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‘I, Allen Chastanet, Am A Saint Lucian’ – UWP Leader Accuses SLP Of ‘Blatant Racism’


United Workers Party (UWP) leader Allen Chastanet has called on Saint Lucians not to fall for the racist pronouncements of the ruling Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP).

“I, Allen Chastanet, am a Saint Lucian. My family has been here for more than four generations. My wife’s family has been here for multiple generations,” the former Prime Minister told a news conference.

He said for the most part, his children grew up in Saint Lucia and he has worked and invested in Saint Lucia along with his family.

“So this idea of how we are going to define who is Saint Lucian. Who? Who is Saint Lucian?” The Micoud South MP said.

Chastanet said he takes great pride in being a Saint Lucian and would not demean the country or its people.

He recalled that he has promoted Saint Lucia and Saint Lucians at every opportunity.

“The reason I got into politics is to ensure that more Saint Lucians are given the opportunity to fulfil their dreams,” Chastanet told reporters.

“Now, when I hear the labour party wanting now to question who is Saint Lucian by the colour of their skin – racism. By religion and whether in fact they came from a particular economic sector of society. According to them ‘ Born with a golden spoon in their mouths’,” the UWP leader stated.

Chastanet said Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre came from a ‘good middle class family’, although Pierre might not appreciate it.

“Both his parents were employed. One was a teacher, one was a policeman and he benefitted personally because he got to go to university,” Chastanet noted.

“He has now become Prime Minister of this country and that is a good thing,” the opposition leader declared.

In addition, he observed that many Saint Lucians are not black.

“They are Mulatto. They are red-skinned – they are light-skinned like me. There are Saint Lucians who don’t speak Kweyol, like me. Does that make them less Saint Lucian?” Chastanet told the news conference.

He called on Saint Lucians not to fall for the politics of the labour party, noting that when he or his party bring up policy issues, the response is racism.

“That’s what it is. It is blatant racism on their part and I will have nothing to do with it,” Chastanet said.

But he said he would not hold back from saying what has to be said in promoting good policies for Saint Lucia.

Headline photo: Allen Chastanet addresses parliament (Stock image)

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  1. yes uh racisim but but the spokes woman for slp want to say is uwp that calling piere monkey if if they did call him that in smart and they took it to be very disturbing so what is they take on this its the same thing they did so its basically the pot calling kettle black

  2. I agree with you sir. Yes you made mistakes as a prime minister which I hope you have learnt from but this group of slp are not fit to run st. Lucia. I am happy that doctor Anthony did not join that group a man I have great respect for even though he made mistakes too. Pip and company are there for themselves and for the upper and middle class and of course their FRIENDS. What makes I a family? Likewise what makes you a st. Lucian? My daughter is a born Lucian where her grandmother aunts 95 percent of the time speaks patios. She is 23 yet cannot speak patois well nor understand many things said in patois. I guess that will determine she is not a st. Lucia. Pip and company start working for Stlucia. Stop giving jobs to your friends and offering handouts in the form of only step to the low class. We put you there believing you were better than uwp only to find out you guys are the worse. I cannot wait next election to help put you all out. Now enjoy the two year you guys still there and remember 2 years now is like one year. Govern and stop trying to distract us with your stale tactics. Hon chastanet tell it as it is for when they were in opposition they were doing u the same especially pip.what’s good for the goose is also good for the gander. Peace and love

  3. I tell you boy …. That man is a fighter, although all the BULLIES are against him but he eh backing down . Lolllll 🤣 . I ❤️ This man .
    What did the toilet bowl said to the toilet ????
    I see shit everyday but I don’t take SHIT.

  4. There is subtle racism that comes out of SLP…sadly. They have used this tactic over and over which doesn’t bode well for my beloved country. Chastanet is of mixed parentage. My grand relatives knew his grandmother and where she lived in Castries. His grandmother was a Black lady. I firmly believe that anybody should be able to run for office. Disable, Shabin, Black White, Indian etc…once they are capable. No one should suffer harassment based on race or other bs.

    Pierre’s story of a poor, little, Black boy from Marchand becoming prime minister is in itself another joke. More bull. How many White boys came from Marchand? The closest thing out there to White (according to my sources) were the Mondesir family, Dujon family and Clavier. Let’s not forget before Pierre, there was George Charles as the leader of the country. He was born poor.

    Stop the bs that make St. Lucians hate each other. A good team is always better than individuals grouped together. I’m not a fan of Chastanet, but my disagreement is based on policies. It will never be about anyone’s biological inheritance.

  5. Where is my comment ?
    My comment will not make the ex pm win or lose u know ……
    No fear .

  6. I’ve been waiting a long time for someone to raise this ugly head called – racism. Will someone tell me why in a Caribbean, so mixed racially, and has been for so long, why at a time such as this, enjoying the fruits of a better education than our ancestors, why should anyone sink to the basest level in referring someone as a – this or a that – [ dear Lord people are people ] when will some of us rise from our primal level and as Christians, accept each other as brothers and sisters, as Christ would prefer us do. Our neighbours in the various Islands have been laughing at us saying, we do not know how to govern or run our Country; but let me as a St. Lucian say, ‘ its time to grow up ‘ stop this silliness about race, none of us are pure anything. [ be blessed this week and beyond ]

  7. It takes a racist to know racism ……. Allen you are Lucian by your father being a st Lucian……. You are not a born st Lucian and that is a fact…… Your mother is Irish if I do recall…… Allen you have nothing in you that makes you a negro……. That is a fact…… Your linage is pure European…… That makes you a white man…….

  8. Kenny Anthony would never join such a criminal cabal. He has integrity. As for the lawless currently serving under the guise of government,. And u know why they are attacking Chastanet? They know if there is one prime minister where they will see some serious jail is under Chastanet.

  9. Allen are you not the same man that told an international TV crew you are a Product Of Canada…. I guess you were not proud of your Lucian heritage……… Allen where were your children born again?????? You love st Lucia my foot…..

  10. Gutter politics by the SLP. There is no room for such in Saint Lucia. There are many paths to becoming a Saint Lucian – the latest two being, citizenship by investment and honorary citizenship. Imagine that. And yet SLP has issues with identifying Chas as a Saint Lucian. We are all Saint Lucians and whoever has a positive contribution to make to push this country forward should be welcomed.

  11. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha hahaha haha…..the proof is in the pudding WHICH HOSPITAL WERE YOU BORN IN ST LUCIA ??? PROVE IT ?? BIRTH CERTIFICATE PLEASE ??? I you are aSt Lucian SPEAK HER NATIVE TOUNGE Like the present PM and ALL THAT CAME BEFORE YOU ?? Don’t listen to That God is Love Character his upper lip is stiffer than an ironing board so we know why is daughter can’t speak her NATIVE TOUNGE that’s nothing to be proud of ITS UNPATRIOTIC YES I SAID IT. During you raign of terror DiD YOU NOT PLEADGE AN ALLEGIANCE TO ANOTHER COUNTRY OF WISH YOU RESIDE after 2021 ass whopping YES YOU DID. YOU ARE NOT A BORN SAINT LUCIAN SIR .

  12. @Poule Poo Poo ….. STOP YOUR CRAP ! Was he born in SAINT LUCIA ?? WHERE ?? WHEN That’s the question at hand don’t come here with your song and dance NOBODY CARES ONLY YOU NICE TRY ON THE NON INTELLECT you are not FOOLING ANYONE with that wishy washy story WHERE AND WHEN THAT’S IT !!!

  13. If Allan Michael Chastanet wants to shut up The SLP get your birth certificate present it to your paid operatives in the media and that would be AN INSTANT SHUT UP WITH AN APOLOGY (we are not like you) END OF STORY, but that will NEVER HAPPEN. WHY ?? YOU ARE NOT A BORN SAINT LUCIAN SIR.

  14. On a serious note people . It’s true that creole is part of our culture but most of our children don’t speak or understand the the language. My children don’t speak nor understands creole . So if creole is so important let’s take it to the other level.
    One love ❤️

  15. Allen you hate St Lucian. The young lady you called Non entity is a Cepal and Boulai first cousin. At one time she was said to be the daughter of this notorious UWP hack George Eugene. Now you have all of us to know that you hate us. No more for you Allen.

  16. I dislike educating the reluctant, uneducated. At Chastanet’s birth, if your father was a St. Lucian citizen, then the child was automatically a St. Lucian. I believe the law was changed (subject to correction) since then to add the mother. if the mother is a St. Lucian, that makes the child a St. Lucian.
    An child can hold several citizenships, all depending upon their parents. The parents merely need to file documentation to formalize it.

  17. I’m assuming that’s the reason why carnival cruises not coming to st lucia because of their racist remarks

  18. Does he has dual citizenship? He openly said he is a product of Canada. So is he a product of St. Lucia?

  19. Let’s not pretend that racism just began with the SLP. It has always been here and it is still here today, even though it is slowly fading away. People judge and accuse others of racism by what they say and do. The x pm have said and done enough to be judged a racist. “Birds of a feather flock together.” “Show me your friends and I will tell who you are”. Racism should not be condoned at any level.

  20. For those of you forgetting history. It was the whites who brought the blacks as slaves to this country. so if you think that he’s not a St.lucian baced on lineage then none of us are.

  21. This guy… His has just posted racist posts comparing the current PM with a monkey. Now he is crying about racism towards himself? You said it yourself you are a product of canada , you kids are in Canada right now. Stop the gaslighting

  22. @Poule Poo Poo Fire on your analysis the ONLY amendment that should be done pass a Law that you must be A BORN SAINT LUCIAN to run for HEAD OF STATE . No other country in the world allows this you must be mad. I must investigate because I can’t believe we would allow this SLP HELLO. Ted Cruise a senator in the US wanted to run for president but it was revealed he was born in Canada he had to BACK OFF THAT. No pal your BELLY STRING MUST CUT HERE for you to be PM NO EXCEPTION . If we don’t nip this in the bud we can nominate anyone to be our NATIONAL HERO keep feeding your crap to the non intellect.

  23. @Women’s Strength…..are you proud of yourself ? You should be ashamed of yourself for your CLASSIST and RACIST ways of which you brought up your children as a St Lucian . OUR NATIVE TOUNGE IS NOT A BADGE OF SHAME IT DEFIES US AS PEOPLE AS SAINT LUCIANS IT’S THE MOST UNPATRIOTIC THING TO DO AS A ST LUCIAN I can’t see the proudness of this and here lies the generational problem and stigma in this country that started from home by the parents such as yourself. WHAT IS THERE TO BE PROUD OF ??

  24. Anything for “de patty.” I meet those fanatics and I choose to not to engage them. They can easily drain your mental energy and make you question why life is so unfair. Their rhetoric can be numbingly insipid.

  25. Hon. Chastanet needs to stay on message and outline his vision and proposals for St.Lucia. Stick to the critical issues and stop trying to play victim of St.Lucian racism. He and his family have historically been the land owning , business owning and elitist class. He was born into privilege class. UWP has to address the relevant issues.

  26. How can you be serious about calling yourself a St.Lucian and you DONT speak creole. Four generations and you never learned the language of the people???? A JOKE


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