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Father Claims Attempts To Cover Up His Son’s Fatal Shooting In Laborie


Vincent James claims that police ‘executed’ his son Eric Thomas at a nightclub in Laborie in the wee hours of Saturday morning.

James said although he was not present, another son of his was and reported what happened.

The father was responding to reports that the deceased had a firearm in his possession and a police officer, who was trying to disarm him, was assaulted.

According to the reports, there was also an exchange of gunfire.

“They’re trying to cover up. There was no pistol – no firearm was fired at any police. They had fighting inside the place and when my son was going outside he was shot,” James told St Lucia Times.

He disclosed that one of his other sons at the scene disclosed that after Thomas was shot, he fell to the ground and was shot again at close range.

“When he took the bullet, my (other)son went to his aid. Police gave him another bullet at close range while he was down. Police executed my son. That is exactly what happened,” the father declared.

James said his son died hours after celebrating his twenty-second birthday on February 10.

The deceased was the father of a two-month-old baby girl.

Headline photo: Eric Thomas – Deceased

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  1. The father, the grieving father, I want to hear what some of the other eye witness saying about him. Lets hear it from folks in the club also…. I wonder if we go digging on his background what else would we find out about him. Let be honest lets put all the finding out there in the opening. I mean guns aren’t an issue its the folks who carry them around. Like the old saying goes if there isn’t suitueezs pas ne volier …. really interesting.

  2. There is an audio clip by a supposede eye witness in circulation contradicting the fathers account of what he was told.

  3. Of course you would believe your other son and not be bias (sarcasm). Your son who was shot is/was known to authorities. Why didn’t you help raise him to be a law-abiding and productive citizen? Get outta here with that shit and now crying.

  4. Daddy as anything else son died you will always be on his side is like if you say a video of the truth you would saying was edited.

    Boss bury your son and protect the other… to much nonsense in this place about guns its high time we flip the coin..

  5. I expect nothing less from the father of the deceased. Based on what transpired at that club, the killing of this guy was totally warranted. These criminals do not own this country, we do and the police need to reassert their authority when necessary. Empire 758 has several CCTV cameras both in and out of the premises and I am sure they were functional at the time of the incident. So if I were in the father’s place I would have first asked to view the recordings before I comment. I am sure no police officer leaves his or her home saying that he or she will kill someone today but in instances like this one the end up doing just that – and justifiably so.

    Parents we need to train our children right so can live in harmony with societal norms.

  6. Well I guess night club owners will have to put a couple of securities and a metal detector at the entrance of their establishment to avoid this thugs from entering with any type of weapons.

  7. Awa Papi we’d love to believe you but whenever these young men are killed, the parents always come out and sing the same tune as you. Your son has had previous runnings with the law. It is hard to believe that a police officer would kill your son unless your son was a threat. If you play stupid games, you win stupid prices.

  8. Mr Vincent James people like you are the cause of so many criminal activities in St Lucia. You know for sure how Eric was behaving today you will say he is a good boy. Shame on you.

  9. Them young boys refuse to go and work in the private sector for 2 to 3 EC dollars an hour like the 80 percent work force take for example in la ressource vieux fort cocaine they smoking and stealing plantain and food in farmers garden…

  10. Eyewitnesses are saying he had a gun and fired shots ,yet you who wasn’t there saying he didn’t have a gun….abeyance bon

  11. One thing I notice about Lucians. They love to blame parents for everything their children do. Yes there are parents that let their children do whatever but…

    You think a father or a mother can control a teenager or a twenty year old if he/she wants to be bad?

    I mean young people get influenced at school or in the neighborhood as well. It’s not always the parents fault.

  12. I understand that you are grieving pops….I understand that but cmon! Stop trying destroy our civil stability over your sons inevitable demise with that lifestyle that all of Laborie know about!!! Cmon!

  13. I saw everything from start to finish the young man had a gun and was firing shots, walking on the road with his gun even aimed the gun at the officer. What should the officer do ? Let the man kill him?

  14. Even that he was known to law enforcement.did officers searched him to know that he was armed??? Gunfire exchange where, is it near empire758 or else where?? If officer received injury to his head , did he call emt to assist his wound to the head?? Any firearm found on citizen in slu should placed in a Ziploc for evidence such as finger prints, they should apply this rule…since the officer raised the firearm to show that it was found on the individual, what happens next??? How are they gonna say it was found on him ??? Did eyewitnesses saw the officer took it from the guy???

  15. I Witness everything and there was excessive force by the officers. Also why discharge yur firearm in a crowd when there was no threat, why couldn’t u first identify yourself and stop the fight but no u were drunk and under the influence that yur anger took over u where u stated I will shoot u then proceeded to fire multiple shots after a next guy not Eric!! Eric at the time was across the road and discharged 2shots in the air and placed the gun in his pants but someone else noticed the Indian fella that was with the officer. And the story continues

  16. @Eye witness. Once Eric began discharging bullets he was always going to be a dead man. There is a crowd present. He eh Law Enforcement.

  17. What’s all the hoopla about? You know even if what the father is saying is true then NOTHING will come out of it…Welcome to St Lucia,where politicians do as they please (being as hungry as they are) criminals do as they please paying off lawyers that pay off judges as well.It’s all a game of cat & mouse on the island.Customs officials are never questioned about their lavish spendings on vehicles & jewelry,no audits on higher ups much-less the ones lower down….The circus of the Caribbean.

  18. @ Eye Witness, why does your version differ from Rico’s? Why would someone with an illegal firearm (Eric) discharge his weapon in a crowded area (in the air)? That’s just plain dangerous, foolish and stupid by someone who apparently didn’t have proper training on handling and discharging a firearm, because the round must come down and possibly injure someone.

  19. @eyewitness. So, Eric had a gun; Eric discharged his gun “in the air” according to you. First of all, was Eric licenced to carry a gun? If not, what was he doing with the gun? At the time he discharged the gun, was he acting on behalf of law enforcement? If he were, why didn’t he identify himself? Now if he was not law enforcement, what do you expect lawenforcers to do?

  20. Wow what make you’ll think the other sin is lying were you’ll there . The police have killed so many in the past and planted firearm on them. To be honest I don’t believe the father but again I don’t believe the police either I want to hear from ppl that was present

  21. You was not there but hear the story you giving. First of all what your son doing with a gun in a club? So when he was bursting the shots in the ceiling your other son didn’t tell you that part? When the police tried to disarm him and he pointed the gun at the police your son didn’t tell you that part? But you will come and say they execute him? Smh. The police has a duty to protect him self and people in their surroundings so if your son points a gun at a police officer you think he will just stay there.


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