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Chastanet: Saint Lucia Needs Intervention By The Almighty


Opposition leader Alen Chastanet has indicated that Saint Lucia currently needs divine intervention.

But he also pointed to the need for citizens to do what they can.

The opposition leader spoke amid a violent crime surge.

“At this point, our country needs the Almighty’s intervention now more than ever,” the United Workers Party (UWP) leader wrote Monday on Facebook.

On Sunday, Chastanet participated in a prayer, praise, and worship session at the Vigie Multi-purpose Sports Complex.

“Prayer is not to ask God to do something for us that we are supposed to do for  ourselves. The importance of coming out today and the importance of prayer is to give us the strength to do what we have to do when we leave here,” the Micoud South MP told the audience.

At the event, he also spoke of ‘the power of love’.

And in that regard, he referred to remarks made earlier to the gathering by former Tourism Minister Dominic Fedee.

“Dominic was one hundred percent right. We look for all the sophisticated ways to solve the problem because unfortunately as human beings sometimes we need rules. We need somebody to enforce those rules,” Chastanet stated.

“But the reality is if we genuinely loved each other and we respected each other and if we love as human beings and you generally felt that in heart, you could not do something to hurt somebody,” the former Prime Minister told his audience.

But he lamented that too many children are growing up without love.

He urged members of the audience to love themselves, their family, and their country and have faith in the Lord.

“He is the one who is going to give us the strength to do it,” Chastanet declared.

In addition, on his Facebook page, Chastanet thanked those who attended Sunday’s prayer, praise, and worship event.

“Be reassured that as an Opposition, we will do whatever we can to help reduce the high levels of crime and violence that continue to plague Saint Lucia,” he wrote.

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  1. We need to put politics aside to tackle the enormous challenges we are facing which affects all of us . Let’s show some love for country rather than solely for self or political party. The criminals have no political allegiances ! Let’s be like them to fight them. I therefore approve of the opposition message.

  2. Castanet is the greatest deceiver. Will say anthing to win your votes. Look at this clown 🤡. He will say anything that sounds good to win your soul. Mate eh give a shit. The devil knows who God is. Don’t fall for mate antics. We remember who you are Chas. You and that Guy. Trying to act all holy now.

  3. Crime is easy political football. Do not use prayer to make political mileage. Let the religious leaders hold prayer meetings.

  4. @Independent, unfortunately, some people just have hatred in their heart that is eating them alive and it’s all about politics for them.

  5. Chastanet is playing in his seeds. The Jews created a god in whom they don’t believe, yet Chastanet believes that praying to that Jewish creation will help our crime problem. If Chastanet reads the bible he will discover that the Hebrew/Jewish god is the biggest killer in this badly written book.

  6. andrew maggie soup pay jel ou…u wont stop prophecy form fulfilling u wont stop the world from turning…

  7. Beware of politicians praying to god … ain’t it ironic that people pray and pray and pray and pray some more ad infinitum and get no response from a god who don’t give a shit about your plight… simply because he does not exist….open your eyes deluded fools …god will not rescue you from yourselves because the answer you seek is within your very own powers to answer …stop wasting your time mumbling pointless words to some entity that does not exist …but get off your gluteus maximus and find solutions to your problems.. here is an interesting insight: all Christians will admit god is all powerful (omnipotent), all knowing (omniscient) can be everywhere all at once (omnipresent) and GOD CAN DO EVERYTHING, NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE FOR GOD TO DO……oh really?….sounds incredible right? NO!!! WRONG, IT DOESN’T….. when one considers this simple fact: ask yourself, CAN GOD LIE ?….if your answer NO: god can not lie, then clearly here is something simple that god cannot do..he can’t lie. Then you have proven god can’t do everything because he can’t lie… THEREFORE HE AIN’T GOD BECAUSE HE CANNOT DO EVERYTHING INCLUDING LYING….if your answer is YES, GOD CAN LIE, then if that is the case god is clearly bearing false witness and therefore he is not god since he is capable of telling a lying..I have just put god in a catch 22 scenario…… So with that simple logic, one can see god ain’t shit but a well cooked manmade concept made up and dress up over thousands of years of Human philosophical thought.

    Now I know the less initiated among us who are unable to use their grey matter to reason and use logical thought will find that concept difficult to comprehend so they will do the lazy thing and believe all kinds of shit without reasoning out the veracity of the nonsense they believe…just a simple question. CAN GOD LIE ?…and one can see how foolish they have been praying to some figment of man’s creative imagination…mark my words…u can keep praying till cows learn how to eat grass and shit out all 1600 variations of French cheeses and you will get no response from your fictional god and the crime situation will continue unabated. U mean to tell me, all the religious institutions in Saint Lucia including the Catholic church which is the largest in Saint Lucia who ironically have been praying for donkey years and still….nada, zilch, zok, rien, nein…I know what u will say, the church have people that ain’t righteous….well that proves the point doesn’t it …it’s all show. All nonsense…the entire shebang…..

    The answers you seek are within yourselves to answer…you want to stop crime? Look at the family….from cradle to the grave…this is where criminals are created…the family…the broken homes, the uncared for child, the uneducated child, etc etc etc ….the Scandinavian countries interestingly enough are not that religious and they have the highest educational achievement on the planet, less teenage pregnancies, and suprise surprise, less crime statistics…. go figure……

  8. 2 Chronicles 7:14

    14 If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

    I decree that God is alive and well. However, we all have free choice to worship self, devil or whomever wherever, whenever. The Lord will however always prevail ..Amen

  9. This guy Andrew Magloire has been trying to sell this crap for years. He has absolutely nothing to offer.

  10. @TG and Vaughn Blanchard….

    Don’t be a bunch of lollipops…by the level of your contributions on this platform it’s obvious that your level of thinking ain’t up to scratch… between the two of you, you can’t argue against my posts on this platform or prove my analysis of thing ain’t at least raises serious questions on the issue presented by St Lucia Times…..all you could do is throw meaningless words and truly contributing nothing to the debate …I would prefer if you argue against my post and prove me wrong…and maybe, just maybe you lollipops might just convert me into Christianity…I won’t hold my breath though….it’s your prerogative to prove anyone’s argument to be flawed….just like I can prove that praying to a god is flawed because god doesn’t give a rat’s tail about humanity because he does not exist….you can carry on believing what you want…but you are just drinking the crap fed to you as a kid, you grew up believing it’s true…you then became a man or woman and still kept drinking that doodoo….carry on if it makes you feel good…I live by truth and honesty….not fairy tales.

  11. When you encounter a demon and it will not cease tormenting you except through the name of Jesus Christ then you will know that God is real. In addition, archaeology has repeatedly confirmed the accounts in the Bible.

  12. @Seinfeld

    Where is the evidence archaeology has confirmed accounts of the Bible? Please enlighten me….I am interested because the last time I looked there was nothing credible in archeology to suggest the biblical accounts are correct….but you might be the first to enlighten me….I await your evidence….I want sources….here is a moment to redeem your beliefs…make a convert of me….

    By the way are you saying you or someone has encountered a demon and got relief by the name of Jesus Christ? Have you not heard of mental illness? Interestingly god is redeeming people from demons but he won’t redeem a country from the scourge of gun violence even though those same prayer warriors are asking god to intervene?… doesn’t that say something to you? Perhaps god deals in only demon exorcism….and if your country is held hostage to crime and gun violence….god says see for yourself….you guys are so gullible…

    I await your archeological evidence…redeem the name of Jesus…. present your facts Seinfeld……

  13. Hi C- Wiz, Jehovah said the heart of man is evil. This is why He gave guidelines in Scripture on how to deal with evil so it does not get out of control in society. The laws in St. Lucia have chosen to ignore them, so what we are seeing now is the result. In terms of the evidence from archaeology, Egyptologists have found records of the Isrealites living in slavery in Egypt as stated in the bible from from the tomb of a pharoah and also of Joseph. The history of the conquests of Alexander the Great confirms the existence of certain rulers and kingdoms mentioned in the Bible such as Darius the king of Persia. Ancient coins have also been found to confirm the existence of these rulers and kingdoms.
    Here is a link which you can peruse when you have the time.

    But at the end of the day faith is personal. I pray that God reveals Himself to you.

  14. @ Seinfeld

    It is a fallacy to use the excuse that because the laws of Saint Lucia refuse to follow scripture hence the reason for crime…u can as well equally say because Christians are not effective, god doesn’t answer their prayers when they call on him….this red herring explanation you gave does not support the reason for a breakdown in society morals has nothing to do with scripture….

    Secondly, not because there are evidence of Jews being slaves in Egypt, minted coins, the conquest of Alexander the Great make the Bible to be true fact the bible is a book which contains both historical and erroneous information….which proves that man wrote it but not under the inspiration of God as they claim……so not because there are historical facts makes the bible correct….it’s just stories that men took which includes some of the evidence you mentioned but that does not make the Bible the word of god ..I could right a book and include present day evidence and in 6000yrs people can claim this happened because I wrote it …but I can equally put errors in my book too….so your evidence does not stand..

  15. I am convinced that the first three words that a non believer utters if or when falling off a cliff are “Oh My God” . Attitude change when life is threatened. The believer has nothing to lose if it turns out that there is no God but if there is, non believers will burn in Hell 🔥! Choose wisely!

  16. @ Yep

    Saying oh my god when falling off a cliff is a cliche…. doesn’t mean jack..just an expression like saying…f@#k when things go bad …it doesn’t mean a thing but I does give you a sense of releasing frustration when bad things happen…. being convinced without proof people going to hell is a bit idiotic… don’t you think..? Not because a stone age book said it makes it true…

  17. lol which almighty chas? when you talk to these people about the almighty they telling you there is no God wi

  18. Jesus said repent and be baptize and follow my precepts..
    Jesus said to his father who art in heaven :
    It is not for only the righteous ones means walking hand in that carries good fruits, but for those who are still in the world who beleives my word and are not yet save !!
    But you must not worship idoles the false god on the cross,the rosary,etc….come out from them !
    Jonn the Baptiste prepares the way_
    The begining of the gospel of the Son of God.
    It is written about Isaiah the prophète.
    “I will send my messangers ahead of you, who will prepare your ways’
    “a voice of one calling in the desert,prepare the way for the LORD,make straight paths for him’ ”

    And so John came,batizing in the desert region including 🇱🇨 St-Lucia,preacing the good news in baptizing of repentence for forgivness of sins..

    Then Jesus came to them and said, “All authority has been given to me…
    Therefore,go and make disciples of all nation,including 🇱🇨 St-Lucia,preaching the good news of God”.
    “The time has come,” he said, “The kingdom of God is near.
    Repent and beleive the good news !” Baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Sprit,and teaching them to obey everthing that I have commanded you.
    And Surley,I am with you always,to the very end of the age” ‼️


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