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SLP Demands Apology From Allen Chastanet Over ‘Non-Entity’ Comment


The Saint Lucia Labour Party has stated that it is disturbed but not surprised at the continuing disrespect for Saint Lucians displayed by Opposition Leader, Allen Chastanet, when he called a young female entrepreneur “a non-entity”

During Allen Chastanet’s rebuttal to the Estimates of Revenue and Expenditure 2023/2024 on Thursday March 30th, he brought to the attention of the House, the sale of property to a young woman, whom he referred to as a non-entity.

He said, “First of all, Mr. Speaker, to have sold that land to a non-entity.” He then repeated, “a non-entity, nobody knows her. Who is she?”

It was this same Allen Chastanet who took to the air waves and when asked about the cause of crime, blamed single mothers and stated that they were breeders of criminals.

It was this same Allen Chastanet who called Saint Lucians “mendicants, barking dogs and jackasses”, who has now, once again, exposed his lack of respect for the young women of this country.

A Labour Party government, as part of its core value of inclusiveness, has stated on page 27 of its 2021 manifesto that: “a Labour government will support and encourage efforts by individuals and groups to reduce and hopefully, eliminate any form of discrimination on the grounds of gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, and political affiliation.”

Yet again, the leader of the United Workers Party continues to embark on his chosen course to destroy the self-esteem of our people.

The SLP demands that the former Prime Minister does the honourable thing and issue an immediate apology and retraction of his disrespectful statement against this young woman.

SOURCE: Saint Lucia Labour Party

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  1. HIPOCRITE!!!!!! When Claudis Francis and RF apologizes…FOR YOU’LL KNOW WHAT THEN WE WILL ALL SMILE….

  2. See am not a fun of their politics, but I wouldn’t expect anything good coming out of this animal’s mouth but carbon dioxide. His buttom does the same as his mouth.

  3. Wishful demand. Chastanet has consistently showed that he has no respect for us,St.Lucians,and wants us to submit to him. He is slowly drowning himself in his own Poison.

  4. SLP is looking for browny point, the cultural behavior of Lucian’s is that they tends to interpret things the way they sees it fit for them to bark at. They are more important issues rather than these petty foolish behavior l. Fix the effing road, health care and crime.. that’s what hampering our progress. You people bread is well buttered, non important things y’all still get paid for it.

  5. Chastenet despises poor and working class people. The only Lucians he cares about are the ones who purchased their citizenships

  6. Why does the SLP continue to be so dumb. Remember, the area that was sold was prime property for business.

    Non-Entity- a person or thing with no special or interesting qualities; an unimportant person or thing.
    “a political nonentity”

    They have, for political reason, grab onto the second part of the definition. This lady the land was sold to, for nothing, was unknown in the business sector and that’s a fact. What was her known interest as a St Lucian? NONE as in “Non- Entity”

    Are we that silly. So SLP thinks.

  7. Well well well Tropical Trump has put his foot in his mouth AGAIN. You know the saying the higher the monkey climb……….. Personally I am not surprised at his tone and rhetoric this is not the first time Tropical Trump as insulted our Black Women , he has insulted our Black Single mothers from a foreign soil a few years ago (fact). They were call degenerates just for being Black Single and poor like the majority of West Indian women of single households. Then he went on to calling St Lucians Jackasses” they brae too much” the man just like his operatives cannot help themselves……it’s the Massa within them. And And St Lucians want him back.

  8. Nonsense from a government that has yet to decide how or where to lead. This continuous foolish prattling instead or leading is getting old. Put St. Lucian’s first and stop with your foolishness.

  9. Nonsense. Distraction tactics. Smoke and mirrors. Has he SLP just sold prime public land for less than half its value to one of its campaign financers ? Is this just before handing port Castries over to Global Port Holdings? Was this land advertised? What was the sale process? Blatant corruption and an obvious manipulation of crown lands for personal profit. Could you imagine how many houses for the maleway could be built for the true value of the land. However that is not the agenda just old fashioned bobol. And please don’t talk about Cabot which was private lands in receivership sold by a bank to a private developer. Cabot was offered for sale by the receiver for over 10 years. Where is the usually outraged Looshans Hunte? Where is Janeka? Your country is being raped. Shows the ethics and morals of the investigative journalists.Faux nationalists enamoured by a bunch of deviants parading under their red flag.

  10. This government really thinks that the majority of Lucians are Jackasses. There is no need to even attempt to explain what Chastanet said and meant. A clear case of a government appealing to its illiterate supporters. How sad.

  11. Slp why not apologize for the pain and suffering ya’ll brought up on the people of this country

  12. This young lady is not poor or a master entrepreneur. She is the daughter of someone who has received countless direct awards of millions of dollars from SLP governments. An individual who is a multi millionaire and party supporter. Has this individual given ministers money or built structures for them free of charge. The lands could have gone to a housing cooperative or a residents investment group. Maybe a sea side park for La Toc like Serenity Park. Maybe a fuel station for Castries fishermen to free up the land next to fisheries. A play park for children. But no it goes to millionaires who have reached that pinnacle with many questions asked. The SLP and its ownership of a few corrupt press individuals however choose to change the narrative to criticize Chastenet’s diction. The Special Prosecutor needs to investigate this sale and track its funding and eventual sale. The Special Prosecutor also needs to investigate the sale of crown lands and their subsequent resale during the 2011-2016 UWP administration.

  13. I hold no brief for Chastanet. His stint as prime minister exposed him to be incompetent.

    Having said that, the SLP is trying to distract the people from their dismay performance since attaining power, by taking an innocuous comment made by Chastanet, and totally distorting it. Their efforts prove them to be nothing but mischievous, noxious, toxic and small.

    The SLP is preying on the ignorance of the simpletons who shockingly support these miscreants in high office. St. Lucia is suffering from rudderless leadership at present.

  14. You know what pisses me off is everyone who is trying to legitimize Allen Chastanet Slackness. Stop trying to legitimize what was said when he has a TRACK RECORD of saying stuff like this against poor people. It’s not about what Cluadis Francis said, this is not about what Richard Frederick said, it’s the CONSISTENT RHETORIC from the mouth of an individual who is the leader of the opposition party seeking to govern in this country. No this is not “petty foolish behavior” that should be brush under the rug AGAIN . An apology WITH EXPLANATION should be issued to the young lady, she is not an ‘ENTITY” she is a person. He should be intelligent ( should be) to use other words or phrases to get his pont across. He is TWO FACE he gets up every day and bellows against economic injustice against poor people but yet from his Massa mouth bashing underprivileged black women he needs to apologize NOW.

  15. High time slp stop believing we are still ignorant fools they take us to be. We can use the definition of non- entity is the right context. Maybe once upon a time we wouldn’t be able to but our new generation of kids are teaching us now. Your tactics are stale now and no longer work. Rise up and smell the coffee. I only have distain now for a party I once put my life on the line for. Peace and love

  16. The big picture: This looks like the common practice of moving land ownership further away from the true owner.

  17. non-entity or phantom; a common practice in laundering. Similar to shell companies – all usual parts of corrupt schemes.

  18. This request for an apology is nothing but a distraction. To keep us from the fact that the SLP says one thing in opposition and acts differently in office. As many persons have asked, was this lady the most deserving for this opportunity? I think we all know the answer to that question.


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