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Pierre To Pursue Legal Action Against UnitedPac Saint Lucia


In a Facebook post dated the 27th of December, 2022 a page called UnitedPac Saint Lucia posted and published serious defamatory statements against our Prime Minister, Hon. Philip J. Pierre.

The post stated that Hon. Pierre “in less than 2 years in government, like his predecessor Kenny Anthony had been awarded a brand new white BWM… and a brand-new house at Cap Estate… by some well-known businessmen.”

These statements are false and made maliciously to damage and injure the good reputation and character of the Honourable Prime Minister, both in his professional and private stations.

It is a fact that Hon. Pierre is the owner of a white BWM sedan which he purchased before the 2021 General Elections and for which he makes monthly mortgage payments to a local financial lending institution.

The Prime Minister does not own nor was he gifted a brand-new house at Cap Estate and has remained a resident at his property in Water Works Road, Castries where he grew up.

These malicious attacks seek to denigrate the unsullied name of the Honourable Prime Minister and will not be tolerated.

The Prime Minister has therefore instructed his lawyers to pursue legal action against UnitedPac Saint Lucia, the United Workers Party, and all other pages which shared the defamatory content.

The public is encouraged to engage in constructive conversations to ensure that government and its policies work in the best interest of its people.

However, the use of propaganda, lies and unfounded defamatory allegations and acts will be defended to protect one’s honour and integrity, especially in the highest public office of the land.

We encourage citizens to act responsibly in their thoughts, words and deeds and to call out all of those who peddle lies and when they do so, cowardly hide their identities behind fake names and organisations.

Former Prime Minister and Member of Parliament for Vieux Fort South, Hon. Dr. Kenny D. Anthony has also indicated that he will pursue legal action against the aforementioned organisations.

SOURCE: Office of the Prime Minister

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  1. Well why don’t we just let all people do what they want in this country…..I guess that you will have something else to say…we have to start correcting wrongs at some point in time.

  2. Let’s pretend that this prime minister has never made untre statement about anyone or anything.
    Give me a break .you people are so one-sided.
    They all do same so put a cock screw in it.

  3. I agree for him to take them to court because the man does not have any white “BWM” that he is paying a mortgage on (4th paragraph of story)…

    Those are all lies against the PM,To embarrass the man like that to tell the world he has a “BWM” smh…If this goes to court it’s an easy victory.

  4. Pierre have no shame??? LOL. I never see a man that like to waste time. Man just ignore the stupid Facebook page, an move along with running the country. GOSH. There are bigger things to deal with. STOP being petty.

  5. I am more pissed that this admin didn’t find or has not found any dirt on Guy and Chas and their cabals. Yol too damn nice! Politics is not for nice guys- at some point you must fight back which is the reason I agree in pursing legal action. United Pac mem- i do beileve these people are being paid to talk crap about people!!This needs to stop.

  6. One day Henny-penny was picking up corn in the rickyard when—whack!—an acorn hit her upon the head. “Goodness gracious me!” said Henny-penny, “the sky’s a-going to fall; I must go and tell the King.

    The Laybar and UWPee misfits have been slinging mud at each other from the beginning of time. This latest character assassination should be taken par the course. The entire political climate has always seem like mud wrestling. Now that Pierre got some mud in the eye he thinks it’s too much to bear. Tighten your belt Pierre and go back to work. Stop wasting the people’s time.

  7. GOOD ! Find something else to do and I know the paid culprits behind it too. Everybody knows The Honorable KDA loves to go to court, you step on his toe and you don’t say sorry you going find yourself in front of a magistrate. Some St Lucians can’t get over the down to earth humbleness and humility of PJP Pierre a local (Black Boy) who rose to the ranks of The Supreme Leadership Party to become the PM of this nation and he is governing for the people not his Cliques and is not over zealous in putting St Lucia growth and development to a point where we have become forever slaves to it’s fiscal development, the working poor of this country have a life too. Those journalistic aspired idiots at United Pac need to be taught a lesson of desecrating one’s integrity and character without reputable
    and pertinent information. These childish pranks are not covered by the act of “freedom of press”. Which is in serious need of revamping in St Lucia too much power in the hands of a choosen few who are of the believe they can govern this country destiny with their own dysfunctional beliefs by publishing their daily repugnant political rubbish. We the people have spoken in 2021 and sure enough in 2025 they will speak again and I am sure as the sun will rise tomorrow PJP will be the peoples choice.

  8. Welcome back guns in barrel or should I say lucian highgrade. You do the same thing as unitedpac, getting paid to come and talk nonsense on social media everday.

  9. Clean record my foot , this administration is no different , the Riviere Mittan bridge collapse and everyone thought it would be a priority for this government given the importance of that road to connect Gros Islet to Barbonneau. It is four weeks and nothing has been done, we were told that there was a bidding process and Gadajah would be constructing the bridge, only to hear that Davis ,pip brother in law who have never built a drain much less a bridge is the contractor. Where is the transparency? I guess friends and family first.

  10. Mr Pierre, are you wearing lingerie – Victoria secret more specifically, boxers or Budgy smugglers? Why don’t u put on a pair on man undies and do the people’s business instead of pussy footing on the country’s business…what a pathetic excuse for not leading the nation when the nation really needs you… Lucia’s frog has truly croaked…

  11. Yall Lucian politicians are so petty. Go do some serious governance instead of wasting ppls time. Sa honte. So mud slinging yall did now you crying. You just start crying.

  12. @0h Really/Same Guy/Iron Tonic/C-WIZ/Stupidly…..on or off the island I always answer The Red Phone. On contraire to your delusional beliefs, I work for one dollar per year for my services and contribute 100 percent of my effort in counteracting your daily rubbish…’s my civic duty to give rebuttals on the misinformation by the enemies of the state. Aruba is excellent this time of year…..Mae Honey you are missing out AGAIN.

  13. I would love for Pierre to take those guys to court. He would just start a shit show for himself. We are living in the age of “Freedom of Speech.” You cannot stop anyone from making statements, the most you can do is prevent the statements from being true. Instead of the shit show you are about to start, prove to SLU you did not receive any gifts from the businessman and the Rep from Gros Islet did not pay his expenses to travel to Quarter. While you are at it, do not forget Hilaire. He has not been forgotten. Prove to us the vehicle he calls his own is not a state vehicle.
    This latest accusation is a reminder and to you Pierre and all your colleagues – If you live in a Glass house you do not throw stones.

    Get back to work Pierre and ensure you put the controls in place to combat crimes in slu. Let your lawyers know about the controls you want to implement. This would be better – instead of your none sense.

  14. It is the right of the opposition to keep the sitting government “in check”. Quite rightly, both parties have been back and forth with each other but for members of the opposition to post such defamatory statements on their web page is beyond careless. If you are going to make a statement of such magnitude, you better be able to present evidence to support your statement. Taking them to court is the legal way to deal with it so let it be done the legal way. The citizens, as well as those in supposedly leadership positions have to be held to account. Everyone wants to do and say as they please, hence the country is in the mess that it is. Lawlessness has many forms. Not just those comitting the homicides are the ones taking the country down the drain. UWP needs to do better. A divided party cannot govern!

  15. If in fact those accusations are incorrect they should not have been made.
    Pierre and his cohorts are already destroying the country with their incompetence, lack of management skills, wastefulness and focus on themselves and what they can garner from having won the elections in 2021.
    Pierre hillaire king and fredericks do not need any help to show st lucians how utterly useless they are.
    In fact these accusations are an unnecessary sideshow giving pierre something to take peoples minds off how he is running the country down.
    Murders rampant, inflation killing us, tourism still stagnant , gas ekectricity water up and employment down and mate want to talk about a BMW.
    We are in clown world.

  16. Maybe we the people should take this administraion to court for their lies.

    “If Elected to Office we won’t stop on going Construction Works” Ain’t that Lies on the people, How many is out of work because of these Lies..smh.

  17. There is a special type of ignorance on the island of Saint Lucia. Why are the people so IGNORANT & STUPID? It boggles the man.

    When a political party make promises that are not kept it hurts no one, you can call it lies or deception but it hurts no one personally, it’s not even a crime it happens all the time in political campaigns .

    If someone makes a false statement about you or a member of the public, which they publish as a statement of fact, and which harms your personal and/or professional reputation it’s called DEFAMATION!!

    So yes PJP should sue their backside!!

    So all you fools calling PJP petty and how they should take the administration to court for their lies etc etc.

    Shut up!! You stupid, you don’t have a clue of what you saying and before you even comment, on any topic you need to read more and understand context.

    Too many of you like to comment and don’t know anything about what you talking about or the topic at hand which makes you a FOOL.

  18. if you don’t stop them now there’s no telling how far they will go to destroy one’s reputation. make them pay for their malicious behavior

  19. @Same Guy you need a wake up call and I hope you really get it . I hope Chastanet and the rest of Clowns contribute to your legal fund for been such a blasted brute because you will need it for deformation of character;or I guess you have it already set aside because when you wrote it you knew what would happen so prepare to pay up. No doubt the Honorable KDA is behind the wheel of this one, sorry I miss that Christmas Brunch. Boss torus chatter here is easy until you stand in a court of law to answer the charges laid out against you. To say the PM has a new BMW all Lucians from all walks of life knows what PM drives by now (not that fancy) compared to what’s on the road here. He does not live in Cape Estates, he does not own anything there and no business man gave him anything for anything the same applies to the most Honorable KDA, I can’t wait to hear what the defense has to say . The defamation of ones character is not covered under the freedom of speech or the freedom of press I don’t who is fooling you.

  20. I read some of the comments and I feel disgusted about these liars. But again now i understand why there are all these crimes in the country. According to some of these people one can say anything on anybody and its ok. Not because your leader is a professional LIAR you ought to be a Liar too. Common Lucians stop been a puppy to a leader. Not all of you are Marvin or Juke bois.

  21. Move this shit from headline .. the same lies can be taken to court when they making false campaign promises… Like wtf.. politics on both sides is like kids fighting for candies.

  22. Saint Lucians enjoy ruining people’s reputations. It’s a by-product of the crabs in a barrel mentality. Surprised it took so long for this son of the soil to get his own fake story. It is ironic that the ones doing the biggest messes are never actually formally addressed. The biggest crooks walk free and the petty criminals get sent straight to bordelais.

    But Lucian people in general just like a drama and when they can’t find something bad to say about you, when they cannot catch you in a slackness, they will just make it up. The worse it is, the worse your success made them feel.

    For a woman it’s usually because of her beauty. If heads turn to look at her when she walks in a room, look problems. The insecure and jealous women come together and quickly spread rumours about the girl, most times claiming she does prostitution or have some disease just to take some of that attention away. If its in a work environment, they try to say she’s incompetent or sabotage her efforts meanwhile the reason the bullies keep the jobs long-term is by sleeping with the supervisor or the owner. Why they bother compete with the fresh face when they already in with the boss, only they know. Everywhere you go you’ll get the same thing. They give the girl stress and then try to copy her style or confidence. Watch them well. Some men when they cannot get her will malpalay too.

    Men back in the day used to fight it out among one another because that fake rumour thing is most times from insecure women but they have a new breed of man nowadays. So when it does happen, it’s usually because of his success or his convictions and it makes other men look bad. Or he gets the type of woman other men want. OR he could unveil somebody’s corruption. They sabotage his business, claim his ideas as their own, alienate him by calling him crazy or when he turns down a woman to stay faithful to his partner, suddenly he’s gay.

    With Lucians you just have to know they like to malpalay somebody they envy or somebody trying something. PJP you have to get used to that kind of thing when you’re in the hot seat.

  23. I wish the PM had the same energy for the criminals, murders, and the ’serial rapist’ we were told are roaming Lucia. Bring that same energy to crime reduction, job creation, economic recovery, education, and ensuring the future of our children.


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