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Report: Pierre To Visit Taiwan


Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre will begin a five-day visit to Taiwan on Monday, according to that country’s Central News Agency (CNA).

Quoting a Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) release, CNA said Pierre’s delegation would include Shawn A. Edward, Minister of Education, Sustainable Development, Innovation, Science, Technology and Vocational Training; Evaristus Jn. Marie, Chair of the National Insurance Corporation; and Chairman of Saint Lucia Development Bank Daryl Raymond.

The MOFA release said the Saint Lucia Prime Minister would meet with President Tsai Ing-wen.

It said the meeting would discuss bilateral cooperation and other issues of mutual interest.

During the visit from November 28-December 2, Pierre will also meet with Premier Su Tseng-chang and Foreign Minister Joseph Wu, the MOFA said.

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  1. With all these crimes that PM never came on the news and said anything but his all other the world now his visiting Taiwan…..waste of time

  2. Want to know about that Central News Agency “CNA”. Was it created for a job for a boy? Could the news just come from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs? CNA my A……

  3. This SLP is really taking us for a fool. They played a prerecorded speech to us while PJP and his cabal is already in Taiwan and then they announce. I can assure you all 5 years is not 50 years. You can’t handle all the killing happening here, but you’re always flying all over the place instead of addressing what’s taking place here. You made us believe Chas was traveling to much but now things are much under your watch and you are traveling all over the world. 2026 can’t get here soon enough smh.

  4. So the Pee M, had them to play a prerecorded speech of the same ole same ole while he’s on a flight to Taiwan. Fellow Lucian nous pree au sar. This man really taking us for a fool. Peep I’m sorry but you have to go cause you aren’t ready yet. I definitely think we gave you a job that’s way over your head, so much for the “most redied PM”. Man give someone else the job you can’t manage smh.

  5. If anything encapsulates the sheer distain these SLP clowns have for Lucians it has to be the juxtaposition of this joy ride to Taiwan with the SLP’s Prime minister’s utterly empty ‘address to the nation’ last night.
    You pre record vacuous statements which will have no impact on our dire situation in St Lucia even as you are packing your bags to accompany your friends to Taiwan.
    Talk Take and Travel.

    Listen mate. Solve our problems here FIRST before jetting off to hide from the chaos you are creating in St Lucia. Who are you leaving behind to clean up the mess. Cannot be your colleagues in Parliament. Half of them are also on a plane to somewhere!
    Running and hiding like a coward does not cut it in this cut throat world. Where are the hard working mature moral men and women in government when we need them.

    You already got and spent the $270 million you borrowed from the Taiwanese a few months ago. Begging for more?
    Big up the Taiwanese for being such stalwart friends over all these years but they must be astonished at the SLP’s incompetence in managing St Lucia and gall to keep coming back for more freeness to give to family and friends.
    The circus has come to Parliament!

  6. I read the stupid comments & I’m wondering there still have nincompoops in st lucia. Regardless of all you’ll nasty comments PJP & his SLP administration will continue to work for the PEOPLE as we all have seen . Now put it in you’ll damn pipe & smoke it.
    Wishing bad for the PM, Set of crazy damn ass people who lack BASIC COMMONSENSE

  7. The same Things that Slp was Complaining Uwp of is the Same thing Happening now travelling .Politricktians in St.Lucia are all the same

  8. The old adage….if the kitchen is too hot get out and St Lucia’s PM is off to Taiwan to cool off.

    Now hear this, the Tawianes Government would need defensive weapons and assistance from the Americans as they are constantly, under the threat from Chinese invasion. The St Lucia Government is always handing out a begging bowl to Taiwan

    Oh I get it, the Tawianes People certainly have their heads’ screwed-on, where else would they flee too for their safety? St Lucia of course. They have been making this preparation for years and why not, they gave the SL Government, lots of money upfront.

    St Lucia have a wealth of GOODIES….sun-kissed beauty, lovely beaches, pristine scenery, breath-taking Pitons, lots of GUNS, questionable mortality rate, yes Sir, the Tawianes People should really feel at home

  9. In what pipe and what smoke ?………..please Pierre is a dismal failure and everybody including yourself know it. Things have never been worse than they are today with all the rubbish you and many others want to support as good. Absolute rubbish.

  10. Running away as usual. In fact the man already tell yall see for yall selves. Worst Minister of National Security ever. Mate has his security detail everywhere he goes so he doesn’t care about the ordinary citizens until election time. Those who thought the little black boy had their backs, look how he stabbed some of his key supporters in their back is not yall he will not betray.


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