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ECADE Urges Dignity, Freedom & Justice For LGBTQ+ Caribbean People


As the Eastern Caribbean Alliance for Diversity and Equality (ECADE), marks six years of advocacy, we call for “Dignity, Freedom, and Justice for All” sexual and gender-diverse people in the region.

Laws that criminalise consensual, private sexual acts between persons above the age of consent have been declared unconstitutional in two eastern Caribbean countries in 2022.

ECADE’s litigation initiative has led courts in Antigua and Barbuda and Saint Kitts and Nevis to strike down these laws.

The judgments acknowledge that these colonial laws undermine the dignity and freedom of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ+) people.

Justice for all, demands that we remove all laws that unjustly target a specific people because of who they love or how they honour their gender.

We can all live by the philosophy captured in the theme of Human Rights Day 2022, “Dignity, Freedom, and Justice for All”.

We are reminded that activism is our principles put into action. Each of us has the ability to be advocates for dignity, freedom, and justice.

Our words, our treatment and defence of those marginalised and discriminated against. We can all be advocates by holding our governments to account to protect all citizens from violence, homophobia, misogyny, ableism, ageism and sexism.

“We all have a part to play in the safeguarding and uplifting of each other’s rights across differences. Too often we only see rights from a narrow perspective or how it applies to protecting the status quo. We have to move away from this towards embracing the rights of all people,” says Lysanne Charles, Chair of ECADE. She adds, “When we get to a place where the respect for human dignity trumps all others dynamics, we will have a stronger, better region.”

Towards this aim, ECADE in partnership with Synergía, and in collaboration with the European Commission, will launch the “CALIPSO” project, supported by the European Development Fund. CALIPSO – Caribbean LGBTQ Initiative to Promote Solidarity Outcomes.

The project will advance the full protection and promotion of human rights of LGBTQ+ people. This regional project focuses on countries within the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) and Barbados.

Over the next two years, activities conducted with country-level organisation will ensure visibility through equitable representation, advocacy utilising documented lived realities of constituents constituent and capacity development.

Executive Director Kenita Placide says, “Human Rights Day highlights the strides we have made socially, culturally and legally. We recognise the lives lost, the damage of the colonial past and the trauma we still carry, as we forge the path of healing, reconciliation and growth, with an openness to learning.”

ECADE continues to strengthen the capacity of regional organisations representing marginalised communities, to engage with policy makers and to amplify the voices of the LGBTQ+ community.

The Alliance remains committed to confronting discriminatory laws, with constitutional challenges in Barbados, Saint Lucia and Grenada.

These are not just milestones but real steps towards improved quality of life and the lived experience of all. Dignity, Freedom, and Justice for All aptly captures the essence of ECADE’s work on behalf of LGBTQ+ people in the sub-region.

We welcome the occasion of Human Rights Day to recommit to creating the world we want to see for ourselves, for our children and for future generations.

SOURCE: Eastern Caribbean Alliance for Diversity and Equality. Headline photo courtesy Cecilie Johnsen (

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  1. It is because of the promotion of this demonic filth that the world is rapidly falling apart. The destruction of the family and society is encourage by those demons who promote this filth

  2. God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah because of all these abomination that was happening with plenty gays and lesbians. We are living in prophetic times. God institute marriage between a man and a woman, not man and man or woman and woman. We can see all the effects on our society with the high crime rates. People REPENT before it is too late. Christ is coming soon. There is a better way.

  3. The love of God has waned, and so our society has degraded. Violence, lying, stealing, cheating, and SEXUAL immorality have become the norm as a result. Some may say “the Bible is nonsense” but not withstanding their view, the Bible still remains the only moral agent for this world.

    Now concerning the alphabet people, here is what the Bible says regarding your lifestyle: “In the same way the men also abandoned natural relations with women and were inflamed with lust for one another. Men committed shameful acts with other men, and received in themselves the due penalty for their error.” (Romans 1:27)

  4. The rainbow brigade looking for validation. Y’all have no issue conducting your depraved acts in the Caribbean. Stop playing victim when y’all not. This is just yet another ploy to force people to accept y’all lifestyle and then now to force it in schools on people’s children. Here’s an idea. Leave regular people kids alone. Go make y’all own to indoctrinate with your rubbish. Oh wait! Y’all can’t with those acts. Shouldn’t that trigger some sort of lightbulb that y’all are of no value to the human species and your lifestyle is an evolutionary dead end? Go gay yourselves to extinction and leave regular people alone. Nature eventually corrects its mistakes.

  5. It wouldn’t be allowed in totally, i do not care how f*** up your culture is do not come here and try to force people to turn gay or lesbian just because. We living happily down here with what we have, i do not want to see any of this nonsense down here. NASTY MF, gay and lesbians have a higher chance of being paedophiles since they can do after the same sex it doesn’t matter how old the are.

  6. And what upsets me even more is the fact that when two of them decide to be together, example two women, one has to assume a masculine role a tomboyish and one lady like. For the men, same baytize’ looks femine. It means they know damn well that the relationship must be male and female.!

  7. The alphabet coalition is hell bent on being accepted by the wider society because they don’t accept themselves. Because I fail to see if you’re so convicted in your lifestyle and you think it’s right within you that you’d be fighting for acceptance and shoving your bedroom activities in people’s faces. AND marriage biblically is between a man and a woman. Two women can’t be “married ” to each other and likewise two men. It’s a union of some kind just NOT holy matrimony.

  8. Interestint how “God fearers & Bible quoters” (& bigots) don’t comment about all the promiscuity that goes on between heterosexual people in St Lucia and the Caribbean. Multiple sexual partners, fatherless children, STIs because no one takes responsibility by using protection, not to mention the predatory older men preying on young girls, incest, and even the rape of animals, women who rejoice in stealing other women’s partners (& the weak men who go with it) Wow! No one is forcing people to become something they aren’t already, and if they are in a loving relationship, how does that affect you. Promiscuous behaviour is far more damaging on so many levels, no matter what gender or sexual orientation. Still half the men will be dead by the bullet soon, so y’all be scrambling for whatever you can get more than usual. St Lisi, the New Haiti and island of hypocrisy…

  9. Yes indeed, the god brigade is out in full force on that one, condemning others for their way of life which, funnily enough, has nothing to do with their prudish hypocrisy. Invoking their religious bigotry of hellfire and brimstone even though, when one thinks of it, the story of Sodom and Gomorrah is just as fictional as to story that Santa Claus lives in the North pole….and even more ridiculous that Lots’ wife was turned into a pillar of salt because she turned back to watch the burning of Sodom and Gomorrah…maybe you pricks can’t fathom that perhaps Lot’s wife remembered the great time she had in Sodom and Gomorrah which Lot himself fail to give her….and perhaps she turned back in longing for those pleasurable nights when Lot failed and could not do the business…even so, the animal kingdom has many cases of male on male action, and female on female interaction….maybe if you ignoramuses look close enough at the animal kingdom to which interestingly enough, we belong, Like it or lump it, makes no difference, your god is having a good laugh at your ignorance… the end no one gives a toss up what u do in your closet so why bother yourself with other people’s business?…I tell you…it’s usually the so called moral jack asses who are the first to condemn others instead of practicing their what their so called unimportant god tells them to do …which is love one another…they clearly miss the wood for the forest….and yet it shows by their posts and hidden behind their computer screens and changing psuedonymes, keyboard warriors not practicing what they preach …yet are quick to point a finger….well if they should listen again to that other spurious guy who was impaled on the cross…he who is without sin, cast the first stone. You will find many of them thinking twice when they consider the hate they spew because others have a way of life they do not agree with…one then wonders, what it is about sex that really makes man and woman get so worked out about….no one gets into your business when you, under the covers of darkness or the sheets get up to things horizontal or vertical, however you like it and whatever geometrical shape you assume… ….maybe it’s time you let others live there lives too….

  10. The Caribbean need to stay the way it is. Don’t make it comfortable for no LGBTQ to think they can come in this region and live their nasty lifestyle among our people and children. These white people are the ones pushing this.

    We have enough problems already. We don’t need this gay problem in our society. All gays should move to gay friendly countries. Especially in Saint Lucia we don’t love gays, no love for LGBTQ, a disgusting bunch of salops.

    Blessed is the man that walketh not in the council of the ungodly or standeth in the way of sinners.

  11. God reigned fire and brimstone on gay lifestyle…its true promiscuity is no different so dont come and called people hypocrites…..never have i seen 2 men or women come together to make a child……so why is my child they want????? u rude for that!!!! come on now!!!!

  12. Apparently you didn’t read my post (above). Notwithstanding though, the lack of comments on it doesn’t make cheating less of a sin than homosexuality and lesbianism. And by the way, do you see heterosexuals forcing their cheating lifestyles on others like the lookers and Chim makers do?

  13. Amen Sister! Nobody bothers those people. You see those caricatures parading around freely. Sure you may have a chuckle at how ludicrous some of them look but is it wrong to laugh at stupid? Those people crave validation because their activities run contrary to natural law. It is a behavioural issue no different than any other.

  14. c-wiz the bible is fictional to YOU…that doesnt stop the world from continuing….so dont force it!!!

  15. ” the animal kingdom has many cases of male on male action”

    The queer have been claiming this for a long time but I have yet to see any evidence supporting it. The animals have one goal and one goal only, to pass on their genetics. You cannot pass on your genetics via homosexuality. Ergo it is an evolutionary dead end. Is that science-y enough for you? Notwithstanding most people have little issue with the rainbow brigade and doing their business in private. The issue is trying to force everyone to accept is as normal. No it is not. How you feel about rapists and paedos trying to force their lifestyles on you? Oh and it is already a thing. Minor attracted person. First they ask for dignity. Then it becomes you need to accept it. Then it becomes you need to do it too. This needs to stop. Nature will eventually correct this mistake.

    If you have no issue with the disgust of the insertion of a phallus in faecal matter then that is unfortunate. You run the risk increased disease because it simply wasn’t designed to work that way. FYI many of the religious doctrine passed on is as a result of thousands of years of scientific observation that has become habitual. So no it is not as fictitious as you claim.

  16. Forcing your pronouns upon others when they didn’t ask, and implicitly ostracizing those who don’t, is neither good nor kind to anyone.

  17. @ Evolutionary Biologist

    1) If you really were an evolutionary biologist you would have known there is plenty of male on male and female on female action in the other species of the animals kingdom….

    2) The Kobudai fish is born female and at a point in its life cycle transforms from female to male and develops testes …yes …your so call god created that …then that fact makes the less informed among us sound and look foolish….male on male action has been observed and recorded in the chimpanzee species….and the list goes on….and….on…..and….

    3) now you also talk about putting phalluses in fecal matter, that makes me wonder in you have not out your phallus (if you are male) in you madams mouth….or use your licker (if you are female) on your man’s steel pan stick….was the phallus made for the mouth? Was the tongue made for the phallus? You see dear friend, your argument falls apart when one implements logic and reason.

    4) As for your comment on religious doctrine passed on…I won’t even both tackle that because…if you going to believe something written in a book that dates from the late stone age to early iron age when the vast majority of humanity was illiterate and ignorant, well you have well been fooled….

    5) Now you talk about about animals have one goal and that is to pass on their genetics …indeed, that may be so, but what about the woman or man who has decided they don’t want children and wanting to enjoy the pleasures of life without having to worry about conceiving and tie their tubes as in tubal ligation and vasectomy? …he/she has not fulfilled his or her obligation to pass on the genetics…does that make them less Human or less worthy because they don’t want kids and since the tubes are cut, they can’t have kids….are they less worthy?….the tide of history is against you compatriot…LGBTQ+ are people too and are just as worthy…..

  18. i wont even comment on all your so called justifications…..but to say they are worthy true but not worthy of OUR children…sorry thats a no no

  19. I think it’s high time they take all boohoolers and LBGT people and make one of the most beautiful cities in the world on a desert island and all the finest things money can buy and put them all in that one sodomite place,away from all normal and biblical thinking ppl especially away from our innocent youths mind.

  20. I see many ignorant people ranting and raving about gay/lesbian topics…. All you are doing is proving your own arrogance and stupidity.


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