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Dennery Man Shot Dead


A twenty-seven-year-old man is dead following a shooting incident in Dennery Thursday night.

Police have identified the victim as Navi Jn. Baptiste of La Pointe, Dennery.

According to reports, law enforcement officials received information regarding the shooting at about 8:40 pm.

The victim of Saint Lucia’s 72nd homicide this year had multiple gunshot injuries.

No suspects are currently in custody in connection with the fatal shooting.

There are no further details.

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  1. Phillip my dear what are we going to do you seem to have an answer to every situation on island at the run up of the general elections.

  2. What can Phillip do? People are making a conscious decision to use gun violence to settle their disputes. They have to face the consequences, when caught. Possession of illegal guns for protection and other nefarious motives is the central to the increase in homicides.

  3. What can Phillip do? nada! To me the only entity that could make an impact are cell phone companies, most crime are initiated through phone calls or even texts- I say screw ” privileges of cell phone privacy” for ALL lucians and allow investigators to access all information- what’s there to hide! Thank me later PIP.

  4. PJP what say you now, you are the PM and seemingly showing no leadership while the people are dying at an alarming rate. This National security ministry you’re holding doesn’t make no sense cause you’ve already told us you are not a police but rather your father was, none sense.

  5. @Dennery Section, you ask what can Phillip do? Phillip is the head of the government, so are you suggesting that government can do nothing? Remember that Phillip was there when Kenny had IMPACS that put the police back to the wall. You hypocrite, did you ask what could Chastanet do about crime? Did WE all not take Hermangild as Minister for National Security to tasks? Well Phillip is now Minister of National Security.

  6. There is not enough police to be deployed in every nook and cranny of St.Lucia and police every Lucian. This is the reality. Do you want police to arbitrarily stop and frisk everyone in the streets and police dogs sniffing everyone? The laws are there, enforce them when the violators are caught, they need to face the consequences. I support proactive police practices. Pierre is fulfilling his duties by giving the police the support and resources to do their job.

  7. Well it is what it is. If you think you can drive around with your friends behind ski mask and terrorise people and think you can just go by and smile about it, well that’s where you made a grave mistake. These people have love ones just as you. While the police in their bunkers fast asleep you know they don’t give a SHIT cause they are underperforming and under paid for these kind of stressful job, don’t want to risk their lives for shit pay and hunt bombs like you so you guys take advantage. Well the thing is, you kill just know you will be hunted down with a vengeance and fill the full force of vigilante justice. That’s the only way, for justice to be swift in this country when the magistrates are not straight and the judges don’t give a dam. YOU LIVE BY THE GUN! YOU DIE BY THE GUN! Remember you have love ones to, who wants to paint a perfect picture of your dirty Ass. Case Close

  8. Somebody is miscounting these murders? Don’t seem like we are still only at 72. Porter said don’t report murders report more good news, and if there is not good news? Make up some I guess?

  9. So many persons asking for the government to do something about crime, the government cannot stop wicked people from committing crimes. One of the main reasons why we have so much crime is because it is TOO EASY to commit and escape from the reprocussions of crime. From a risk reward perspective the risks are too low. This is where the government has and is responsible to make changes. Since most people make no recommendations here are mine:

    1. Install security cameras at every main road entry to every district on the island for incoming and outgoing traffic. It might be very costly and difficult to cover everywhere but try to cover escape points.

    2. Make sure there is a secure and updated dna/finger print database for all convicted criminals since alot of crime is by reoccuring criminals. This would also cover their relatives by default since dna markers are similar for family members.

    3. Establish quick response groups in the police department which are stationed with vehicles near know hot spots. Communicating with the head office to make sure they get to the scene as quick as possible because time is very important when catching criminals.

    4. Lock down the scene of the crime and surrounding escape routes as quick as possible.

    5. Tracking devices for persons out on bail for serious crime. And if you are out on bail you should report to the police station regularly.

    6. External agency to help develop better procedures, monitor and work with the police force to minimize corruption.

  10. I definitely think someone or some entity is misleading us for true. We can were at 72, then a man was shot dead on his farm in Dennery and now this one and it is still 72.

  11. @ Oh Really:- non of what you said would stop crime; if crime is non existent, why bother with all the rat traps laid out.
    That’ll never materialize with the bunch you have in Cabinet starting with De Baron.

  12. @The Fox, don’t be stupid. I never said to stop crime. And if you think fighting fire with fire will ever work then you are not that intelligent either. I forgot to mention that the next generation of young adults need to be protected. Young children should not be allow to leave the school system without a decent education.

  13. Here we go again a man and another man in war and one get killed by friend or foe. These are not Radom crimes and are unpredictable crimes, so I don’t know people are still bitching with the PM. The access and availability of guns in St Lucia these days is easy as counting 1 2 3. There are guns for hire if you don’t want to get your hands dirty, if you are at war with someone these days watch it, because this is what it has come down to, this is now the preferred method of settling a personal dispute and this makes these kinds of crimes hard to slow down or stop. No matter what the PM does, he can’t stop the wicked ways of a man heart if he decides he is going to get you.

  14. Why is everyone blaming Philip? He is not the one who had said Kenny could not do it but I will and nothing was done. As a matter of fact everyone knows the escalation of crime started under the UWP. When the young people saw the kind of corruption in the uwp the turn to crime.

  15. Crime will never stop cuz all those who suppose to fight crime are the corrupt ones smh . PjP have nothing to do with that. You give the police information and the next homicide will surely be you cuz they go back to their boys and say you say. Clean the mess in the force first


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