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Saint Lucia Records Another Homicide – Body Of A Man Found On A Farm


Saint Lucia recorded its 71st homicide for the year after the body of a man identified as Casper Cox of Dennery was found on a farm at about 7:20 am on Friday.

Police said he had sustained apparent gunshot injuries.

The latest homicide occurred hours after Jamaica media reported on Thursday that Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of National Security, Dr. Horace Chang, was in Saint Lucia for talks on national and regional security.

According to the media reports,  during his visit, Chang was scheduled to have high-level discussions with Prime Minister Pierre, Home Affairs Minister Dr. Virginia Albert-Poyotte, and other officials.

“When there are security challenges in Jamaica or in St Lucia, it impacts on all of us. We are one Caribbean, and we have to work together to combat all security threats to the region,” Jamaica Observer quoted Chang as saying.

According to reports, Jamaica recorded 1442 murders this year.

This week, Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre led a delegation to Martinique for joint security talks at the 8th Franco-Saint Lucian Joint Security Committee meeting.

The two neighbouring Islands have recorded a spike in violent crime, mainly involving firearms.

The discussion at the 8th Franco-Saint Lucian Joint Security Committee meeting covered cooperation in citizen security and the fight against trafficking, cooperation in disaster management, judicial cooperation, and immigration and border management.




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  1. They can even take control of crimes in their own country, the weapons are already on the streets thanks to the corrupt politicians let’s see what s next as the numbers keep rising, no peace , lucians you all crying, you all have alot more crying to do

  2. So that whole news cast was about the Jamaica Deputy PM being in St Lucia to discuss. You should have put the face of the Jamaican instead

  3. Jamaica Corrupt police Officers came to St.Lucia to enjoy Happiness in Investigating the Impacs Report which was based on Hear say.The police Force and Ministers of Jamaica are the Most Corrupt in the World

  4. Remember, there was a Jamacian (Orvillle Purnell) that was supposed to be extradited to Saint Lucia for killing a Saint Lucian. I hope that was discussed.

    If you all did not discuss the extradition of that criminal you all are some real Coco Makaks !! No one will take you seriously. Now is the real test to see if the Jamacians are serious. Request his extradition.

  5. Bring back the ROPE please. Hang them, forget about what England will say. Don’t let the criminals take over because of England

  6. So sad this was the witness on who’s farm a murder/ robbery had taken place some time last year , he left st lucia because of threats made against him he came back few days ago and the threats were carried out the accused individuals are out on bail I heard.

  7. @Awa. I have been trying to figure out the wisdom of releasing gun criminals on bail. Each time, I arrive at a wall… can’t go further.
    Their ensuing destruction is just not worth it. (a) intimidation and threatening witnesses (b) return to life of crime or supervision of criminal activity (c) atmosphere of non-cooperation by the public (d) medical costs borne by the state (e) damage to tourists destination-economic (f) quality of life for residents (g) the negative message it sends out to budding criminals
    Change the law regarding bail. Be ready for a court appearance within 60 days.

  8. How sad; the looks of a healthy strong man, clean shaven is gunned down; who deserves that? here’s a man 7:20 a.m. hopefully doing what most farmers do, getting stuff ready for the market (I do hope) instead – bang bang – the sound of present day St. Lucia. I hope I’m not being too facetious, but its no longer a joke.
    How much more can we take – HANG THE BASTARDS – that’s the only result.
    People coming from here and there, meetings, talk, talk. talk will you start the new year with the same ol’ crap? That will sink your Administration; what is Kenny saying or doing, we don’t hear a pip from him, a wasted Phd? come on man, say something.

  9. I just have to shake my head on some of these damn jackasses a blasted chameleon in particular…..always have his head up his ass arguing with his prostate. Just last week the Jamaica Minister and PM went to New York SPECIFICALLY to talk to the FBI and NY Law Enforcement officials regarding gun crimes in their country to gather intelligence on persons and and gang members who might sending down guns and fueling the crime wave in Jamaica that had no a lot of people nervous I read, fast forward the minister came here for all we know he might have share CERTAIN INTELLIGENCE THAT MIGHT BE BENEFICIAL TO ST LUCIA AS IT PERTAINS TO THE UPSURGE IN GUN CRIMES FOOL LABOR NETWORKING……and I will bet my last dollar certain info was shared . Right now certain people dont like the fact that man came here… all stop the BIAS AGAINST PEOPLE.

  10. And we have Lucians who vex when ppl criticise the govt handling of crime and gun violence. Some ppl vex when ppl criticise PJP for discontinuing the K9 Unit. I get the feeling dem men eh really know the kinda crime that going on in Lucia and once they in power that’s all they care about.

  11. This is not only a St. Lucia problem. Until we can strengthen our borders, nothing is going to change with regards to limiting gun violence . Unfortunately we do not have the means and resources to implement what’s needed to stop the flow of drugs and weapons into the island. These two usually go hand in hand. The police are clueless and you cannot blame them. Most recruits are lacking the necessary tools to be effective officers.
    Some of the blame should also fall on the general public. We have somehow failed our kids and have not tried to be part of the solution.
    The government is not blameless. They too need to provide the necessary resources, higher the right people, and help with the implementation of programs that are result oriented.
    I will reserve judgment knowing full well that it takes time for results to manifest itself. I also do not blame those that cannot wait, since the problems at hand affect people differently

  12. @ James – I bet you they are all Coco Makaks; they’re scared to bring it up because too many questions will be asked. It’ll take a fool to believe anyone would be able to file his way out without the noise; who provided (if at all) the File? how was he able to leave the Island, with no straight flights to Jamaica? where is he now, is he on the run or is he behind Bars? these are questions they would like to avoid. The situation in St. Lucia is rotten and the rut starts from the head.
    Take a look at Orville Purnell ( The Voice Newspaper clipping; Dec. Ist. 2021) a picture of a killer not once, of hate, a lost Soul, of everything that deserves the Rope: never in St. Lucia ofcourse. I hope that darkness will one day leave St. Lucia for the humbler hearts. Amen.

  13. There is to much corruption at all levels police and politicians. So crime will not stop. how can a dirty hand keep things clean? It cannot. we the citizens must demand accountability. no one with a criminal background or those who have actively been investigated for a crime or corruption should be able to go up for elections. to go into elections you must declare your source of income, present evidence of no investigation against you and go to the people stating your case. after you pass that first step, then go through a run-off in the district of interest. That’s second test. Third Test- you can now allow some formal investigations on you by an outside entity. Then present yourself to the electorate as a possible representative.

  14. @ Great – I don’t know if you were trying to be funny, but there’s nothing funny in the Ten commandments – the civilized world have lived by it.
    There it says Thou shall not kill, just to remind you, and for your information, Google “Ten Rillington Place” by Ludovic Kennedy. We of the former British Colony adopted British Law that abolished the death Penalty. It maybe o.k. for them to be able to house and feed their criminals, but we who have the audacity to call ourself a Nation (+ – 180K people) who cannot feed itself, have to suffer the Slings and Arrows of our outrageus fortune, and we are lost in a maze of self pity, in total confusion.
    To Hang or not to Hang, that is the question; Now I invite whomever to answer. We no longer say, God save the King, but rather ‘ May St. Lucia be blessed’ Amen.


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