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Antigua & Barbuda Police Departing For Saint Lucia Urged To Be Professional

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Seven members of the Royal Police Force of Antigua and Barbuda who arrived in Saint Lucia on Saturday to assist in the battle against crime received a departing admonition to perform their duties with commitment and professionalism and be ambassadors.

The seven officers expect to be in Saint Lucia for three weeks in the first instance.

They have joined Regional Security System (RSS) ranks already here in response to a request from the Saint Lucia government after a spurt in deadly gun violence in Vieux Fort.

The ranks from Antigua & Barbuda and a contingent from Barbados arrived amid a new deadly gun violence spike that claimed the lives of  four individuals, including a toddler.

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The two-year-old and his grandmother were shot dead in the Mang, Vieux Fort on Saturday evening.

And shortly before that incident, a man succumbed to gunshot injuries at Cedar Heights, Vieux Fort.

Hours later on Sunday, a 47-year-old-woman, identified as Nicole Charles succumbed to gunshot injuries sustained at Bruceville, Vieux Fort.

Headline stock image courtesy RSS Facebook page: Saint Lucia’s Police Commissioner Crusita Descartes-Pelius administers the oath to RSS Officers who arrived in Saint Lucia in March.  

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  1. Unless you all prepare to spend some serious money for undercover work, regardless of who you all bring that shooting will not stop. Within the police force someone is a snitch or some bottom house discussion is leaking back to affiliates of the criminal. Also the bail that magistrate are imposing is also putting people life at high risk

  2. I don’t think you’re serious about this matter. People are dying like animals, and instead of being serious and fight fire with fire, you’re robbing little Barbuda & Antigua of thir seven Cops? I really expected a contingent of some Bad Ass tough guys from Jamaica, Trinidad and Cuba, but I’ll have to wait for the next bloodbath. I guess we’ll never learn, and it hasn’t dawned on us to realize we are dealing with gangs of diabolical animals with no respect of the things of the Devine and persons who respect Divinity at a time such as this. I urge everyone concerned to pray, pray for each other and for St. Lucia.

  3. My problem is the fact that we keep the bad guys informed of out strategies or our next move, total jibberish mi yute!

  4. Si pa ni sitiweZ par ni vorleh. Those who refuse to give police information will sadly pay with their life

  5. This Vieux.Fort Fort Crime problem Started from years ago and the persons involved in Crime Fighting allowed it to go over the Boarder Now it’s over too late to Handle .Politics Caused all these Criminal Activity and Corruption

  6. They refuse to enact a minimum wage so that the criminals would throw their guns in the Castries harbour and the fish pond in vieux fort and go and work for M&C home depot, hotels, and security companies

  7. RSS alone cannot work. Bring in the army, navy seals, marines, so that our entire island is covered by air, sea and land at any given time. Instill cameras in all hottest spots on island . Bring in drones and work alongside all telephone and internet service providers to be controlled only by military personnel . Do not disclose any information to the public, concerning arrival or operations or execution of plans of the above mentioned. Only then will we prove that we mean business.

  8. I have to just shake my head I just come from town check two partners police all over it’s nice to see I don’t feel afraid people are out because WE GET iT it’s REPRISAL taking place not random shootings. Some of the nastiness you read on social media about the town it’s unbelievable like decent people don’t live here. If this is a crime spree how come nobody is getting rob ?? Any business getting rob ?? NO. People dropping like flies on Clark Street NO ? Certain family’s and factions are at each other’s throats that’s it. All the police has to do is reel in certain people they have the info and bring back the peace. My only concern is when or after funerals keep emotions will run high and people might take matters in their hands and officers must go to those funerals.

  9. @jah jahfree,tell them again . The simple man got more brain them. And you expect to fight crime?

  10. i just want to say one thing, to the police officer that was in plain clothes by himself on the road the day he tried to stop the former police officer and assaulted him and spoke rudely to him where were you when these other people got shot? the job you had to do in keeping people safe you could not do it but you want harass someone because they didnt stop because you asked them to and they had all right not to cause you were in plain clothes and there was nothing there to indicate to civilians this was a so called police check point. What yall have to do yall not doing it at all but just want to abuse your authority on the people that actually uphold the law.

  11. wow a baby got shot and his grandmother. if none of you come out to speak and say who did this and who have guns around the area you people are really si tu wez. Cause most of you know who the criminals are and refuse to say nothing now people are shooting babies

  12. Hmm kenny famous words of Vieux Fort south will have no rest and no peace is coming back to haunt them. What he professed is coming to pass

  13. Our Caribbean neighbours need desperate help. St. Lucia is so beautiful. Visitors and Investors may be concerned to visit and invest in St. Lucia. How can I helped.

  14. We know what to do, we have done it before. Send in some trained soldiers they can even be foreign, some mask and high powered firearms. Take them out, and this time when that lawyer start talking about civil rights please tell her to shut instead of supporting the nonsense.


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