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Another Fatal Shooting In Vieux Fort

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Police are investigating another fatal shooting, this time on Martin Luther King Street, in Vieux Fort.

According to reports, it occurred at about 6:55 am on Saturday, the latest in a spate of deadly gun violence in the community.

Residents described the deceased, Eustace Roland, as a ‘peaceful’ individual related to a male who succumbed to gunshot injuries on independence day.

Roland sustained multiple gunshot wounds.

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There are no further details at present.

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  1. He was a.Peaceful guy .Give the Police information as to Who Did the Shooting .The Hot. Line is 555.

  2. Please people if you’ll know who is doing this for the safety of you’ll family and the country please tell the police silent is not working

  3. Ooopps another one bites the dust and of course it’s Kenny’s fault they will bellow. Go down by the market people out and about everybody just minding their business. I am at awww with this code of silence.given how Lucians love to chat. Like I said before don’t excite yourself the weekend is not over yet there is more to come this has nothing to do with politics.

  4. It is sad what’s happening in VF. I am calling in on the government to shut down VF and conduct some heavy searches. Any and everybody should be searched.
    Mary Francis what is your say on this.

  5. The stray dogs that destroyed the turtle eggs on Vigie beach should be put in VF so they can take a Bite out of crime.

  6. Like I said this will continue over the weekend and spread across the Island. Informant already did their job now the hitman is on prowling for his contract killing. Police cannot be on the spot on every occasion. Curfew is imminent since one location has being targeted it also show what area seems to have been the core area for criminal. Locked down the area and bring in dogs and metal detector to find the weapon hiding spot this is how you will know if tie shooter is coming in and execute then move.

  7. People don’t worry. PJP has spoken, Kenny is saddened and the commissioner has read a message prepared for her. The criminals will stop. Don’t worry. Considering the PM and the former PM have spoken. They all gave resounding and inspiring speeches as usual.

  8. This Lucian Fraud guy is so red eyed he said that people are going about their business in Vieux Fort. There were no more than 3 vendors by the market this morning. The usual people all around the roadside was conspicuously absent this morning. Most of the stores and restaurants and bars were closed. People like him were the ones who had an issue with the lockdown 3 years ago because it was in Chas reign, today the hooligans in Vieux Fort shutdown the town. Over to you and your jackass theory and biasness.

  9. The seeds for a “Failed State” have been sown! Unless Fair Helen is made to change course now, it will arrive at where it’s headed!

  10. Them kinda of heavy artillery’s I see shanty town people have. How people eh get that yet to send over to the Ukrainians idk. Shanty town have more artillery than the battlefield in Ukraine.

  11. Could u imagine if this had happened under UWP?you cant say anything about the dirty SLP on this news site. you are censored while the island itself is bleeding to death!! vieux fort vieux negre should be ashamed of themselves making the area a battle ground!!Vieux fort barely awake, the town is dead of economic activity and you old dirty cochonies doing this!!! Are these people following some sort of directive at the top that may not even reside in vieux fort cause this does not make sense otherwise!!

  12. The police needs to take back the community and help the citizens sleep in peace. I have not witnessed any shooting or killing but all those who witness them are saying who the perpetrators are in post, on their chats, everywhere. The police know as well and I think it’s time to do something.

  13. So happy I got transferred from St. Lucia .
    This SLP govt is incapable of managing the country.

  14. They does arrest the bosses in Castries but in VF seems like they afraid of the bosses or their bosses👀

  15. wait but to me the only person who got killed on independence day was that OTF guy in Soufriere, correct me if am wrong

  16. Ma Malay….. No two men were killed on Anse does Sables – shot behind us. We were tourists in your country. Never again. We could hear gunfire from Shanty town at night. Many more murders followed. Your police need army support to take back Shanty Town. Maybe British government was not so bad?


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