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Constituency Chairpersons Voice Support For Allen Chastanet As UWP Leader


On Tuesday, a group of United Workers Party (UWP) Chairpersons presented a joint statement expressing support for Allen Chastanet as party political leader.

Angus Jn Baptiste, Chairman of the Soufriere-Fond St Jacques Constituency Group, read theĀ  support statement on behalf of the group.

The statement praised the former Prime Minister’s incomparable hard work and dedication.

“During his tenure as can be seen as Prime Minister and as is well known and over the past years to present, he has shown that his drive, hard work and dedication are incomparable,” Jn Baptiste’s statement, which he explained was on behalf of the Chairpersons of the UWP, said.

“Most of all, we support his political vision and his expert handling of the many issues that plague our country today, particularly with this lame government,” Jn Baptiste said regarding Chastanet.

His comments came amid persistent reports of internal wrangling within the UWP as it heads into its convention in April.

However, Jn Baptiste explained that the democratic process allows for differing views.

In this regard, he noted that internal debate and robust discussion could seem divisive to an onlooker.

But the UWP official noted that a political party is constantly evolving, reevaluating, and reviewing itself.

“If this is not happening, you have a stagnant political organisation,” Jn Baptiste asserted.

“We cherish the values and principles of our party, and even more importantly, we stand by the will of the majority, which is an essential in every democracy,” he declared.

He said the UWP is always guided by the sentiments, wishes, and needs of its membership and makes every effort to obtain their views while professionally representing them.

And Jn Baptiste declared that the UWP is Saint Lucia’s preferred political party.

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  1. If the South Really wants him .what he should do is go up Against the Slp Candidate in the South this Coming Election He would know what time is it

  2. Choops tann!!! Look at these people. That’s if these people consulted the people of the constituency. Sorry for y’all constituencies.

  3. If that bunch of constituency chairpersons really believed that their leader was so strng within his own party, why have this stage-managed show to show support? Convention is in April so why not let the process play itself out? One thing I know is that while the SLP is wanting, with Chastanet UWP is lost.

  4. Mr. Jn. Baptiste we lost the last elections because of Allen , Guy and Dominic. So now we do not want them anymore in the party we will not support Allen as leader he will have us to lost again.

  5. Pip and his mongoose gang should rule you’ll SLPs for ever and let Chas lead our country. The SLPs acting like things so nice under dem criminals.

  6. You’ll party forgot to take You’ll to Dubai last year for independence celebrations. ……#imbeciles.
    You’ll like You’ll roads?
    You’ll like You’ll ports given to foreigners for 30-40 years?
    You’ll like your brand new hospital to be soled and given a death trap?
    You’ll like the fact that foreigners could force St.Lucia to not develop the ports in the south for 40 years?
    ……#SLPs are not St.Lucians!

  7. “Aa, aa” but why is Sir John pic you’ll standing in front of.

    This is hilarious, this gesture stinks of division and in-house bickering.

    The content of the statement and admiration bestowed on the LOO as being a “VISIONARY” is….well each to their own. I strongly believe they were referring to Sir John.

  8. Please stop with the theatrics. This is not a good look. If the man had the support as these people seem to indicate, this charade would not be necessary.

  9. Ah ah Stinger were you living in space when Allen and Guy were in power?
    I feel so sorry for you. Poor jab. Answer one question: How many passports were sold under the UWP? Just answer this and I will shut up.


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