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Dennery Man Shot Dead


A Dennery man, identified as Ranus Jones, 27, has become Saint Lucia’s 70th homicide victim.

According to the police, the Rocky Lane resident sustained fatal gunshot injuries on Tuesday at about 12:35 am.

Emergency personnel from the Dennery fire station responded and reported finding a man with puncture wounds.

A doctor at the scene pronounced him dead.

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  1. I just need clarity cause another News Outlet said 71st but you say 70. I hope yours is correct not that it will make a difference and bring back any of these young souls gone. What is the latest on the Babonneau 13? There are rumours that one had to be flown out for treatment, one may have succumbed, please clear the air as a News Outlet.

  2. PjP Chastanet is no longer in charge, but you are; we need answers and that is;

    (1) nothing is hidden in little St. Lucia: the Cops know who & where they are.
    (2) we know you are Hamstringed by some in the Cabinet, why not fire them & be free?
    (3) stop the politics, all know you are not doing better but are doing worse than U.W.P.
    (4) the answer is right in your face, its in the books:- Hang the convicted killers.
    (5) Failure for hanging – you lose the next elections – and the Tourism Industry scraped.
    (6) You, Kenny & Moses will pay heavy for not constructing the Modern V/Fort Hospital.

    That’s not all, its not the people but you fail to put GOD first; He is there waiting, Brother. Amen.

  3. Isn’t it 71? Either way we’re at per capita homicide rate of at least 38.5. Jamaica is about 52.1. Trinidad is about 38. Go figure.

  4. Hear the jackasses now come with it. The P M at that hour of the night should have been standing in the lane to stop what a man is going to do. Yeah the police should be hiding in the bushes next to the banana trees bam bam bam we here tad-da-daa. I will bet you the gun that was used just came here.

  5. Lucian Highgrade/ guns in the barrels; we all know that the PM cannot be there to personally stop crime however, he has a duty of care when it comes to protecting the nation. This is why he was voted into office – to enact policies to safeguard us – and from my vantage point he has failed miserably. The prime minister can do a lot more about crime – trust me!! His choice of police commissioner is a clear indication of his seriousness on crime – dismissal!!! A commissioner who is a nice lady by clueless when it comes to effective policing and crime.

  6. @Santo.. good job on recognising the shill. He may change his name but his relentless brown nosing of PJP’s deriere will always be apparent. On another note, you are completely correct. Pip has not shown he is serious about solving this issue, we don’t need a nice lady right now. We need a ruthless commissioner who is intolerant of crime.

  7. @Santo, I’ve said so before but the hacks try to crucify me each time I say so. The lady has little to no street policing experience. Apart from working at a few stations, she has been in immigration forever, more so the passport office. As far as the hacks are concerned their government goes in history as hiring the FIRST FEMALE COMMISSIONER. Just like Putting People First.

  8. @Santo & SLA (same lazy ass) same Dutty Yellow Chameleons at different hours, oh please with your yellow impromptu, that the only thing the PM has handed you clowns is a drum to beat on crime, no matter which polices are enacted now it would have been too late for last night and that’s what the PM was clearly stating in regard to Chastanet Dear John letter. Polices has to be debated by the house you just don’t enact polices overnight and of course there will always be “the opposition” for their own selfish gain. The PM is trying his to curtail crime; and as for the police commissioner I have seen any better form the males that were there; O God and Francis don’t even remind us.

  9. All these shootings are not Random. The victim and the shooter most likely know each other. It’s hard to stop what’s in a man’s heart. If you and a man in war and he decide he is going to come at you he will. Unless you have a crystal ball

  10. What I see from these comments is kettle calling pot black for sure at the moment it’s definitely not yellow whether you agree with me or not the captain is always the one in charge and responsible it doesn’t matter which side you on.

  11. The Pm Have Nothing to do with Homicides in St.Lucia .The Police have to set up their Operational Plans in Camera .The public don’t have to be Informed over Social Media as to the police operations .The police Should have had their operational plans in place to Deal with all these Foolishness happening in St.Lucia .The Pm Should have the Cop to have the Retired Senior officers to advise the Cop with immediate effect.All police leave should be Cancelled this week to Clean St.Lucia

  12. @Ants nest you Clown for once you are right (did I say that somebody slap me) they are clearing their barrels this week traffic jam on the docks all day is a pick you see going up the road with barrels in it all of them should be checked again and if the deck, deck, police see any big back tv’s come there and they say it’s for charity that should be a dead giveaway. All hands-on deck, no leave this week all who is out come back now.

  13. @Guns in the Barrels.. see that’s the thing with simple minded people like you is that you think because I criticise Pip that it means I support Chastanet or Flambeau but little do you know is that I don’t have party allegiance. I hold who is in power accountable based on the results I see. When Chas was in power he got the same criticisms. Unlike you who would rather see our Sweet Helen burn to the ground than hold your masters accountable. You’re a simple minded person and I doubt to you, even after explaining, that someone can be impartial to political sides. St. Lucia will progress slowly, not at all or as is happening now regress until we learn that if we don’t hold our leaders accountable no one else will and they will have no incentive to do what is best for the country. Hope that was simple enough for you to understand. And to those who say the PM has nothing to do with homicides don’t understand the concept of leadership. The fish rots from the head.

  14. @Ants its too bad that majority of officers are hacks themselves doing work in favour of their party and for gaining ranks, not for the people of this country.

  15. Boy if elections were held tomorrow every single member of SLP would lose their seat. Clean sweep, I supported these guys but this is looking like a giant mistake. UWP was selling out the country to foreigners now SLP letting the murder rate go sky high with no real response. What a weak government and what a weak prime minister. Chas best you come back and continue to sell out the country. We Lucians don’t deserve this place. No offence to our brothers in Haiti, but that’s where we’re headed with this level of civil unrest.

  16. @SLA (same lazy ass) are you for real ??? Ha ha ha to you your White God was a God sent and he could have done no wrong even when the foreign press said so, the dismal report from the international monetary fund, to my recollection Rome burned under Allen Chastanet crime was prevalent his tenure we not the best of times for St Lucia, poor people were been fooled by his prosperity for all decree trickle down economics 101 hear my dear I present to you Dubai. He abused the working poor of this nation that his fiscal ramifications is expected to be felt for decades. You NEVER ONCE call him out on anything your stipend kept coming. What happened did he cut you off ?? Can we buy services now that you are neutral (wink wink) . I hold my leaders accountable, but so far the PM has only er in his dispositions.

  17. Lucian highgrade / guns in the barrels is a Labor stooge. If one sees his house and car around election time one would clearly understand that it is fruitless trying to convince him of any wrongdoing by any one from the SLP. That dark green house in Cedar Heights- View Fort should be painted red!! Never seen such an idiot who refuse to see objective reasoning for what it is. We should be able to constructively criticize out party and while still supporting it. But it’s clearly obvious that this man can’t comprehend such.

  18. Wait so this guy has an issue with any comment anyone makes about the PM and the govt handling of our crime situation. Instead of debating solutions in here maybe, ppl in here in a back n forth about PJP and crime. So somebody wants me to blame me for the continuous increase in crime down here and gv PJP and his goons an A for their efforts. Smh whiles i now don’t feel safe to lime anymore in Lucia dem men in their Villas laughing n drinking away. Gunshots every night. Hv to wonder if me or my kids safe in our house, but there should be no criticism of govt handling of crime because is SLP in Power. PJP, HILAIRE, RICHARD, GIRARD CAN NEVER GET MY VOTE AGAIN. TUFF

  19. @Santo.. his head his too far up Pips buttocks for him to be able to see anything for what it is. This guy would rather see St. Lucia burn than hold his master accountable. Also you know s/he is irredeemable because of how shameless they are.

  20. @ KAT. you sure got it right; now its hell to reverse it. The Churches are sitting on their hands like they haven’t got a clue, either fearful and or lac of faith.

  21. People have to want to change their habits, associates and their way of life. Some folk come out of homes where violence was all they lived and that would take serious rehabilitation and transformation if they want to change. Therefore, even though the government can police the island – the bottom line is the individual has to want to change no one can change YOU but YOU and that’s with everything in life. Also, some folk are in too deep into the deadly mess they got themselves into. When you play with fire whether you believe it or not you will get burn.

  22. Man’s days are determined !
    “Man born of woman is over a few days and are full of trouble !
    Let us speak and act as those who are going to be judge, for the tongue is a destruction fire 🔥
    May God be true and everyone be what they are.
    Pray for those who are in anguish of the heart and moun with them ; for we do not know what is coming and who is next.
    The powers of the wicked will be broken as you know they must give an account.
    Sincères condoléances to the familles and love ones 💜


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