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Castries Man Granted Bail For Possession Of Illegal Gun, Ammunition


On Wednesday, November 30, 2022, about 11:45 p.m. officers attached to the Special Services Unit (North), were conducting routine patrols within the city, when apparent gunshots were heard in the Hospital Road area.

They proceeded to the location and subsequently arrested twenty-one (21) year old Jaheem St. Luce of Hospital Road, for unlawful possession of firearm and ammunition, following the recovery of a magazine containing eight (8) rounds of ammunition and a Beretta pistol, with a magazine containing six (6) rounds of ammunition.

St. Luce was formally charged by officers attached to the Criminal Investigations Department and was escorted before the First District Court, where he was granted bail as follows:

Possession of Firearm: $20,000.00 cash or suitable surety

Possession of eight (8) rounds of ammunition: $16,000.00 cash or suitable surety

Possession of six (6) rounds of ammunition: $12,000.00 cash or suitable surety

Travel restrictions and reporting conditions were also applied as part of the defendant’s bail conditions.

SOURCE: Royal Saint Lucia Police Force

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  1. You guys are honestly not ready to deal with crime – try pouring liquid into a cup with a large hole in the bottom – exercise in futility. Your laws on the books are a joke – so this malveetaye gets bailed out and goes back to report to the other malveetayes in the slums/ghetto or wherever — St. Lucia you guys are honestly not ready to deal with the crime issue. What do you think this fool is gonna do – go home and read a book on how to be a productive citizen in society.???????? BTW – you don’t need a passport for a fishing boat????

  2. Very unserious country. I imagine when politicians and judges become victims then we will see some meaningful change. Until then do what you can to protect yourselves folks.

  3. if they had cut both hands and pluck out both eyes you all would be singing a totally different song .he was change 48k and you still have a problem with that. what put.him in person and my tax have to go to feed them .Christmas they eating turkey and ham while I cannot even afford a tin of tuna fish. is that what you all the criticizing everything. damn you all.

  4. Who had the $48,000.00 to bail this thug out; why bail out a rat with all this ammunition, what kind of law is this? we don’t only have rats menacing people, we have them in government endorsing these laws and judges making the rules – its heart braking for many law abiding folks, being scared to move about the way my parents once did, but I’ll keep Praying Amen.

  5. Legislation to amend bail laws is urgently required. At what point will there be a realization that there is a serious problem on hand? At stake is the core business of the country. Without that industry quality of life will collapse.

    Are they even curious about what tabloids are reporting about the island? Well, it’s very negative. Get tough, Pierre. Now, you don’t create the overseas narrative… it’s being dictated to you. That generally happens when you have a huge problem, and it’s not seriously addressed.

    Note: the other guy is a co-defendant who is complicit in this rut.

  6. @Realist: I agree with you everybody criticizing, yet nobody gives a solution. If they put him in jail they would complain government just feeding criminals with tax payers money..what do you’ll want the government to do ? Kill him?
    Same people that complaining about crime wants the system to commit a crime. There is a process that has to be followed.
    This crime situation is a result of poverty
    There is nothing anybody can do apart from try to alleviate poverty and educate the youths

  7. You know 48k is the price of regular used car? or successful job to St. Vincent or La Bas and back right? An auntie or nenine will quickly allow him to use their property as collateral to meet that 48k. We need to be serious- people are dying here from these scumbags. ALL we are saying is use the power of the bail to deter crime- make it 1 million–why NOT? Who is being affected by that 1 million- you? Then go line up to be the next victim Realist!!!!

  8. Respectfully, I disagree! I believe is stuffing them all in one cell at Bordelais until it gets so hot and stinky that they themselves (on their own or with help from their cellmates) decide to exit this life! Human rights people will cry, we know they will, they will try to cut aid to us but as of now NONE of them are helping, they are only watching at distance at our country’s next wrong move to squeeze us! Lawyers make alot of money when there is more crime so would they cut their profits–NO! Sometimes, hard decisions have to be made- poverty doesn’t always breed criminals!

  9. It took long for the acting prime minister to say something. Its a shame that no one from the Soufriere Representative Office can visit or even pick up the phone to call the family of the victims.

  10. Poverty will always exist in the entire world (they will be poor, middle and rich) that is reality – however, that is NOT an excuse for crime and criminals to take over. Please conduct research on some very poor countries in the world and you will see that they are full of pride and find the most modest ways to exist with the least amount of crime. They live on the land, grow vegetables and fish and eat to survive.

    They are not jealous and want to live like the Joneses. They do what they can afford and are not envious of others (which is a serious problem in St. Lucia). It appears that most Lucians are self destructive – they are robbing the center for the Blind, a clinic, the Salvation Army etc. etc. The very systems that are put in place to help them – they destroy and burglarize. That is being seriously self destructive…your very economy is at stake. The whole world has eyes on St. Lucia at the moment….and not in a good way.

    By the way – if I have to chose to have my tax dollars feed the criminals while they are locked up I would rather do that and have them off the street – instead of having an innocent family in bereavement crying and bawling for their loved one.

  11. @Brian @Realist I hope for you both The Man In The Black Coat Will Never Come Knocking On Your Doors because we all know you will both have a Totally different suggestion with that said I rest my case.

  12. Our gun laws need a serious reassessment. They may have been suitable 2 decades ago but now they’re not sufficient. In the US when 10-20-life was introduced there was a dramatic reduction in gun crime. We need such here. If you’re caught with an illegal firearm you’re not eligible for bail. As part of the punitive measures to bring some semblance of control back to this countries streets, revisiting tmgun laws should be among the very first steps. We have to make criminals think twice about even carrying a fire arm far-less using one.



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