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Woman Shot Dead In Vieux Fort

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Deadly gun violence in Vieux Fort continued on Sunday evening, this time claiming the life of a woman at Bruceville.

According to reports, the woman, identified as Nicole Charles, 47, sustained gunshot injuries while lying on her bed.

This was the fourth fatal shooting in Vieux Fort since Saturday.

On Saturday evening, a man succumbed to gunshot injuries at Cedar Heights, and a short time later, a woman and her two-year-old grandson were shot dead in the Mang.

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  1. What is the motive for all these shootings?
    Is it for woman, drugs or just jealousy? Do these criminals belong to gangs? When police takes action people getting on. But still they complaining nothing is being done.
    Pat Banan, Larry ,France and the others talk to your group.

  2. What the hell is going on in the small town of vieux fort where everybody knows each other . Those killers need to be taken down …

  3. Let me repeat: The most important message we can take from all that’s transpiring before our eyes is that there is no hope for Saint Lucia but to humbly repent, and turn to truly live a life of love for God, and love for one another. We are doomed with the world unless we turn to God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength! Yes, there is no way out of the road to hell or damnation that we are on EXCEPT THE PATH OF JESUS CHRIST!

    SO, SCOFF IF YOU WILL, Take it, or leave it. The choice is yours.

  4. May the supreme god of host , come back to our sweet st Lucia to take care of this precious land . It is never to late , nor to far to switch to the light , put good over evil, light over darkness , positive over negativity, love over hate . Turn away from anger. My condolences to the grieving families . Rest In Peace .

  5. Wooooooooooooow this is out of control
    Someone please help these people in VF I thought they had police officers patrolling VF WHAT THE FORK!!!!!! are they hiding

  6. PM PJP and PM KDA have been representatives for these two trouble areas for over 26 years, ask them what they have done to fix the social issues there.

  7. I’m sorry,but we’ve got to get tough on all infractions of the law. Big or Small. The little leads to the big. Also, going after the small fries solve absolutely nothing! The fries are all replaceable! The honchos, living at Cap, Bonne Terre, Rodney Bay, etc, etc, are profiteering off the blood of the guilty as well as the innocent. They are also, lawyers, businessmen, politicians (both red and yellow), etc. etc, etc.
    Container loads of drugs were “intercepted”, what has happened? Zero! Barrels of Canabis were Intercepted, what has happened? Zero! Appliances containing drugs, what has happened? Zero! But if a pleb is found with an ounce, he/she is hauled before the courts. There seem to be two sets of laws. No wonder the country is the place where it is. And by the way, it is sad that the footman are not seeing that they are being used. Sad!

  8. @truth be told.

    Please go to vfort and spread your word.

    Be sure to head into the hot spots and speak your mind… What you’re saying hold zero ground on here…it’s useless.

  9. The government and the law is not doing nothing but say RIP
    The authorities need to get the gun laws change and send a more stringent police response. These elements needs to be canceled when need to have them in prison. useless to society. lets start getting the criminals take the trip to haven Pleaseeeeee!!!!!!

  10. RSS making no dufference alright. But the RSS cannot take the lead cuz they’re not familiar with the environment, and as such, they must take cue from the local police.
    If the local police are scared to be counted or heve connections with the barons and don’t lead them to the heartbeat of the problem (the drug lords) for fear of reprisal or itherwise, then we only spinning top in mud, and the problem will only escalate when the RSS leaves.
    It therefore of utmost importance that the police hierarchy weed out the traitors and cowards within the Force as early as possible, if this carnage is to be stopped.

    Additionally, the Police command should reassign the VFort contingent of the SSU to Castries and replace them with a contingent from Castries. They should also consider disguising themselves when they go out on raids


  11. Now what’s Pierre’s next move? Escalate the already escalated crime Zone? And talk some more gibberish.

    Pierre you have clearly failed in your superficial attempts to deal with the problems in Vieux Fort. It’s now time to reach out to the opposition party and form a committee comprising representatives from all political entities and civil society with the sole aim of coming up with answers and solutions to the problems in Vieux Fort – for if you don’t, and soon, this disease will spread like wildfire to other parts of the island, forcing you to declare a national pandemic.

  12. love the comment to humble and repent but the criminals have to be sent to haven the hard way. Needs the fire!!

  13. People need to speak up VF People like to mine people business BIG TIME i am getting ear full all weekend long who ran away and left what who went up North who went to Martinique they know everyone business go and talk to the police they all over the place like ants or call crime stopper if you care so much “about your family”. These are not Random shootings it’s “selected”.

  14. Y did chastenet say if the DSH project went on this would not be happening. Was there an either/or chastenet? Was there a spiritual deal made with dsh because you were 10000% sure it would go one. Was vf given up as a sacrifice? Is the devil using the weakest links (gangs) in vf for the manefestation of what is owed? Lets pause and think about this.
    I am not politically affiliated with any party.

  15. We now know RSS was not a solution. The approach was merely a band aid in the absence of the rightful strategy or solution. The criminals will not be defeated unless there is a working strategy in place with the men and women in uniform. Adding more vehicles is still not a strategy. It is just a tool and if not used correctly it will turn into a suicidal weapon to the police. The word “HOPE” is also NOT a strategy either.
    We need to understand the behavior of the criminals and the way of life. At this point in the game, there is work to be done and pointing fingers at each other will not help us in defeating the enemy.
    The criminals are smart and organized. To defeat them you need to be better than them. As you can see the police is always behind – they react. They have no proactive strategy in place to prevent the criminals from acting.

    Those criminals must be using the internet, cell phones to communicate. Is there a law which prevents the police from tacking their form of communication. FLOW and Digicel are available with all the data and communication history.

    This approach which can easily be success needs to start with the hiring process. They need to stop hiring high school drop outs. The standard practice of the police should be much hirer than what it is today. We need folks who have an appetite to learn and basic knowledge of technology. Stop hiring the police who cannot learn new stuff on the job.

    The police needs to start to work with FLOW and Digicel to get information on those criminals. If their line of communication can be blocked then we can slow them down. They do not congregate anywhere so they must be using cell phones or the internet. There is a commander in chief in that group – the commands come from the top. Let us interrupt their line of communication.

  16. Don’t start another ORC run or start hanging these ppl, and talk about patrolling with no killings. Nonsense

  17. St lucia times why are you hijacking people’s comment’s there’s nothing to hide everyone knows what’s going in VF instead of hijacking why don’t you say something about the situation in VF when things happen in America all major networks will put out a statement about whatever is happening NEW YORK TIMES THE WASHINGTON POST (ETC ) why aren’t you putting out a statement on behalf of your network condoning what’s happening in VF SMFH

  18. Apparently the target are females perhaps they were around or they probably informants where info is leaking back to the killers. Serious undercover works needs to be done with high tech relay communication setup but none government will have the money for such as it is always the cry and whichever government is in power the economy is always growing.


  20. Karmic this is happening in the constituency of the MP who sold out the cops of ORC in IMPACS. Chickens coming home to roost.

  21. Nothing new here. New to our shores yes I will agree, but those acts have always been. All what is happening a is remarkable representation of their ability to use their mind (albeit negative) to transcend the violent processes. What we need to do likewise is to trascend the solution because there exists a method by which to solve it. Question: are we bold enough to implement it ? It definitely requires unconventional thinking and more bloodshed. Are we ready for it ? Innocent lives may be lost in my approach but it will be a lasting solution to the crime problem in VF. I say once more developed minds need to occupy those chairs and not passive ones!

  22. The system refuse to enact a minimum wage . The young people will not go and work for 3 EC dollars an hour

  23. I can ensure you if the police goes hard and make a statement bring in some of them elements ice cold. Then let the fight be with the police. Every young person do not want to do this for a living. Eventually if the numbers keep shrinking away there will be a better route to control the situation. Success is never an easy road and dealing with criminal cannot be nice and cute. NOPE !!!

  24. ELECTIONS NOW!!!!! CALL ELECTIONS NOW!!! Pierre and the whole SLP need to leave office ASAP! and while Vieux fort burn to the ground the most the St lucia times can do for the people of St Lucia is to block comments!!! GO SLP!!! LEAVE OFFICE!! DEMOTE YOURSELVES! OUT NOW!!!

  25. You can’t bring back a mother, a father or an innocent child once they have been murdered by a gang member because they couldn’t get the real target. Right now this war is beyond normal because everyone is going after the families just to make the other know how it feels to lose their loved ones by the gun when they had nothing to do with it. We The People of St.Lucia, The People of V-Fort, The Rep, The Police, The Community, The Warring Factions, The Governments, The Prime Ministers had a chance to deal with it early while the pot was just place on the fire and we did or said nothing NOW IT’S BOILING OUT OF CONTROL we want to call RSS and everyone to help. Deal with things early before they destroy The Nation and that what’s going on now those guys are willing to destroy everyone innocent or not and there might even be innocent people who have lost a family member in that taking up guns to do work to make people to know how they feel. I feel sorry for everyone but things should have been handled earlier RSS can come laws can be changed and the murders will continue. I don’t like or condone it but that’s how it’s looking.

  26. People mad that pjp chass rss kda cannot stop this! Why can’t you all understand that evil is far more powerful and deadly than what these men can do for us in VF. We need divine intervention…I blame the mothers and fathers of these sick bastards for not teaching them God..for not teaching them to be humble with love!!! It’s not too late….share love…love one another as christ showed Haile Selaiise preached….as Jehovah did…as Allah commanded….as Ghandi preached
    …as mother Theresa lived. One God…..good over evil every time!

  27. I brought peace to Vieux Fort without killing anybody. PJP you blew your trumpet much to early.

  28. This went on for too long and now all He’ll Brake loose .pllitricktians.Magestrates.Lawyers.police hav to be blamed for this Criminal Activity in St.Lucia

  29. Enforce the conspiracy to murder charge. Get the “bosses” in the pen. Then catch the muscle boys. Make dem squeal on a plea while on remand. Drag the case no bail

  30. I know the girl they killed Bruceville……I know her mother for years nice lady very honest people these people are not mixed up they are just poor. She was in her home not on the street it’s reprisal and they knew she was related to that’s why they went after her……I am just praying for her mother I hope she just try and keep low and don’t become a target.


  32. Lucian Highgrade boy you know too much and not sharing it with the right authority. I don’t know people’s business like you but I know this lady has a son who was shot a while back and is now a vegetable. She was the one taking care of him since he can’t do a thing for himself. I wonder what will become of him now. Over to you Mr Rep to find him a caregiver.

  33. @Emma… you only heard what chas said but not what Kenny prophecis. Chas was referring to work… VF was going to be so busy with Pearl of the Caribbean. Unlike the curse kDA said let me remind you of the words..”there will be no peace in VF South. We fight them in the streets, in their homes”. I hope you didn’t forget this curse selective memory Lucian’s.

    Politicians are destroying are island. Too much corruption!!
    Parents take back your responsibility and take charge of your kids. If you can’t do it at home allow the teachers to discipline them pleaaase!

  34. Put out a press release and tell all 180k lucians ( Cell phone owners) that their cell phones are being tracked, calls being listened to and messages being seen by special agents….then see what happens!

  35. Truth is to go after the big boys would mean that the big wigs in society will have to be charged. SLP have no backbone for that because they are part and parcel of the problem. So crime will not stop in st lucia anytime soon. But Chastanet would not care and he would have jailed them. keep them in the pen in Bordelais and extradite them to the US. This is what the jamaicans did to many of them who were in control and doing crime. they let them face the bad boys in US prison for 50 years. now dem fellas cannot handle US prison. u all doing the nonsense already! and on top of that you all killing people left right and center again!! but u people have no sense anyways, no use warning you all! u people will continue doing what you all feel like until several prisoners take a pass on your bam-bam in US prison for the next 20 years if u all last that long there!

  36. If the comments section is reflective of us collectively it’s no surprise we are where we’re at. As a people we lack basic analytical skills.
    The PM may not have said it eloquently as some would have liked but essentially he is correct when he said his primary role in this is to provide resources. That being said he provided a fleet of much needed vehicle ….He brought in the RSS..He enacted legislation extending the reach of the police . It is disingenuous to even imply that he has done nothing. The focus really should be on the uses of the said resources by the RSLPF. Do you guys expect PJP to back his shirt up and do the police job? If anything he should only demand positive results from the commissioner or have her replaced if results are not met within a reasonable time-frame. It is good that the police presence was boosted in VF but those strategies typically work best with coverted operations. In short there must be intelligence pointing the police in the right direction with incentives such as plea bargain arrangements for miscreants and monetary for average Joe’s. Let’s not forget the much needed socioeconomic challenges which seem to fuel such lifestyles. The whole idea that the opposition (Chas) holds the answers to this predicament is asinine. Wasn’t it under his watch in 2017 everything went haywire? How quick we forget .

  37. @Trend you are Lucian Highgrade who would be busy blaming Chastanet if the crimes had happened under his watch. But since its your corrupted party where the fish starts rotting from the head, you come up with a million excuses that basically does not mean sheet. Your party is corrupt by its very make-up, it cannot solve crime. it will not solve crime as evident by the violence in VF. This was a sleepy town before your party came into power. This type of thing at this level has never happened in Vieux Fort before. I agree that Chastanet does not have all the answers. But Chastanet will be more willing to pass some of you along to “outside justice” for crimes that you people have committed for your own personal gains and ego. The Head of the criminal organisations must be cut. but they believe they are untouchable. The lawyers, politicians, even doctors I hear, and those officers involved, must all be sent to Bordelais for a good long spell. At least a decade. Assets must be seized by the state and used. Just like they do in other countries. If St Lucia is not saved now, it will be to late. Those fancy criminals can all be sent to Ukraine for all I care. They revel in battle, let them face real men and women who are ready for battle! But point is, they must be stopped whatever the cost to themselves!!!!

  38. Trend things started going haywire in 1997 when Kenny and Company started building the foundation for such criminality. Please don’t try to have selective memory. That’s where that problem took root and since then it was made to fester to where it is today. From 1997 to present we have only had a lull for a sustain period during ORC, since then it is back to basics. The numbers and the incidents have been on the increase and if you are fair you would blame every leader since Kenny in 1997 for not doing enough to arrest the situation. Right now I think we have reached the point where the situation will have to remedy itself.


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