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Police Warn Against Obstructing Officers After Viral Hospital Road Incident


In the aftermath of a viral incident involving the police and members of the public at Hospital Road, Castries, the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF) has issued a warning to citizens against obstructing officers performing their lawful duties.

Several video recordings of residents confronting the police have appeared on social media.

But the RSLPF has warned that obstructing the police is unlawful and dangerous.

According to Section 60 of the Police Act, whoever assaults, obstructs, or resists, or incites any other person to assault, obstruct or resist any police officer in the execution of his or her duty, is liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding six months.

In a statement on Saturday, the police also observed that such acts not only embolden criminal elements but restrict the ability of the police to reduce violent crimes.

The complete statement appears below:

About 7:45 p.m. on Friday, January 27, 2023, having received information of persons brandishing firearms and possible assaults with said firearms (imminent gun/gang violence) at Hospital Road, Castries, a team of personnel from the Special Services Unit proceeded to the area.

Upon arrival, the officers observed the disorder and immediately attempted to quell the situation. Whilst doing so, a male proceeded to physically attempt to prevent the officers from conducting searches of suspected persons; that individual assaulted a police officer and was detained by other officers present.

A crowd gathered and persons therein repeatedly grabbed the male suspect, as well as police personnel, in an effort to free the male from lawful custody. Missiles were also thrown at the officers and the police vehicle, which was parked nearby. The team of officers, eventually left the area with the male suspect, who remains in custody in relation to charges of Obstruction, Assault, Resisting Arrest, Use of Obscene Language and Damage to Property.

The actions of the male who is currently in custody and other persons within the crowd, obstructed the police in the execution of their lawful duties. Their actions were deliberate attempts to prevent the officers from finding and seizing illegal guns from persons who were in the area.

It is unlawful for anyone to obstruct the police during the execution of their sworn duty to protect citizens, and maintain law and order. It is also dangerous for persons who engage in such illegal behavior as the police are authorized in law to use deadly force if the situation demands it. It is impossible to achieve our crime reduction mandate without public cooperation.

Such acts not only embolden criminal elements but restrict the ability of the police to reduce violent crimes.

The Royal Saint Lucia Police Force continues to warn persons not to interfere, challenge or interrupt the police when they are performing their duties.

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  1. I watched this video and I was so enraged that I could barely contain myself. I am disgusted with my fellow St. Lucians. There will never be law and order if we decide to harbor criminals. So Sad!!!

  2. So the minister for that constituency hasn’t put Netflix for the residents as yet? If they had Netflix this wouldn’t have happened.

    All Joke aside,in moments like this it’s when individuals try to SHINE in the spotlight…Shout a cuss or 2 after the officers so maybe a fellow ghetto girl might hear you or certain community members might give you props.It’s typical ghetto behavior but these types of scenes don’t play out for any type of ppl you know…If your Name not “Calling” there will be no show for you,most you might get is “Officer what he do?” But from time your name out there you get support from the community…Plus cameras are out so time to put out your best ghetto performance “lights,camera,ACTion”.

  3. Very disturbing video. What a set of brave officers who put their lives at risk to restore order! Bravo to them! This scene was complete chaos. The only mistake the police made was leaving with just one of these idiots. All of those shouting out and obstructing the police should have been taken away to custody also. You’ll lucky the officers exercised a high level of patience with you all. In a place like the US, you all brains would have been blown out very quickly. Bayteez!

  4. Well Folks there you have it… We complain when the cops don’t response to help us and when they do we obstruct them and then we blame the government for the crime rate. Let that sink in our heads for a moment

  5. What I observed on the video and what the report says does not match st Lucia police officers are unprofessional disrespectful and portray the same kind of mentality as foreign police that they are above the instance I saw a rifle pointed at someone s face is that how yall were trained ? I’m not saying the audience was right but there was many other ways to approach the crowd in a more civilized manner to avoid all this. Yes the police was doing their job but looks like they need to be retrained..

  6. lol these are the same idiots that will cry when their family is killed by gun violence and will say the police not doing their work but when the police come and do their work they have all kinds of nonsense to do and say. The police right to mash up yall block yall good for nothing scum bag low life dirty if yall put it up again they should come back and mash it up. Go and look for a work to do.


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