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Micoud Resident Granted Bail On Illegal Gun, Ammunition Charges

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On Wednesday, November 30, 2022, about 12:15 p.m. officers attached to the Special Services Unit (South), were conducting routine patrols within the Vieux Fort
Fishing Complex, when they had cause to search a male therein.

A Glock 19 pistol with seven (7) rounds of ammunition were recovered during the search.

Bert Jn. Baptiste, a twenty-six (26) year old resident of Dugard, Micoud, was arrested
by the officers and taken into police custody.

He was later formally charged for unlawful Possession of Firearm and Ammunition.

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He was escorted before the Second District Court on Thursday, December 01, 2022, and was granted bail in the sum of $26,000.00.

SOURCE: Royal Saint Lucia Police Force

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  1. HONESTLY – I am trying really hard to understand St. Lucia’s system of government as well as the Laws of the Land.
    St. Lucians state there is a serious issue with crime, gun violence and murders in St. Lucia. The citizens are running scared and you lack the necessary resources etc. etc. Yet still, you continue to grant bail to the unemployed drug selling, good for nothing thugs/gang bangers. What do you think will happen after bail – he or she will go home and read a book on how to become a productive citizen in society ???????????????????
    I hate to say this – but you guys are an accident waiting to happen by doing yourselves more harm than good – I rest my case….

  2. Jay you need to ask around. Find out who is the biggest, baddest drug baron in VF. then find out who is his lawyer. Then you will understand how much the caca smells.

  3. lol twenty-six thousand for bail and these guys are the ones always saying no money and they always hungry i wonder who paid it for him

  4. @Jay. My personal example: it’s like catching fishes in a pond and throwing them back into the pond. Then wondering why the pond is not being emptied. Only a government PhD can get to the bottom of this baffling question.
    These guys on bail provide mentorship and leadership to younger ones. Moreover, their presence outside, proves that one can get away with anything… even dangerous crimes. Did I say they can intimidate witnesses? Nah! That’s not important.

  5. This is Really Shit in St.Lucia so many Gun Related Homicides in St.Lucia and these.Magestrates Contributing to the Increase of gun Related Crimes in St.Lucia

  6. The police officers are doing their job by finding and charging the gun toting individuals. The court system releases them on bail; don’t blame the police. The PM asserted that his government has increased penalties for firearm offenses. Whatever his government did is not enough. What the government should have done is revoke all bail for firearms possession. Anyone caught should be incarcerated without bail. He or she should be removed from the population until the courts decide his or her fate. Until that happens we are all running around in circles.

  7. There are certain questions to be answered in order to understand why bail is granted to potential murderers. Does our jail have the capacity to house every gun banger and even if it does, can the government afford to feed the criminals when it is at full capacity plus ? With so many on remand for years on end, I personally doubt they have the capacity. I also doubt that they can afford to feed them all, particularly for long periods. With national security at stake, there are certain things that are better not told. Just remember that. We are in a quagmire!


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