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Pierre Urges End To The Crime Blame Game


Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre has urged an end to the blame game over Saint Lucia’s current crime situation, asserting that the blame lies with the criminals.

He spoke in the aftermath of the fatal shooting of four individuals in Vieux Fort between Saturday and Sunday in a fresh upsurge of deadly gun violence in the community.

Those who died included a two-year-old boy.

Pierre Monday led a delegation on a visit to Vieux Fort following the latest fatal shootings.

And at a press briefing when questioned whether the Saint Lucia police strategy was working, he called out people he declared wanted to politicise the crime situation.

Pierre recalled that there was a mass shooting in Kentucky, USA.

Five people died, and eight others sustained injuries due to that incident.

“I know we can’t compare Kentucky to Saint Lucia. What’s the reason for that? The police will never be able to police every inch of territory in this country,” the Saint Lucia Prime Minister told reporters.

“I think the police, they tell me, are trying their best. The police, most of them are committed to the cause. So I am not going to blame the police and I think we have to stop this blame game. We have to blame the criminals. All of us must begin to blame the criminals,” Pierre asserted.

“Our reporting must blame the criminals,” he told reporters at Tuesday’s pre-cabinet news briefing.

“We mustn’t look for all kinds of excuses – particularly those who try to use political excuses,” Pierre, responsible for National Security, observed.

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  1. Yes, now that the shoe is on the other foot it’s time to end the crime blame game. Many of us can vividly remember not too long ago when Chastanet was in power, all you and your party did was to blame him for the surge, saying that he had to go because he couldn’t handle the crime situation. Now it has gotten twice as bad under your watch, you are asking to stop the blame game. While I agree that we should tackle the crime situation with a unified approach, you should have realized that when you were in opposition. Maybe just maybe the situation would have been much different. This is why I humbly suggest that you genuinely reach out to the opposition and you two leaders present some effective solutions to fight crime. Stop playing politics with crime for it knows no political party or color.


  3. Most Honorable the yellow Johncrows can’t help themselves it’s what they do best run their mouths, you Sir have been trying your almost with the current situation you are far better than Francis. You have been on the ground from day one. Arrest were made the cops are everywhere doing their best the folks of VF see this for themselves. Those who are doing their reprisals their end of time is near. God forbid the yellow Johncrows were still in power the situation would have been worse off they would not care because “it’s Kenny’s country” like we are not tax based. Their are those who are banking on THE GREAT WHITE HOPE for their salvation, but it’s funny how with all that’s going on they have no Crime plan for St Lucia fearless .

  4. Rightly said Mr. P.M.. We have to blame the criminals but let me remind you that the criminals are in all echelons of society but it seems like the ones at the end are the ones to be blamed. Those in high society are never caught ( I wonder why). I blame successive governments for this crime. I am not saying that crime will not happen but when systems are not put in place in the primary and secondary schools to help the young ones and their families then all is lost. When they grow up then they become the same criminals we blaming now. Politics has killed our society.

  5. Simple. We do not have the resources to fight crime here. Furthermore, what makes it sad is that we cannot control the level of crime in this small island- and that is the main issue. For an island so small to have this level of crime makes people think and question, does this government has the intelligence to fight crime? Saint Lucia is too small to have crime at this level. It frightening that is why people will politicize it Mr. Pierre.

  6. I disagree. Let’s blame Chas and Guy for all the crime. Chas in his 5 years didn’t build anything in Vfort to encourage employment and he didn’t ensure that there were K9 and scanners to help with gun locating. Blame it al on Guy and Chas.

  7. Exactly: say it loud, CARE FOR COUNTRY, come together yellow red green and blue, white black brown red and pink an work together!!! One Love, Unite Simply Beautiful St Lucia. Bring on orc 2 in silence , in media, for these reprisal killings u say it’s only a few people so wthe Phock have they not been brought in….smh come officers, govt parliament u want St. Lucia to be a success and keep succeeding than squash this shit bc between Frenchies killing New Yorkers on jet skis and 7 killings now 4 more ruthless heartless crimes……smph…..Bring it Madame Commissioner!!!

  8. Most honourable high grade Ou par kar honte??
    To say such crap that the PM has tried his best from day one on ground. Gosh some of yall is party yall seeing alone and Blind for the real issues. Pjp by force earlier came out to make statements, instead only on FB he sent 4,5 pages for people to get frustrated to read SMH
    Who does that? Crying nonstop since in power and very Angry that the opposition is now on their tail very often and Nit even Enough truthfully. So high grade Las couvere bi party ou ek Blumay li pjp pou lack of concern ek solution pou vieux Fort. San Honte
    Lord put a hand fir our country

  9. Pierre sounds like a joke – a real joke.

    After all which has been done, Pierre as the leader has no way of measure the progress of the police. According to Pierre “ someone told him, the police is doing the best.” This sound so much like a joke. A leader has not progress report after he gave them additional vehicles, added man power (RSS) and additional local police.

    Was this an executed plan to fight crimes or some bullshit from those in authority. As long as Pierreis the head of Security, do not expect to win the war on criminals – the guy has no plan in place.

    Lucian’s elected a clown, now they are enjoying the circus

  10. With a population of 170k, there is no reason why we should not be able to curb the crime situation. With the US having its own at the moment, they probably are now unable to Police the entire world any longer so we now have to take matters into our own hands inorder to secure our own shores.

  11. Don’t “politicise” crime, is the exit strategy that scurrying politicians deploy during crises. Ever wondered why we can’t politicise healthcare, custom duties, NIC deductions, etc?
    Taxpayers should be free to discuss anything that expended their money. That politicise game is played out.

  12. Start talking directly to your homeland security minister and also your magistrates who are doing some foolish things that is incomprehensible.

  13. I wonder if the criminals does sleep at nights as they know that they are wanted by the law some of the criminals do not even have a house is at their mother house that they live at not even a car that they have . The police need to wipe them out . They do not want to work is fast money that they want some of them even smoking cocaine

  14. PM, you know well that the core of politics is the exploitation of weaknesses of parties in power. So long as crime remains a public concern, the blame game on crime will not stop. Rival political leaders and their parties will always use crime to score points against each other. What is also clear is that the criticism of either side is not based on policy or strategy but on the number of homicides. Has there ever been a debate in the HOA on a crime prevention policy or strategy? You now have the opportunity to change that!

  15. For I desire mercy,not sacrifice,and acknowledgment of God …
    🇱🇨St Lucia Unrepentant
    “Come, let us return to the LORD.
    He has torn us into pieces
    but he will heal us ;he has injured us but he will bind up our wounds.
    After two days he will revive us ;on third day he will restore use, that we may live in his presence ❗
    Let us acknowledge the LORD ;let us press on to acknowledge him.
    As surely as the sun rises,he will appear;he will come to us like the winter rains,like the spring rain that watered the earth ….


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