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United Workers Party Urges Pierre’s Resignation As National Security Minister

National Security has never been a priority for the Philip J Pierre led administration. Firstly upon assuming office and appointing his cabinet, Prime Minister Pierre shockingly forgot to appoint a Minister for National Security.
Can you imagine? This was only remedied weeks later when this embarrassing blunder was highlighted by the opposition. It was then that Prime Minister Pierre added National Security to his list of portfolios.
In 2021, Saint Lucia recorded its highest murder rate with 74 homicides reported for that year under Pierre’s leadership. This record was broken again in 2022 with 76 homicides having been reported for the year.
Since he assumed the role of National Security Minister, Pierre’s only attempts at dealing with crime has been to buy more vehicles for the police and bringing in officers from the Regional Security System (RSS) for a mere 3 weeks.
When pressured by media personnel for his solutions to the crime problem the Prime Minister who is also the National Security Minister consistently responds “I AM NOT A POLICE OFFICER!”
We are only 9 days into 2023 yet 2 murders have already been recorded with daily reports of shootings, rape and violent robberies. How much longer must we wait?
Pierre’s poor leadership, lack of ideas and solutions to dealing with the crime situation, the back to back record breaking crime numbers and his obvious incompetence when it comes to dealing with this serious issue can only be addressed by Philip J Pierre resigning as Minister for National Security.
SOURCE: United Workers Party

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  1. And all UWP wanted and wants to do is to sell the land for Pennie’s to uncompromising radicalizing foreigners Check Cabot surrounding neighbors have been told they only allowed to go to secret donkey beach on sundays, no walking hiking biking access to these beaches as per promised from this company from CasEnBas even so SLP got back 60 acres and queens chain! Who got to go to secret and donkey beach for the holidays……? Anyone outside of cabOt!. Smph

  2. So I was always correct that the number of homicide was higher than the 72. I counted 75 homicides. I may have missed 1. I realised that the authority was not including those who dies at the hospital. Only those who died on the scene. I have been wondering why.

  3. The UWP never even tried to stop the carnage. When you don’t repair things, they generally worsen. The problem with Pierre is that he is afraid to go full throttle on anything. He thinks small, however, he is trying compared to Hermangild. I never understood what Hermangild said behind the mask. He always sounded like he was underwater looking for bwigo.

  4. Didn’t we have 72 homicides in 2022? That’s still not great but increasing the number to make it seem worse than it actually is is just dishonest

  5. We need a better party with fresh minds and fresh ideas. Its the same people doing the same nonesense over and over

  6. demand his resignation and replace him with who or yours? giving politicians power with no tangible demand is like giving them license to collect 5-10 pay checks then you cry and bark when they don’t deliver who cares? money in the bank unconditionally with or without your vote

  7. I am in full support with the UWP, but before this resignation takes effect I need the UWP to tell St Lucians the following:
    1. How many passports were sold during their term in office.
    2. How much money did CHTTI receive from the government and what was the use?
    3. What did the UWP did with the 863 million dollars they borrowed?
    When these are answered Pierre should resignation.

  8. @Person in Castries, the statistics on the final number of homicides for 2022 is correct. Shannon Laborne on Hot 7 before Christmas gave the number as 72 and he called out the name of every victim. Noticably absent from the list was the lady from Soufriere who was killed after attending a funeral and the one from Saltibus who suffered a similar demise as her sister less than a year apart. After he called out the 72, minus 2, there were at least 2 others both in Dennery, one on a farm and the other in a backyard. There is also talk that the two fire victims could be added because arson is suspected. So this figure may even be more. We must be truthful if we want to bring a solution to the scourge that is plaguing our country.

  9. Requesting resignation of PM as National Security Minister is not warranted at this time based on the reasons given by UWP. The PM is addressing the crime issue and equipping the police with the resources to combat crime. I want the UWP to provide some feasible solutions. This is not a problem that can be fixed overnight with a magic wand. There is need for a comprehensive approach to reducing crime.

  10. I and a number of friends did not even know that the SLP leader and PM was to make and then made a New Year address.
    Nobody commented on the contents of his speech except a SLP hack to say Pierre announced an investigation is to take place. Just like their management of St Lucia the speech was devoid of constructive plans and realistic accomplishments.

    The citizens of St Lucia have completely tuned out from these incompetents. All we hear is excuses, lamentations, blame games and how to ‘protect the SLP victory’
    All we see is friends and family getting jobs and contracts, ministers and their civil servants supporters travelling first class here there and everywhere. Hundreds of millions being borrowed and collected from gas taxes and spent where we do not know. Big vehicles and houses being purchased or built.
    Our ports are being sold to foreigners who were being castigated by the SLP just 2 years ago. We no longer get visitor arrivals figures which we know, show tourism still has not recovered from pre pandemic levels.
    With Christmas in the past we are really feeling the inflation with gas, bread, food, local fish and all other prices killing us.
    Castries is now a slum with stalls everywhere and garbage piling up.
    Two murders already for the year and a tourist woman robbed in Castries and armed robbery on yachts becoming a big problem for the yachting industry. Even Rodney Bay sounds and looks like a ghetto on many days.
    Even to go to a beach in St Lucia you look around in fear and when you see tourists wandering around you want to warn them about where they go.
    There is a malaise and frustration throughout our country. Reminds me of the last days of the previous failed SLP administrations as they wandered around with worried looks on their faces , making excuses and blaming everyone but themselves.
    What a hell of a way to start 2023!

  11. It is true neither political party is to be blamed for the dark cloud befallen on St. Lucia the last few years. the random crime all over the Island with less than 2,000 people, ranging from homicide, theft (petty or gross) car accidents, arson etc etc; what the hell has happened to my once quiet, loving, church going people, is puzzling to me. I grew up in a time when there were no jobs, no tourist industry, no hotels to work at, the Banana Industry was all there was; so now we’re in a mess.
    Some wise guy has called for a new Party as though that would work? I may agree with a certain formula – that certain individuals (for unspecified reasons) in both registered Party should/must be outed forthwith; denied involvement in the day to day processes in government affairs, so matters governing the Country should go on smoothly without personal gains and Party preferences.
    Obviously, some may wonder how is this possible in a tight knit Island, that which has never been tried before? IT CAN & MUST BE DONE; the persons, women and men of upright clean and politically void activity are there, the silent, trusted, presentable but well informed educationally are waiting for your call; will the two Parties meet and agree on this formula – only for a term limit for four years without a Governor General – yes you can, try it. I Pray for all the powers in the Heavenly Realm to remove that dark and evil cloud of uncertainty, and bring forth a renewal, a rebirth of a nation, of a people I once knew growing up and being proud of. May the Almighty Bless this Island for a change in direction. Amen.

  12. Resounding gongs or Clangings Cymbals ❓
    Taming the Tongue
    We all stumble in many ways.
    Therefore,if anyone is never at fault in what he say or do,he is a perfect man,able to keep his whole body in check….
    Consider a Ship
    Although they are so large,yet driven by Strong winds….
    For where there is envy and self ambitions, there is disorder and 😈evil pratique….

    Who have lived in luxury and self-indulgence,and have fattened themselves in the day of slaughter ❓
    Who have hoarded wealth and have failed to pay the workmen and workwomen a deserved salary or wage, which have made them slaves donkeys for three cents per hour are crying against you….
    Look ❗
    Their cries have reached the LORD Almighty….


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