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Shots Fired In Vieux Fort – One Man Hospitalised

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On Monday, a man sustained gunshot wounds near the fisheries complex in Vieux Fort and was taken to the hospital.

Reports indicate that the victim believed to be in his early twenties, sustained penetrating wounds to his upper body shortly before 6:00 pm.

According to the reports, a private vehicle took him to the hospital.

Monday’s incident followed the fatal shooting of 29-year-old Delan Harrow on Sunday night at La Tourney, Vieux Fort.

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There are no further details at present.

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  1. We use to leave Castries and Drive Down to Vieux.Fort for a Lime every weekend .We Ban that too Much Shootings Down there

  2. They are not playing the game right there is a lot of man out there they do not sow but what to reap …

  3. hmm all of them know who shooting who. Who knows the person they killed on monday was the killer of the one that got shot on sunday. all of this is just retaliation

  4. Honestly speaking. Are there more shootings in VF than up north? Really? There is a stigma attached to VF that is unfounded.
    There are murders all over Saint Lucia. No place is spared . From Dennery to Desruisseaux to Mon Repos to Laborie , Soufriere to Anse LA Raye.
    So let us ask for stoppage to all gun violence and stop this VF stigmatisation

  5. There is a stigma alright, and that stigma is St. Lucia; irrespective of whereabout it takes place, it takes place in St. Lucia. It puzzles me that tourists are still coming to St. Lucia. They’re not only stealing from, but killing some good Law abiding folks who have made their retirement homes on the Island. If something is not done soon in Law enforcement Your beautiful Tourist Industry will be something of the past – the word will get around and no one will venture to set foot on your Island.
    Your only hope is in God alone; put the Gun down & take up the Cross and begin to pray to the Almighty in Jesus’ name, calling on the ‘Holy Spirit’ for help. Amen,

  6. @the Fox – you are on target 100 percent. I am not certain if the powers that be are listening or paying attention – but your comment is spot on.

  7. @The Fox tourist will always come here so stop the foolishness……and stop bashing the country St Lucia Love it or leave it; every time there is something it’s oh tourist will not come here. Go look at top bookings for Caribbean vacations, are Jamaica, Dominic Republic, Bahamas and because of carnival Trinidad got a bump, what do all these places have in common, CRIME. What St Lucia has working against it compared to the others is we are just an expensive destination, not enough all inclusive, not enough attractions.

  8. Thank you Jay; the Powers that be are listening because their Mouthpiece is comparing the crime of larger Islands to that or St. Lucia; but the bigger Islands had a history of that. One came here, shot a Lucian dead, locked up in Babonneau, the powers that be let him off, gone back to Jamaica, the ‘Powers’ said nothing up to now. This one on one domestic crime In St. Lucia has begone to spread to white folks, be it visiting tourists or long time residents; don’t think they haven’t targeted local whites. the day that happens, game over you would have pushed the button just too far. The top brass have their means to tell their men to cool it, so does the Police. This is all talk unless we get serious on our knees and call on our Saviour, our Lord Jesus to plead our cause to the Father, to cause an end to this conflict and peace and love one to another, St. Lucia be Blessed.


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