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‘Fix The Potholes’


A viral social media post has prompted calls for the authorities to fix potholes on several of Saint Lucia’s roads urgently.

A concerned motorist posted two photos – one of a pothole with water and the other of a damaged tyre rim- warning others to be careful.

“Folks, that’s the result of my wheel last night – that’s the La Caye-Dennery stretch just before you get to the old La Caye police station. And mind you, that pothole is on the dead left side. Please be careful,” he stated.

The motorist said if he had the time, he would have removed the water from the pothole and gauged the depth of the pothole.

The President of the Southern Minibus Association, Marcellinus Faisal, told St Lucia Times that road conditions in several parts of Saint Lucia are bad.

And he called on the government to urgently address the situation.

“Fix the potholes,” he stated.

“From La Caye, you see from the stretch in La Caye to the last ALBA bridge, that road is very, very bad. If the government cannot fix that road, they need to fix the potholes. Your vehicle is breaking down – you are getting flat tyres,” Faisal told St Lucia Times.

“I have seen a lot of people with flat tyres because they go down in these holes,” he stated.

“I believe the government can do better,” Faisal declared.

He said that in addition to the wear and tear to vehicles, the poor road conditions could also contribute to accidents as motorists swerve to avoid potholes and end up in the path of oncoming traffic.

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  1. My My My, Why are we asking a government who’s leader clearly stated that people Don’t Eat Roads to fix roads.
    Continue to suffer cause a people deserve a government that they get.

  2. I concur- The Valley roads need dire maintenance. Hope he gets some compensation for this. Where are the true lawyers when you need them to challenge the government and represent road users. Government has not fulfilled their part of their contract to upkeep our roads that we pay for by this sticker on our windscreens.

  3. I have spent a fortune on car suspension parts over the last few months. I’m so angry.

    Stop protecting the victory. Try protecting car suspensions and their underbodies. The victory will automatically follow.

  4. Lucians just too stupid…yall know the roads in bad states yet endless of them have low profile tires. Yall dont expect yall rims to bend

  5. I too am fed up with the astronomical cost of vehicle maintenance in the last year! We are paying through our nostrils for high fuels costs, high maintenance costs and road tax, with absolutely no relief from this government. At least there should beiestax or duty relief on car parts, tyres, suspension, brakes rims etc! I have spent more on vehicle repairs in the last year alone, compared to that which I’ve spent throughout the lifetime of my vehicle! It’s ludicrous! I HAVE NEVER SEEN OUR ROAD SO BAD and yes, they didn’t get so overnight but the government I voted is just sitting on its laurels blaming the old regime which we fIred because they promised better! Now they are sitting pretty and not making one effort to make things better unless it’s for their FFF. I’m tired!

  6. Well I drive down east coast all the time and yes these potholes take a toll on my vehicle. Apart from that it is very dangerous especially when it rains. The person complaining is very right. From the Fond’Or stretch to the alba bridge is very bad. Sections of the Barre d’ilse very bad. Some areas of Frigate very bad. Please fix de road. All those responsible, do that for the people. Stop the situation of tou par iscy tou parlar, get away sir, un tou a.

  7. @The Most Honorable Lucian Highgrade thanks to people like you the leadership like what we have at the moment keeps on surviving

  8. The millennium Highway is a joke right now it’s full of pot holes and craters and it’s one of the newest roads on the island I think shortcuts where made when this road was laid 23 years ago. Fix it st lucia govt it is not a hood look to all our visitors to St lucia

  9. So can’t the motorist put money together to fix the holes themselves…see what you can do for your country and not what your country can do for you …

  10. We need to strike and demand that the government do their parts. We are paying our taxes to ensure that we get the best facilities. We cannot continue to suffer because of the lack of maintenance on the government’s part. This is OUR country and WE deserve better as citizens. These poor roads are ridiculous and is a major concern for accidents. If you dont know where the pot holes are to dodge , you run the risk of severely damaging your vehicle or worse.. Does the government not care?

  11. On this matter I’ll excuse the government and place the blame squarely on the idiots employed to do Road maintenance. These jokers blocked/plugged potholes on the Black bay highway and the St.Jude h’way just before Christmas. Three weeks later, the bloody potholes are back in business, destroying vehicles. I believe those idiots must be using their tongues to compact the material in the potholes. it’s unreal.

  12. Now you’ll bawling…..Don’t eat roads…..saw our road network was moving in high standard…now we going back to pole holes…smh

  13. The beausejour road is so bad especially by Jag there. The amount of money I had to spend last year on vehicle maintenance is unreal the potholes so deep and wide . I noticed people have been trying to fill the holes recently so kudos to them

  14. St Lucians are of a special class, you had a previous government who seems to be working to give you a world class road network, y’all were complaining saying people don’t eat roads and voted them out, replaced them with a incompetent set of people who are known to be inept/cannot govern and now some still have/find excuses for the very government that’s putting them through hell with unconscionable expenses to fix their vehicles, my goodness Lucian wake up and stop allowing yourselves to be whipped by politicians who don’t care a hoot about you.

  15. i does laugh when i see things like this hit the news of a small rocky island have to experience this mess. put a fish in the hole and make it tourism news and say the economy is growing. let the fools think after.

  16. @Most Honorable,

    Go to Forrestierre from the gnesneau to the very tip… Where concrete road starts, the road and its infrastructure is immaculate..

  17. So you all can afford to buy cars for 300.0000 Mercedes and BMW but can’t put 500 dollars each to fix the roads so it is government that have to build nice roads for you all to drive high end vehicles go put you all money together get a few wheel narrows shovels and spades and start to block the potholes stop depending on government

  18. We just hosted visitors here for four days and during that time they got two flat tyres in their rental car from the potholes- requiring two new tyres from Rasco since they were both tears in the sidewall. This is from only driving, quite carefully, on the highway. Not an ideal way for these visitors to spend their holiday, not to mention the added expense. Surely the road tax we all paying should cover the repairs to the highway??

  19. Broke my rim in that same area. Damage beyond repair. Had to order a replacement. Cost over $2000 for that single replacement. Government need to do something about this. I know I’m not the only one being affected and paying the price.

  20. Those saying that the citizens should put together to fix the roads are the most asinine lot to ever walk this planet. Why bother having a government in the first place when the recourse to our problems is to handle it ourselves. I swear that the accounts saying these things are probably the ministers themselves. Why pay the salaries and put these incompetent people in a positions of power when they can’t even do their job. Lucians will defend to their grave those who throw them a bone because we prefer to remain this backward rock than to move into the 21st century. I love this country but I have to say that the last couple years have been the most regressive that I’ve ever witnessed.

  21. @ Freemason and Fire Burn, your Red Eyes are really on fire. Are you aware that there is a tax on gas specifically for that purpose. Why then should we put our money together to get it fixed again. Just to enlighten you remember during the campaign our PM promised fishermen that they would be reimbursed that tax on the gas because the sea don’t have roads. REMEMBER, REMEMBER, REMEMBER. That was in Soufriere. Helaire also said when they got into office that Lockbox with the road repair tax was empty, but 18 months later he should tell us how much is in it. Gas continues to be sold daily with the tax including to the fishermen.

  22. Past times been spending an excessive amount of money on suspension parts and I really cannot understand why we are paying road tax in st lucia that’s just crazy… tunnel road alone has about 4 billion holes
    Wide craters to swallow an entire vehicle
    But a wise man once said “we dont eat roads” ~PJP


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