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Chastanet Responds To Allegations Of Corruption In His Former Government

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On Wednesday, former Saint Lucia Prime Minister Allen Chastanet responded to corruption allegations during the time his United Workers Party (UWP) was in office.

Chastanet addressed allegations levelled by the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) against him and then Economic Development Minister Guy Joseph.

He spoke after a caller to the DBS Television programme Newsmaker Live asked why the SLP had not hauled both men before the court after two years in government.

“There is no evidence,” Chastanet asserted while accusing the labour party of hypocrisy and inconsistency.

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“The fact is that they had two years. When they spoke in opposition, they spoke categorically, meaning that they spoke like they knew the corruption was taking place, where it was taking place, and that they had the evidence,” the United Workers Party (UWP) leader recalled.

The electorate voted Chastanet’s government out of office in July 26, 2021, elections.

The SLP won by a landslide.

“Why is it taking them so long? It’s not that I am in a rush. But I know that procedurally, we did everything right,” Chastanet declared.

“If you want to question policy, I am here. I always made myself available to answer to the policies of my government,” the Micoud South MP explained.

However, he said there were significant allegations against the current SLP administration for which there has been supporting evidence.

Nevertheless, Chastanet disclosed that the SLP had turned a blind eye and treated the people of this country with the greatest disdain, disrespect, and arrogance.




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  1. SLP insults the intelligence of St. Lucians on a daily basis and they treat everyone as if they are illiterates. First they try to make the public see the hospital as a box then they take everything said against them out of context and they explain it the way it works for them. This is so insulting and only the low IQ Lucians accept and acknowledge their nonsense. I actually witness Hilaire trying to explain the “none entity” phrase said by Chas and it was just a disgrace. What made it worst, he was in parliament explaining his nonsense. A guy with such level of education can actually insult people’s intelligence and then they wonder why SLU is in such crisis.

  2. Significantly he said “there is no evidence” not that the acts were not committed.
    How does he explain the excesses such as a £2000 a night hotel room? He is too impatient Special Prosecutor has to do his job.
    Anybody who has a modicum of knowledge will acknowledge that mismanagement and possible misappropriation of the country’s revenue did occur.

  3. You read it here. After 5 years of SLP and Special Prosecutor there will be no case or evidence of corruption by any member of the UWP govt. We Lucians will gladly vote back in PJP because we will all in the coming years receive handouts to cut grass etc. and be made to develop a hate towards the white man. Inflation will continue, jobs will almost be non existent unless ure a Hack or the son/daughter of a hack. Remember this. In the meantime do what i do continue to listen to the distortion of Richard while he makes himself the victim, listen to our PM talk ….. whatever language he does and observe the silence of KDA, Prospere, Mussahh, Alva and Girard. Enjoy Lucians, Enjoy.

  4. Honestly i didn’t read the article because i knew i would get the point from some of the comments

    This is so insulting and only the low IQ Lucians accept and acknowledge their nonsense.

    @SameGuy I totally agree with you.

  5. Wow you said it right. In the coming years some will still be given handout to cut grass while people like you are given the thousand dollar jobs. Why accuse the uwp of only seeing to their people when I guys do worse. The same applies to slp because in their case they only give the behind the scene hacks and friends the big jobs. The sad thing is you guys accuse uwp of things say that when I all are in power things will change but to my disappointment it remain the same. I was a supporter of slp. I will not vote slp again not sure of voting period but I am one who dislike dishonesty and I dislike the fact that u accuse the uwp uselessly when u do the same.the word non entity can be used in different context and frankly I have no idea what you all problem is with the way the opposition leader used it. He who is without sin cast the first stone. I hope we Stlucia an are getting wiser and I hope we pray that god send and choose a proper leader for us. A bless Easter to my fellow Lucian’s whether you are here by birth, marriage. Adoption. Neutralization whatever the case maybe. We are one family. Peace and love

  6. Mr. Chastanet has a limited understanding of what really constitutes corruption. Transparency International reveals that corruption under the Chastanet administration was at an all-time high. The results are on a scale of 0 (highly corrupt) to 100 ( very clean). St. Lucia under the SLP government in 2016 was at 71. Meanwhile, under the UWP, Castanet-led administration the corruption perception index plummeted to 40 (serious corruption problems).

    The evidence is glaring but does the SLP have the courage and political will to pursue Allen Chastanet like the USA seriously is doing to Trump? Mr. Chastanet is simply grandstanding. He knows very well that any serious prosecutor can nail him easily. Case in point, why were multimillion-dollar contracts awarded without a competitive bidding process? The Rodney Bay Rehabilitation Project. Why was $7 million given to a non-pharmaceutical company to obtain covid-19 vaccines? Chastanet’s egregious financial practice makes corruption look pale in comparison.

  7. @ Ras . Well said and the list can go on and on. We need to make an example out of Chas and Guy. But there are more culprits.

    Indian health personel paid 1mil a month……for 2 years????

    Dahier Mall contract ????

    A restful weekend and lets wait to see indictment take its course.

    This guy is doing his own distructive best to remain relevant…


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