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Police Request Public Assistance in Locating Man Charged For Illegal Firearm, Ammunition Who Escaped Custody

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Police have appealed for public assistance in locating a man who escaped lawful custody on March 29 after officers arrested and charged him with possessing an illegal firearm and ammunition.

A police Facebook post identified the escapee as Earlton Perineau of Caye Manje, Gros Islet.

The post asked anyone with information regarding his whereabouts to contact the Gros Islet police station at 456-3830.

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Persons with information may also call the Crime Hotline at 555 for anonymous reporting.

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  1. Why does he need to return to police custody when he will be released on bail soon anyway?

  2. @terry just for escaping custody when he is taken to court to answer to his crimes it dont look like he will be granted bail cause if they grant him bail he will try to skip the country. if you already escape police custody what else you wont try to do?

  3. Although I commend the efforts of the force all I hope for and ask is that they continue this trend of showing the faces of criminals including those wreaking havoc as 1st offenders, repeated offenders and notorious criminals. Pros? The public becomes more aware of who is/are the criminals that live among us so we can have a better approach time safe guarding our lives etc. Cons? Less brazenness for the criminals in their endeavors.

  4. How did he escape custody? Did he dig a tunnel under his cell at the police station, that led straight into the sea by Rodney Bay? Just asking on behalf of a friend.

  5. Good job for posting the picture. I expect to see the photos of all those wanted for the atraucities committed in Vieux Fort last month.

    But the bigger issue in all of this, HOW THE H— was he able to escape Police custody? Is this an inside job? A thorough investigation into this escape should be conducted and the report made public. For crying out loud … La vay la mains sweyae ateh

  6. That fella is hiding in somebody house until the moment he managed to elude port police and go to another island. Also he can pretend he broke down at sea to concealed his identity in a bid to leave the island.

  7. @Terry @ Ruckus and @ Truth Be Told – you all make some valid points in this forum – what the heck is going on in St. Lucia — Helen of the West ????

    I hate to say this – go check the family homes, his posse, gang bangers, his girlfriend etc etc. – they may be hiding this “very good boy” ????????? who never bothered anybody under their beds or mattress.

    Not sure if there are laws in St. Lucia for “harboring a fugitive” – mwee meem.

  8. Over a year ago a Jamaican shot a man to death in Gros Islet; while he was locked up in custody at Baboneau, he was able to escape, disappeared and was able to reach Jamaica. It was reported that he tried again to escape by bribing the Guard, was found out and the rest is history…….the system of the crime business is ‘do or die’ so take your pick. Don’t do and come home to say you’re sorry; then you’re dead. How was this Jamaican able to leave the Country? how much was someone paid? these questions will never, never be answered, but this is the St. Lucia of today.

  9. Very well said on previous comments. He is already on bail, he just has to send in his $3,000-$5,000 cause that’s what they would charge him anyway. He’s lucky he is not in the U.S, where he would have to pay a fortune. If you want to get away easily with a crime, St Lucia is the HANCHO. Commit, arrested, bail, continue the same routine, wait a lifetime for a court hearing, serve a meagre 5 years, then back on the streets again to continue the process of unfinished business. “Need to learn to lock them up, throw away the keys and let St Lucians walk the streets without fear”

  10. Why he escape custody….why not an internal investigation….Smh in the hiegths of all what’s going on criminals escaping custody……I believe he got good police Connections….aint stupid…find him don’t ask for help…you guys know where he is att

  11. To me I saw the video and yall did not arrest him, so how come he wanted now? Make it make sense rslpf

  12. That’s the only time yol know when to post criminal name and face for public to see! All year is ” man with NO name arrested with an AK47″ . What a system of deceit!


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