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Chastanet Criticises Pierre Over The Cost Of Fuel, Goods


Opposition leader Allen Chastanet has criticised Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre over the cost of fuel and goods while questioning the government’s declaration of putting people first.

“If the Prime Minister really cared, if he really understood, he would reduce the price of fuel and reduce the rate of import duties to ensure that the wholesalers and distributors pass on the reduced costs to you,” Chstanet said in a Facebook statement.

“That is what a caring and understanding United Workers Party would have done,” the former Prime Minister stated.

According to Chastanet, Pierre fails to understand that Saint Lucia is an export-led country.

And he noted that the Saint Lucia Prime Minister had allowed all the increases in the prices of goods to be passed on to the productive sector and all households, including the low-income ones.

In addition, Chastanet pointed out that LUCELEC, which has a guaranteed profit, is passing on increased costs to consumers.

“All of us have to pay higher electricity bills to ensure that LUCELEC makes its profit in spite of the current economic crisis facing our country. I ask you. How is that putting you first?” The Micoud South MP stated.

In this regard, Chstanet observed that the high cost of electricity and fuel also contributes to costly goods on supermarket shelves.

On his Facebook page, the opposition leader also noted that over the last year, Saint Lucia has become known regionally for having the highest price per gallon for fuel in the Eastern Caribbean.

“Can you imagine that when the price of oil on the world market was US$120 a barrel, we in Saint Lucia paid EC$13.85 a gallon? Today, at just over US$70 a barrel, we are paying a staggering EC$17 a gallon. How is that putting you first?” Chastanet declared.

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  1. Chas, keep the pressure on them. Bring the darkness to light to the SLU massive. However, regardless of how effective you are in the opposition, Pierre did a better job in opposition than you are doing. He talked a lot of BS in opposition and with that he fooled the people. Hopefully at the next election, Lucians elect a leader with a vision and a leader who will move St. Lucia to the next level. We do not need a leader who just makes us comfortable at the current level – we want to move up to the next level and that is what SLU needs. I never expected Pierre to elevate St. Lucia so I am waiting for the next election.

  2. You should remain in the house seating to listen to richard Fedrick’s feedback. You alwsys walk out. And you want to be Pm uh!!

    Is this leadership??

  3. Chastanet is utterly shameless and has demonstrated over and over again to be an airhead. Who ruled, not governed, St. Lucia from 2016 to 2021? Did that person set any precedence on imported goods whereby commodity prices were lowered? In as much as import duties are exceedlingly high, a relic of colonial era domination, no government has every addressed the problem with any degree of sincerity and honesty. For Chastanet to raise the issue, now that he is in opposition, is both duplicitious and disingenuous. Chastanet exemplifies what Sun Tzu affirmed “an evil enemy, will burn his own nation to the ground … to rule over the ashes.”

  4. @Oh that Same Guy Again…I wonder who’s that leader will be that you so yearned for praytell ?? Allen Chastanet lacks all the requisite for sure……i am surprised to hear him mention “the low income ones”, considering he added VAT to non VATABLE items the was established by the Honorable KDA to alleviate hardship on “the low income ones”. Yawwwn ! As usual, his blatant hypocrisy and trying to stay relevant is his order of his day.

  5. There are 2 things I need clarity on:
    1. Chas what did you do with the 863 million dollars you borrowed during your term?
    2. How many passports did you sell?
    I am waiting for the answers while I am on vacation on one of the 23 islands built by ElPirata in VF.

  6. No doubt this government has not given us relief on the cost of fuel like other OECS governments nor like the last UWP government

  7. You are so right,but I guess he has to tax the people for the big loan u left to pay they were the ones who elected u so they have to pay the price little do we no people in this country need to realize that projects governmen under take are funded by loans and has to pay back so when you vote a government out that has started many deferent projects out of office everything comes to a hold up and then we start to say the present governmen is not doing anything don’t forget they have to investigate higher special procesicuter and the list continues

  8. The PM is a career economist compared the Opposition Leader being focused in tourism, I believe I’ll side with the economist over an tourism administrator. For example if the Govt reduce import duties that will greatly lower the country’s revenue, additionally wholesalers will not automatically reduces food prices they will just keep the savings as profit.


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