be identified.

  29. Lol Foximoron this is not 1960s, 70s or 80s. This is not back in the day crime where they give them slavery mentality punishments like whipping or the noose. Crime has gotten more complicated and you must get to the source of the crime first, like who is the one supplying the guns to the culprits and why.
    Some big names in government have also been suspects in high profile crimes but hardly ever doing any time for such. So think more PROACTIVE.

  30. What happen to the mega million Cameras that a certain company got to identify who can possible be the criminal of this event. It is only being used for certain purposes. Now for those who have limited capacity individuals the article is not about commentor it is about an opinion
    and many people uses media platform regardless of proxy to evangelized desperate need that is required.

  31. Imagine our current PM pip response to these heinous crimes is that…..his father was the police officer, and that he has no idea about securing the country.

    This is a pathetic statement coming from a small island state Prime Minister!

  32. Correction, it is done in St. Lucia but with a police report and then court order. There is a process because wrong doing must be concluded. It can also be done in stalking incidents.

  33. Don’t just talk investigate the place in American that hanging on most people . that has the most murders. Then nobody not safe because the criminal, won’t want to be taken alive. Unless y’all don’t start with the bigger heads, y’all eh ready yet and I not talking about street bosses. They not shit.

  34. Don’t just talk investigate the place in American that hanging the most people . they have the most murders. Then nobody not safe because the criminal, won’t want to be taken alive. Unless y’all don’t start with the bigger heads, y’all eh ready yet and I not talking about street bosses. They not shit.they still have people ontop of them.
    U can’t get a job and have bills to pay.
    U have all ur papers and still no work.
    U have kids to feed and woman to take care of.
    What you feel people will do?
    Bring they problems to y’all?
    Crime is because of property.
    Learn that. Do y’all research.
    If y’all start helping me other on the way up, things will be better
    Different mindset when you’re hungry.

  35. You laugh but if you ever see the mother of his child ugly, young women im telling u dont waste ur time. It’s only disease n drama u clda get from that. They can play they friends bt she will always b available to him because nobody checking her for anythin longterm. Even if she try n buy a marriage it clda neva last. I see that happen already.
    All the child father has to say is his young pretty gf giving him stress (annd sometimes them females so dess that not even necesary) and boom. AIDS
    Now when he use her n drop her again she will think it’s u thats the one in the way of their “family”.
    That’s what low self esteem does my dears. It’s a tale as old as time. The ugly ones always like a Jerry Springer mess.
    Dont do that to yourselves.
    Remember if u see she hv three necks, jus tell him next! If he hv a ugly ex, leave outta dat mess. If the chilemother face hex, doe make it complex. If easy ass he was looking for, let them stay vex. Kitay sa. Them insecure men like them desperate and stupid.
    Words for the wise

  36. I rather not judge to be condemn, because the judge is at the door !!
    Sincères condoléances to the familles and love ones 💜💜💜


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