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Chastanet On Crime: ‘We Have To Put Pressure On The Judges!’


Opposition leader Allen Chastanet believes that judges must face some pressure amid a surge in violent crime, resulting in 66 homicides this year.

“We keep on thinking that just because the judicial system is an independent department that putting pressure on them is not right. I think that we have to put pressure on the Judges,” the former Saint Lucia Prime Minister told a news conference on Wednesday.

Chastanet indicated that the judicial system has been too lenient in granting bail to people with previous criminal records and illegal guns.

“It has to change,” the Micoud South MP asserted.

And he called for a continuation of anti-crime policies the UWP had while in office.

“We were proceeding to get scanners not only for barrels but scanners for containers. That’s why we wanted to move the containers outside of Castries into Cul de Sac,” Chastanet recalled.

He observed that removing guns would involve strengthening the borders to reduce the influx of firearms and having an active campaign to eliminate illegal guns and ammunition already here.

But Chastanet said he understood that the government, having received software for the border control, is not proceeding with the initiative.

According to the UWP leader, the purpose of border control was to separate the revenue collection and the security side of customs.

Chastanet also noted sniffer dogs were in place under his administration to assist with evidence collection, along with some 200 cameras between Gros Islet and Castries.

“The intention was to put 1800 cameras,” Chastanet told reporters.

However, he lamented that the project was incomplete one and a half years later.

Chastanet also mentioned the forensic laboratory was closed due to structural problems when the UWP came into office in 2016.

He told reporters that the UWP government resurrected it.

“It is a holistic approach,” Chastanet stated, adding that regarding social interventions, the UWP had presented its ‘Five for Five’ campaign initiative, a significant part of which was improving the minimum standard of living in the country.

In addition, the former Prime Minister highlighted his former administration’s sports programmes.


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  1. Unless the government considers the death penalty, the crime surge will escalate. I believe that the death penalty is the way to go if someone is found guilty of first degree murder.
    There is no other way to reduce particular the murder rate. Bring it back because you leaders are clueless in finding other ways.

  2. My fellow youths next election let’s BBC this slp administration is destroying our future while protecting their victory for themselves and their hacks who’s already financially stable

  3. The unpunished white collar crimes is fueling the violent crime. Punish the white color criminals and violent crime will be significantly reduced. Simple crime reduction strategy. Example, stealing from the public pulse is a crime so is stealing from a supermarket.

  4. ……Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha THATS IT!! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha Now this is what you really call “UNINSPIRING”. I waited to hear this Clown for five years and this was the best he could do?? Oh well! There, there, there, when you don’t know, you just don’t know, so in earnest keep your ass quiet. Is it no wonder it was drum roll and Facebook live, he knew he could not face the nation with his crap…..Francis were you in the background edging him on ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha Kenny and Pierre must be holding their bellies (I will find out just now) ha ha hah ha. News Flash, in the words of Bob Marley “when it rains water does not fall on one man house top alone “, so I am baffled why he thinks crime is a Gros Islet/ Castries thing, then again one can wish upon a star. Once again, The United Worthless Party failed initiatives speaks volume. They were a failure on the economy, failure on health care, failure on crime, a failure on everything, but he sure knows how to build a racetrack. Again, I ask what was their acclaim to fame?? Education, prosperity, economic stability and welfare, reduction of crime, robust healthcare, what was it???? Inquiring minds want to know. What will our history books say about him? I would say an incompetent dismal, morainic, nonideological shady businessman. Oh well! CLOWNS.

  5. Very well said Most Honourable Lucian Highgrade! I couldn’t have said it better. Now let the acolytes come and tell us.


    Fact checking….Chastnet, crime, gun-running, homicide and other “NASTIES” were in existence whilst your Government was in power. How did you address and dealt with these situations?

    You are constantly whining and winging about (this that or the other) yet when you was given the opportunity to do the right thing, this became unattainable.

    By the way…there is a row trending in the UK at this present moment. Where are you from? Where are your Ancestors from?
    I hope you understand the clarity of the questions?

  7. yow honestly people might have things to say about chastanet but when you look at it the guy has alot of plans to do things to make things work piere has no kinds of plans like this uh

  8. Wadda wow wadda wow wadda wow wow wow……….. It’s so sad to see another politician (SLP, UWP, PLP or any other of the P’s….they ALL do it) play on the ignorance (no disrespect intended) of the uninformed populace. Chastanet of all persons ought to know that the Judiciary only interpret the laws and administer the penalties that the Legislation creates. Judges, too are guided by rules and principles. The law state that EVERYONE is entitled to bail, once they meet the requirements (more rules). Judges dont’t just issue sentences and judgements willy-nilly. They can only dole out what they are guided by. If you want to give anyone pressure, it should be the witnesses and situwez that hide the criminals or benefit from the crime they commit. what he should have done or implore the current government to do is put programmes in place to protect witnesses so they can fearlessly come forward and give evidence.

  9. Hey Chas! No need to put pressure on judges. You don’t have to harass or browbeat anyone. There is a little thing called legislation. Judges are given latitude to do xyz, then you feign indignation when they do xyz. If you want ironclad actions, you know what to do. Stop the bs.

  10. Guns don’t commit crimes; people do. Address and improve “people” issues and we may see a change.

  11. Here are a few easier and cost-effective solutions:

    Save money from drones and invest instead on putting up surveillance cameras on business places, with higher concentration on those areas around the criminal hot spots. These cameras are monitored remotely by well-trained and well-paid individuals, ready to dispatch a ‘specially trained’ unit of police to any location where a camera is tampered with or they notice suspicious activity.
    Any businesses that don’t comply are shut down and the location will still be used for surveillance. In this way, no one can be bought out to tamper equipment on premises or threatened out of helping the common good as there is no choice in the matter and IMMEDIATE consequences. Its better than a drone operator with vague descriptions trying to find suspects through galvanize or concrete walls AFTER the fact.

    How to pay for it?
    Cancel all major government funded festivities, including fireworks, saving millions. Public congregation as it stands right now is a risk. This also gets the public to hate the bad boys for ruining the vibes for everyone.

    Next, a name and shame program. Before in saint lucia was “each one must help one” or “poor jab” now you sooner hear: “that one have AIDS (how would you know? Did YOU knowingly give them AIDS??), that boy gay, that girl making bomb, that one have dirty hands” (meanwhile they spending all their little coints to do obeah on their neighbor). It’s a favourite past time of the PATHETIC and JEALOUS individuals among us with a crabs in a barrel mentality. They spread lies about people they cannot have or can NEVER be or whose light irritates their demons. They like to criticize instead of congratulate, and sabotage instead of support at ALL economic brackets hence saint lucias slow crawl to progress. You look at the person and you see they are talking out of jealousy. maybe it’s looks, maybe it’s money, maybe they cannot stand to see somebody happy with themselves when they are over there miserable despite their degrees and ride. But we can use this practice of the envious and pathetic to our benefit. Tell the TRUTH, shame the devil.

    Anyone harbouring a gang member or wanted person suffers public shaming, not just being fined. Any mother, botin-carer, sister, brother, nenen, poweh, daughter, son, grandmother, etc will have their picture taken and their community will be mentioned in the news and on the newspaper. Oh, and don’t get too excited. No glamour shots with filters or posing either. ONLY mug shots, no teeth in curlers pics. They will be known for associating with criminals “junior vash, son of clara vash and whoknows joseph of inahole, somewhere, stlucia, will be set to hung for the crimes of violent robbery and murder on… ” Both son and mother picture going up for HIS crimes.
    This will reduce the incidences of parents opening their mouth to say anyone was good on TV when they knew the little fridge and jewelry junior brought home was illegally obtained. Staying silent to wrong doing allows poor behavior to continue.

    The neighborhoods are mentioned as well so community members feel more responsibility in ensuring all the children are on the right track. No laughing at people’s problems. Peter pays for Paul. So Paul will make sure to look after all. No more crabs in a barrel to stifle progress.

  12. It’s always after the fact for you. You are full of ideas, suggestions and observations. Where was that when you had the reigns. You remind me of those in the back seat criticizing and advising the driver on how to navigate the roads. We call this “a back seat driver”. That’s where you excel, which is always after the fact.

  13. Padna, PJP that suggesting the drones. Read the other article. As for me, as a Lucian, I don’t care who in power. Just lead with integrity. The country cannot go on like that.

  14. One would think this guy is a crime management guru with the horse-crap he keeps bloviating. It was under his watch homicides spikes by 75% in 2017 and has been averaging at over 60/yr. How quick we forget.
    Moving cargo operations to Cul de Sac is overly ambitious and would most likely come at a cost which we cannot afford at the moment. One of the beauty of Port Castries is the ease of working Container vessels because the harbor is sheltered. Vieux Fort on the Atlantic side does not have this luxury. Why not relocate people in the Faux a Chaux area to increase storage?
    Frankly this guy should not even be given a platform to talk on crime. Zero credibility. Lot kotay!

  15. Why do nations say, where is our God ? So because of the Sinful nature of all people,hence,the holy law of God could not produce justice (righteousness.
    Lawless :the truth is no where to be found ;the judges are blindfold, justice is very faraway (God/Jesus,therefore the law is paralized and cruel .


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