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Toddler, Grandmother Shot Dead In Vieux Fort


A toddler and his grandmother succumbed to gunshot injuries on Saturday night in Vieux Fort, pushing the homicide toll for the evening to three.

Shots Fired In Vieux Fort – One Man Dead

Emergency personnel from the Vieux Fort fire station responded at about 9:37 pm, finding that the two-year-old had ‘negative vitals’.

According to reports, the grandmother succumbed later.

The fatal shooting of the child and his grandmother occurred at the ‘Mang’ in Vieux Fort shortly after a man died in a hail of gunfire at Cedar Heights, Vieux Fort.

Emergency responders rushed to the area after receiving a call for help at about 8:30 pm.

But the man died at the scene, littered with spent shells.

There are no further details at present.

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  1. We are going to pay for this blood shed of this child , we may not want to hear but we will pay. PM there comes a time in our life where we come into our own and fill our shoes (metaphorical) . I have given you enough god damn time. It’s clear you don’t have the fire under belly. What happen to draconian laws. Make that CCJ decision count. Let’s start making them exhaust their 3 appeals within the 5 years.
    And let’s start with cop killer. Send a clear resolute message.

  2. It is true…innocent blood screams for vengeance. Whoever did this curses his own self.

  3. “ There are no further details at present.” – of course not. How can there be anything further when there is no eye witness. The police had no other tools right now to continue the investigation. Everything must look like a nail if the only tool you have is a hammer. So sad for this family especially the 3 year old – surely he did not deserve to die.
    Let us wait to see how long it will take out leaders to give an address. Of course no one is blaming them for the crime but we want to know what is next. Like I said before, there is work to be done. Thanks to the RSS – unfortunately their approach cannot be sustainable and was effective to send the criminals into hiding. This gave the criminals enough time to recalibrate and by the looks of it they are more efficient, determined, dangerous and they have a new group on their radar – toddlers. How sad and heartless ?
    We need preventative strategies on the island. We cannot wait until the criminals to act and then we react – wrong approach. Obviously, the RSS do not have that skill set. They are more confrontational and that makes them very short term. We need a group with a skill set of intelligence collecting , monitoring, interception if we are to win the war. The current strategy do not work and it was proven on Saturday – time to recalibrate like the criminals. The international world is waiting to help.

  4. Let’s be realistic. If a criminal has a gun and is dead set on killing somebody, he will do it. If the would-be killer cannot get his intended victim and decides to go after that person’s family, unless he tells someone else beforehand who convinces him not to do it, or tells the police, that shooting cannot be prevented. These murderers are banking on either not being caught or if they’re caught, the worse penalty they can face is life imprisonment with 3 square meals a day at the expense of law-abiding taxpayers. It is time for Operation Restore Hanging.

  5. I have said it and I am surprised of the retaliatory shootings….. especially when funerals don’t keep yet when emotions will run high. Certain people had run away left their cars and homes they come back here because they heard the RSS is here only add fuel to the fire. People need to STOP blaming the he PM, he has done and continue to do his best, he brought the RSS in he gave the police enhanced power and equipments he has been on the ground but you have vagabonds who are determined to settle their score and disrupt the peaceful quality of life of V-Fortians.

  6. As I have said, the Police job is for after the crime has happened. It’s sad but all this .. about gvn Police vehicles is just playing politics with Lucians. The only thing dem guys care about is Protecting the Victory. NO WORK, NO PROJECTS, NO NOTHING for the past 2 yrs.

  7. It is with a very heavy heart that I comment this day for we as a people have witnessed a heartless, cruel beyond measure, act of violence. One in which a animal, disguised as a human being could have shot an innocent two year old child more than four times all because his father is suspected of killing someone else. What did that toddler do to have deserved such demise?

    And my PM’s response is to flood here with RSS officers. All this response will do is suppress the killings but will not deal decisively with the issues and put a stop to this carnage. Why can’t the government deal with those gangs once and for all. Why can’t they bring maximum pressure to bear upon the gang leaders? Why can’t government put we the people before votes? No! They won’t because their sole interest is winning elections and the gangs have in the past, assured them of that victory.

    So all the gloating about RSS being on the ground and would deal successfully with the problems in Vieux Fort have been blown with the wind. So while the police holds ground and push back on the criminals I hope, only hope that the government puts aside its arrogant rhetoric and deal effectively with the root cause of the issues in the town. Where are their short, medium and long term strategies for the town. Where is the employment creation. What are they doing to save the younger generation to prevent them from joining and continuing the gang culture in the town. What are their plans for development in Vieux Fort and environs? Or have they concluded that the town is not salvageable and therefore should be abandoned as it is not suitable to be part of their developmental thrust for the island?

    The enactment of new legislation will not solve this problem but I can assure you that proper governmental, social, educational and developmental programs, will.

  8. A long predicted situation is occurring. It had been building for quite a long time, but authorities were contented that it was Martinique’s problem. The scale of criminality was only a concern for voices in the wilderness. Roadside checks which is the bread and butter of security was hardly conducted. No one was curious about what was transported. Enforcement of laws were non-existent. The chickens have come home to roost.

    A hat trick of ineffective commissioners and security ministers have brought us to this point. One of them, his masterstroke was to cancel all police leave. Along the way, we had Peterson, of City Council, who was a plus for security despite his flaws. Pierre’s claim of being tough is no laughing matter, in view of what’s happening. This is the very least he is doing.

    Being tough starts with ending the revolving door that allows gun criminals bail. Pierre has not understood the implications of letting those characters out. While he is dabbling in security, things continue to fall apart. My advice, get a Caribbean national from outside the country to administer security. In other words, an untouchable.

  9. Intervention of RSS merely represent a peak in operations. A security organization cannot peak forever. It’s expensive to peak…increased salaries, equipment, manpower and logistics. If the mission is not accomplished during peaking, then what?

    From reliable sources, I learned the operation was conducted badly. The targets were given ample warning to relocate. A few fishes were caught who had nowhere to go. The cream of the crop is still circulating. Among them are crooks on bail. Why does this bail. Familiar story

  10. The most important message in all that is transpiring before our eyes is that for much of humanity, this weekend is suppposed to be a highlight of the season that reminds the human race that God gave his “Incarnate Life” (Jesus Christ) on our behalf so that whoever believes (i.e., accept this wonderful truth by faith, then repent, and turn to truly live a life of love for God, and love for one another), will be afforded eternal life– and escape eternal damnation!

    My fellow Saint Lucians, there is no way out ot the road to hell or damnation EXCEPT TURNING TO JESUS CHRIST! That’s the message in all of this tragedy.

    Take it, or leave it. The choice is yours.

  11. I will continue to blame the magistrates for the gun crimes. All one will hear in the court is ADJOURNED. Court begins at 10 am and ends at 11. Every case whether the person pleads guilty or not is adjourned.
    What’s about all the previous gun cases? Not one has been dealt with. Shame

  12. Since we can’t sweep Vieux Fort for the illegal guns, and how about a 7pm curfew for an extended period of time.


  14. Roar


    Roarrr I say..

    That’s all the lot of you keyboard warriors angry folks do….just talk…. express outrage…. express disappointment and disgust…. that’s all you do…and silence yet again.

    Keep your views to yourself…it does absolutely nothing in curbing the reality of the situation. Just keep quiet.

    @truth be told…

    Tell the average little chap outside with his friends on the road trying to figure out how to eat and still bring food for his siblings and his mother simultaneously to turn to the lord…open your damn eyes and realize how much of a farce you have lived….go ask your frequented church for a loan to patch your driveway…a loan to open a stall to feed the area…then get back to me….you brainwashed simpletons

  15. If the police was Dealing with persons having Unlicensed Firearms in their Posession Just as Jamaica all that Foolishness happening in St.Lucia would have Stopped .This is Really out of Hand and it will never Come to an end .When Rss leave St.Lucia all He’ll Brake loose.Modern Technology where are the Cameras .Police will never Get eye witnesses install Cameras every where in Bruce Ville .Shanty town and the Mang along the Road to Laborie also the Road to the Airport

  16. What happened to this town? Was it during the dsh deal?? Why all this bloodshed and harden hearts?? What is this town paying for… What is happening the spiritual world over this town?
    Lord forgive your children.. Give us another chance…purge this place of all demonic altars and inequities..Forgive us

  17. TJ. Lets go one step ahead …We need to amend the constitution in order to neutralize the 5-year crap and to state that the penalties for murder are outside the ‘Cruel and Inhumane’ nonsense. We also have to pass legislation shielding the deliberations and decisions of the ‘Mercy Committee’ from Judicial Review. The current Parliament was able to amend the Constitution a few weeks ago with quick dispatch. Lets do it again . Joe Criminal must be stopped. ‘Because sentence against the murders is not executed speedily ( in fact the murderers are allowed to enjoy life), therefore the heart of the sons of men ( the heart of the murderers and the rest ) is FULLY set in them to do evil. Ecclesiastes 8:11

  18. This menace will never end unless you do the right thing. Your neighbouring Prime Ministers and their fellowmen are all laughing at this administration saying, ” you don’t know how to run a Government”. What a joke, you keep borrowing RSS men while the Judges you appointed are making a fool of you. The same ones on Bail are the ones committing all that crime. There’s one answer to this menace and none other – Hanging and a good whipping – this will never happen because the will to implement it is not there. So next Easter week we’ll be around to witness the same ol’ , have a nice day.

  19. @Odd, in the age of technology the keyboard and social media are mightier than the sword.

  20. Finish it all is the approach for the gun holder mercy on the innocent and this is sending a chilling message to the citizens of this island. Our crime fighting unit is not competent to do as the meaning of the word. I called for a total lockdown of certain area with needle searching but this doesn’t seems to fit anyone mental capacity so deal with the consequences. Shame on those vagabond to kill the youth.

  21. What is the root of all these killings?All if us know but we seem to be turning a blind eye to it. It is the Marijuana and cocaine. What do we do about it? Nothing.

  22. To Odd, who belittled someone who says look to the Lord for the way out of this mess….Maybe the biggest help for the kid who gets involved in crime to help his mother and siblings is….WHERE ARE THE FATHERS who sired these kids? Why are they not Raising and Supporting their children and babies’ mothers by MARRYING them and being REAL MEN in that way, which is looking to your Lord for answers in how to live your life….
    Wouldn’t that be something positive to do for all of us?

  23. If they enact a minimum wage . I am sure that the criminals will go and throw their guns in the fish pond and go and work for 10 dollars an hour to buy their house, car, land and send their children to university and even invest in the stock market like the rich thieves who control the system

  24. hi

    I am not from here but I have and this senseless killing of the grandmother and 2 yrs old grandchild is really bad. People need to speak up and never assume that there is no one who does not know anything about it, whether it’s gang-related, payment to a loan shark, gabbling, drugs, or whatever the family member of that mother and child knows something about and refuses to talk. I have learned that someone always knows something.

    An innocent child lost his/her life for whatever reason and can’t live his/her life to even make a difference in your country. It’s sad and I wish the family members condolences and that the country finds justice for the family as well.


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