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Female Tourist Robbed In Castries


According to eyewitnesses, a knife-wielding man robbed a female tourist in the Sans Souci area of Castries on Saturday.

Reports indicate that the incident occurred at about 3:00 pm.

“The distraught tourist passed by with her husband. People saw the bandit run past with a long knife. He also had a bag he took from the visitor,” an eyewitness told St Lucia Times.

The eyewitnesses said the victim, who was shaken but uninjured, explained that her bag did not have much cash.

Nevertheless, it contained important documents.

The eyewitness said someone summoned the police, who arrived on the scene shortly afterward.

There are no further details at present.

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  1. Welcome to st Lucia, politicians painting a so nice picture of it. Lucians you all crying, you all have alot more crying to do.

  2. Mr Prime Minister, Mr Tourism Minister we need CCTV cameras along key tourist routes. Let us fund this from the Tourism promotion funds.
    We need more police patrols along these routes, particularly on cruise ship days.

  3. @Freemason think before you post your idiotic comment haven’t you heard the expression “half a loaf is better than none” ??? if someone decides not to work it’s their problem however that doesn’t give them any reason to rob someone especially foreigners

  4. Dem tourist self… me they always looking lost and vulnerable !! Wonder if they act so in their own countries?

  5. This is what happens when you have weak laws…If you start chopping off the hands of a THIEF then the rest what know the consequences; stealing would drastically go down…Same goes for those gun men,chop their hands off; just watch what happens…Still send them to serve their prison sentence after the removal of their hands.Chop it in the square for all to see,murderers should be HANGED in the square as well.

    Ps as long as they are convicted of the crime.

  6. These thugs Should be killed on Sight. .Cctv.Cameras Should be Erected all over St.Lucia .Ask Taiwan. China .Japan .England .France for Assistance to Erect these Cameras .No Minister in Government says Nothing on Crime in St.Lucia

  7. The ‘real problem’along with ‘Freemason’are blaming the victim of the robbery . Another example of the IQ of 62
    Tourists should stop visiting that rathole called Lucia . Especially under this don’t care government .

  8. Everything is politicised.if is not Pierre fault is chastanet fault..I guess cheating is their fault too..these young men just don’t want to work or better themselves.if you steal from them, they will kill you but feel it’s rite to steal from others.stop blaming everything on politics and blame ourselves for the way we raising our Kids.stop supporting them by buying stolen good and calling the Police, especially if they are our Kids.lets start in our own homes.

  9. Very Unfortunate. It’s a black eye on the country it should not happen to anyone one especially tourist when they come here. This is not Germain to St Lucia alone Big island small island this sort of thing goes on, they usually tell you before you disembark to exercise common sense caution when you are on a cruise ship these days. Even in Vatican Square you can get robbed if you are not mindful of your surroundings.

  10. Mark my words….you people are destroying your image as a hospitable and peaceful society….and the tourist dollar u depend on will disappear from your shores and when this happens, you will go even further into societal chaos….sad sad sad…

  11. @c wiz you are on point ….this sad news has already reached abroad. What do you think this does for the image of St. Lucia …??????????very very very sad

  12. Is this government ashamed to put more City Police on the road since it was highly criticized by them when it was introduced by the UWP administration?

  13. i would say don’t blame no one for their action but the individuals to exort his/her unselfish and in coherent behavior had he or she think of the consequences and ripple effect it would have no happen in the 1st place. probably he would have been a tour guide and made more from cost, tips and perks. these vagabonds needs to get off the street they are not dangerous for the island as a whole and international recognition. we hold guyanese, jamaicans DR people who toiled and work hard to make ends meet and we easily ready to shift the blame when they succeed and we little black boys is refuse to go in a school they prefer to go under


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