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Saint Lucia’s NGP Concerned Over Nuclear Event In War Between Russia & Ukraine


Saint Lucia’s National Green Party (NGP) has expressed concern about the possibility of a nuclear event in the war between Russia and Ukraine that could likely end all life on the planet.

“We as a Caribbean people must register our complete opposition to this madness,” the NGP asserted in a statement on Thursday, calling for peace to prevail.

“There is no winner in a nuclear war. It is inconceivable that in the year 2023 where we are supposed to be evolved humans, the leaders of the world seem to be gearing up for a nuclear conflict. There are now 8 billion souls on this planet, yet only a tiny fraction of that number desire war. The rest of us just want to live in peace, to just live our lives with our families and loved ones free of war and violence. Yet our leaders are constantly creating conflict, perpetuating the never ending divide and rule scenario, a political tactic used for thousands of years by rulers that ensures that they remain in power forever,” the political party said.

And the NGP encouraged Caribbean Community (CARICOM) leaders to register their opposition en bloc to what the party described as ‘this crazy situation’.

In addition, the NGP called on CARICOM leaders to urge an immediate cease-fire and to bring the warring sides to the negotiating table.

“All of our lives are in jeopardy, yet we have absolutely no part to play in this useless war. Peace must prevail,” the NGP declared.

“Green ideology means peaceful ideology, it means anti-war and anti all violence as a whole. As a result we at the NGP condemn the actions of Russia using brutal force against their neighbor. We believe that the situation could have been handled in a much more peaceful, mature and diplomatic manner,” the party said.

On Tuesday, Russian President Vladimir Putin suspended his country’s participation in the last remaining nuclear arms control pact with the United States.

But Putin said he would not change his strategy in the war in Ukraine.

And Russia’s deputy foreign minister has said that suspending participation in the nuclear arms reduction treaty with the United States will not increase the risk of a nuclear war.

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  1. what they dont realise is like all leaders like sadam and bin ladin and hitler their time must come and will come.

  2. War is eminent it’s big business people don’t understand that. The US has more than 800 contractors in Ukraine. Exxon Mobile stock when thru the roof they won the bid to supply oil for the military equipment over there yeah suckers Highgrade reads and understand your evil ways and buy his slice of your pie while everyone bash Putin and can’t see thru the smokescreen.

  3. This is just another fearmongering article from a ‘concern troll’ “news” aggregator & click-baiter masquerading as a news publisher! No doubt, the headline used comes directly from the CIA!

    Let’s go over the salient fact which this “article” omits: The US is the only country that has used nuclear weapons against civilians (e.g., against Japan using “Fat Man” and “Little Boy” & against Iraqis using depleted uranium shells). The US is the only country that has threatened and continue to threaten to use nuclear weapons against another country.

    This is no war between Russia & Ukraine. It is a conventional war between the US & Russia, in which the US finally understands that it has lost, and so the only way it can save face is to concede using the pretense that it wants to avoid a nuclear conflict.

    For the last 19 years, since Russia left Afghanistan, the US has tried to bait Russia into a long-term war that would make it vulnerable for balkanization and a US hostile takeover of its vast resources for western oligarchs & corporations. Finally last February, their wish was finally granted, but the result was unexpected. With only 10% of their conventional forces, Russia proved after a few months that it could easily win against the Nazis that the US had trained & armed in the 8 years leading up to Russia’s invasion.

    The illegal economic sanctions (a series of 10) levied against Russia back-fired spectacularly. Their net effect was a strengthening of Russia’s economy, while weakening the economic threat (extortion) the US had inflicted on the globe since the end of World War 2. Only the nations (currently 141 mendicants, including St. Lucia) which are still scrambling for the crumbs that may fall from the US table, are so consumed by Stockholm Syndrome, that they cannot perceive the desperation (e.g., blowing up the Nord Stream gas pipelines) by the US to extricate itself from the same briar patch it had prepared for Russia.

  4. These are the begining of birth pains “you (we must be on guard…
    There will be earthquarke,farmine, pestilence and more…
    It is impossible for men to live whithout the word of God…
    He who stands firms to the end will be saved ❗
    So when you (we)see the abomination that causes desolation’ standing where it -does not belong-let the reader understand….
    Signs of the End of Age
    “Look Teacher !
    What massive Stone !
    What magnificent buildings !”
    “Do you see all these buildings ?”
    replied Jesus. “Not one stone here will be left on another ; everyone will be thrown down”.

    Tell us, when will these things happen ? And what will be the sign that they are about to fulfilled ?”
    Jesus said to them “watch out that no one deceives you…
    When you hear of wars and rumors of war, do not be alarmed…
    Such things must happen (but the end is still to come…
    Nations will rise against nations,and Kingdoms against Kingdoms…

    The adulterous generation
    How dreadful it will be in those days for pregnant woman and nursing mothers !
    Pray that this will not take in winter…(men trapped by evil 😈 times ; because those will be days of distress ‘unequaled from the begining, when God created the word until now_and never to be equaled again…
    Let the reader understand !
    If the LORD had not cut short those days,no one would survied…
    But for the sake of the elect, when he his chosen,he has shortened them…
    So be on our guard ; I have told you everything ahead of time…
    And the gospel must first be preached to all nations…
    Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will never pass away……


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