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“We Are All Vulnerable!” – Chastanet Responds After Latest Homicide

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Opposition leader Allen Chastanet asserting that everyone is vulnerable has expressed condolences to the family of Nurse Keziah Wilson, who died on Tuesday morning after being shot in her vehicle at Goodlands, Castries.

“We are in an environment of violence. It is very sad,” the former Prime Minister told reporters on the sidelines of a House of Assembly meeting.

” I understand she was picking up her daughter. It was very traumatic for all of us, and it brings it very close to home because all of us are vulnerable in this society,” the United Workers Party (UWP) leader observed.

” And what is more frightening is that this government does not seem to have any answers for it. They are just constantly throwing up their hands in the air,” Chastanet declared.

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According to Chastanet, the Philip J. Pierre administration deals with every crisis similarly.

“It’s always somebody else’s fault. It’s not their responsibility,” Chastanet said.

However, Chastanet indicated that people expect those in government to act.

And he referred to his former administration’s track record.

“We kept track of ten serious criminal activities, and we were making inroads on all of them. Sadly, the murder rate was not one of them. But we felt that if we could bring down the rate of crime in general in Saint Lucia, we would eventually start solving the problem of the murders,” Chastanet told reporters.

But he said the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) administration seems to have given up on all such policies.

“Sadly, we are being asked to fend for ourselves, and that is a very sad day for Saint Lucia,” the Micoud South MP lamented.

According to the police, 38-year-old Goodlands resident Keziah Wilson sustained a head wound and was pronounced dead on arrival at the OKEU Hospital.

The Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF) has requested anyone with information regarding the latest homicide to contact the Major Crime Unit at 456-3754 or the Crime Hotline at 555, for anonymous reporting.

Saint Lucia has recorded 63 homicides this year.

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  1. Get outta here! Your government presided over the highest murder count. Between you, and Duh Security Guy, it was a total disaster. At least Pierre is trying a little “ting.”

  2. What have you done to make it better? You UWP leader have failed us St Lucians. Move aside let progress reign. You don’t care about nurses , you made us even more vulnerable as a nation. You accelerated the crisis in the health sector in the heights of COVID-19 by putting the nurses on contracts. The level of care was not satisfactory, your tenure made it worse shame on you ALLEN CHASTNET and your team.

  3. Neither red Nor yellow NO POLITICS, But chasnet right u cannot control the rate of crime u can obly allocate resources to curb enenmy advance, (how can u stop a criminal when u r NOT in his thaughts) we cannot BLAME anybody not even politicians.

  4. More of the same NONSENSE from Chas.
    You did nothing to address the crime issue!
    NO training for police and closed down the training school for YEARS.
    Right now the force scrunting for people and cannot hire nobody new.
    None of the socio-economic issues you help with! Covid came and you allowed the economic effects to run roughshod over the people. All the relief money went to roads.
    The welfare system, vulnerable persons teams. etc.. the list goes on and on.
    You cannot be in everyone’s head to stop them from committing crime, you can do much more that attack the current party. Hypocrite talk “Kenny can’t but I will” blow up in your face.

  5. Chastanet you absolutely right. Many will say you talking crap and what have you done…..but so far in the last year + all what you said came to light as truth. Soon lucians will realise they killed real progress of governance for an absolute disaster.

    When our current PM can say we must keep silent on crimes that happen here and say is something else that happen. What does that show you ? Is that leadership and responsibility. Is that ” TRANSPARENCY AND ACCOUNTABILITY ” ?

    We are in for a rough 5 years and like he rightly said any of us can be next.

  6. Her death is tragic, the action callous, dishonourable and heartless. Chastanet taking this opportunity to make a politically charged statement is sad. This is not the time. Let people mourn in peace.

  7. Chas needs to STFU when he was there is didn’t do anything! We had one of the highest crime rate of all time. Is he only now seeing? Because he sure as well didn’t do anything when is was in a position to try to do so! #hypocrite

  8. Saint Lucia ended its deadliest year in 2021 with a record-breaking 65 homicides, surpassing 2016 when 60 homicides were confirmed by December 31.

  9. Poule foo you just choose to embarass yourself like the secratary? What was the murder rate last year and compare 2017 to this year 2022. You so sucker for SLP bruh?

  10. watch yll arguing bout people deaths y’all like d vibes people dieing but yet complains bout government not doing anything how many plate of food did y’all eat last year to this year count then comment

  11. The police presence in general is lacking . Id say start with highways, get a fully traned team with all the tools they need on homicides, and start running a proper database on criminal activity and their movements. New legislation may be needed to give police more power, so politicians, approve budget and get legislation done and get on it.

  12. When we get to the state of trying to score political points after such a tragic event it just shows how heartless our society is. I think its high time we as a people demand better from our leaders. The red and yellow battles just keep going while things keep getting harder for the people of the country. We did not just get here, its the same attitude of our leaders, their heartlessness, their greed, that is trickling down to the man on the streets. We need strong leaders with a good vision to take our country forward and not just feel their pockets. Rest in peace Ms. Wilson, you will surely be missed..

  13. Some people only see red or yellow. The young voters will teach you all a lesson. That country is divided beyond repay.


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