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LUCELEC Engages Stakeholders On Transitioning To Electric Vehicles


The world is gradually undergoing an energy transition as the financial and environmental cost of fossil fuels becomes increasingly higher than other energy sources.

One of the areas Saint Lucia is pursuing to solve this energy challenge and reduce carbon emissions from the transportation sector is the transition to electric-powered vehicles or EV’s.

St. Lucia Electricity Service Limited (LUCELEC) recently hosted two workshops with various stakeholders on the decarbonisation of transportation in Saint Lucia.

The sessions facilitated discussions among policymakers, regulators and the business community to brainstorm and identify opportunities to collaborate in moving the country’s efforts at transitioning to electric vehicles forward.

Jason Clairmonte is the Director of the JQ Charles Group of Companies. He says the time is now for this discussion.

“We’re at the point where we are in the middle of a transition from internal combustion engines to EVs, this is happening worldwide, but we don’t largely understand this in developing countries because it’s not yet affecting us, really. This is the forum that starts with the stakeholders that are most likely to influence the discussion, and that is why we have to be on the same page and educated about it. This is a process, and this is the start of that process, and I’m happy to say that I think it is a very successful beginning.”

The first workshop sought to create a shared understanding of trends in the EV market and what is driving them, such as decarbonisation, energy prices, critical mineral availability and the used car markets.

The second deliberated on the most probable future, understanding the challenges and opportunities for each stakeholder; sharing an illustrative transportation decarbonisation strategy; identifying pre-competitive opportunities and how they benefit the ecosystem.

LUCELEC Managing Director Trevor Louisy says it also prioritized opportunities and next steps for action.

“There is energy around continuing this conversation, continuing to share information, and exploring opportunities for better collaboration and collective action. LUCELEC looks forward to playing a more proactive role in accelerating this transition, not only by supporting this exchange of information and ideas that we’ve agreed needs to continue but also by seeking to transition our fleet of vehicles within the shortest possible time. We are committed also to expanding the EV charging infrastructure and also assisting with public awareness around the promise of EVs to debunk the myths around the suitability of EVs for our terrain.”

In keeping with its 2035 Strategy, LUCELEC will develop further plans to increase awareness of the landscape, mitigate challenges, and actively pursue opportunities with other stakeholders in the EV transportation business.

SOURCE: St. Lucia Electricity Service Limited 

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  1. About time. The benefits are to our health. Less CO2 in the air. And electricity for cars is cheaper than gas

  2. What will lucelec use to power the generators that will provide electricity to recharge these vehicles. It only means lucelec is going to get the share of money the fuel stations make .
    Make it make sense.
    Biggest scam ever EVs

  3. Why is a profit making entity leading this drive? I know I know ….it’s first about the money then its about the environment.

  4. The earth has existed for 13,800,000,000 years. Scientists have been collecting data on weather for 140 years. Let that sink in. The arrogance of these people thinking they understand things far greater than them. The scary phrase “Global warming” morphed into “climate change” simply because the globe goes through periodic warmings and coolings. Climate change is also a natural process. I believed in the kool aid until I took a deeper dive into it myself. There were hurricanes hundreds of years ago just as devastating as they are now. There were droughts and every other imaginable climate catastrophe. This is just another money grab.

  5. those if you letting yourself being fooled by the so call elite I feel sorry for you all. all those asking for less co2 then how about you all just stop breathing to make it easier for us who will not let our self being fooled. the plants need co2 to survive. I think the only mistake God made was creating those humans who now think they know better than God

  6. Nothing about how they’re stripping the earth for rare earth meals which are used to make the batteries for the EVs plus the havoc on human health when folks go digging the mines for said metals.
    And what are they planning on doing with the batteries after they are no longer 100% ? also the price of a new ev battery is what again?
    the clowns pushing ev are the biggest set of hypocrites the world has ever seen, pretending they give a sh1t but using their private jets to take a 12 minute flight to go drink coffee in some other part of the city, going to COP meetings with 400 private jets plus support vehicles then turning back and tell you how you should not own a vehicle.
    how about the british royal couple who took a flight and then send a car to drop their golf clubs separately.
    something else, at the present moment all the other planets in the solar system are going through their own changes and there is now one living on them, so are they going to pass a carbon tax also, how about the 14million trees they cut down to put windmills, a bunch of dumbassery alone, i don’t see them telling China anything and China is one of the biggest polluters.
    well two middle fingers seems to be the right thing to do
    Kaus Schawb w.e.f head clown said you will own nothing and be happy whilst dancing in a dress and our politicians taking advice from him.
    watch out for the food shortages tun.
    weather woman well said.

  7. I wonder if lucelec prepared for the onslaught of EVs charging on it’s grid, take a look at the nonsense that happened in California some weeks ago

  8. EV’s and their batteries are not cheap, neither are they effective as gas driven v’s. Highly toxic batteries do not have a disposal plan devices. The same fuel they are pretending to run away from will be needed to produce the EV’s and their batteries. Fuel is not going anywhere.

  9. To LUCELEC … before you take on EV’s, please take a look at your HIGH COST of electricity to consumers!! Look at that issue first. More than half of SLU’s population are behind on their electricity bills – because they cannot afford it. Think of pensioners, single parents, young working class people, etc., who now have to do all kinds of “jumping through hoops” to lessen their electrical intake – which is NOT a luxury but a necessity. Shame on you LUCELEC.


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