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Reformed ‘Bad Boy Rapper’ Turned Politician To Address UWP Convention

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Former ‘bad boy rapper’ Moses’ Shyne’ Barrow, is down to address the opposition United Workers Party (UWP) convention in Soufriere on Sunday.

Belize-born Barrow grew up in New York City, USA, and spent almost ten years in jail following a shooting incident at a nightclub where three people sustained injuries.

After serving jail time, the United States authorities deported the Grammy award-winning rapper.

But Barrow, who rubbed shoulders with well-known rappers like P. Diddy, turned his life around, eventually becoming the leader of his country’s United Democratic Party (UDP), which is currently in opposition.

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He is also a member of the Belize House of Representatives.

“We think at this time, given his influence as an entertainer, as a musician, given the fact that he is relatively young – he is just in his forties, he is someone who can captivate the youth,” UWP Public Relations Officer Lenard ‘Spider’ Montoute told a news conference Thursday.

Montoute asserted that Barrow could indicate to young people in Saint Lucia amid the current local crime situation that the youngsters too could transform, leave the ‘bad boy gangster type’ lifestyle and become productive citizens.

“That is the message we are hoping most of all and above all that will emanate out of his address at our national convention,” the former Saint Lucia Minister stated.

Montoute said the UWP was excited to have Barrow as guest speaker at its convention to deliver a keynote address the party believes will connect with young people.

He said the spike in crime in Saint Lucia was no secret.

Montoute also declared that the government’s best efforts are not paying dividends.

He explained that the UWP was trying to reach the hearts and minds of the youth, especially those involved in a life of crime.

“Who has more legitimacy to speak to them than someone who has been there himself and who has transformed his life and who can connect?” Montoute stated.

He hoped that during Barrow’s short stay in Saint Lucia, the Belize politician could meet directly with some young people.

“These are the kinds of efforts we must engage in, and I daresay that photo ops such as going to Vieux Fort and walking around the streets of Vieux Fort will not help,” Montoute observed.

On Monday, Prime Minister and Minister of National Security Philip J. Pierre visited Vieux Fort after four people, including a two-year-old boy, were shot dead in separate incidents.

Photos of the visit appeared on Pierre’s Facebook page.

Montoute told Thursday’s news conference that would not change anything.

Montoute also called for a new approach and urged the dismissal of the Minister of National Security, who had ‘failed miserably’ in discharging his responsibilities.


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  1. Okay, Shine is in Saint Lucia….Schooling the UWP on crucial, political and societal issues….I’m done!

  2. Wrong move UWP. you dont need this. a leopard never changes his spots. remember this. and this is belize 99% corrupt. oh please!! and montoute!! says it all! look like we looking at another cabal forming in the UWP!

  3. Tony D! I am trying to get your point but I just can’t. Totally unrelated in my opinion.

  4. You’ll SLPs just don’t get it.
    Sometimes I think you’ll are being dumb deliberately and there’s a word for that. It’s called ignorance!

  5. Only those who have experienced embarassment, hurt, pain and the fallout from a position of affluence can relate to the path of reconciliation. The fact that he is willing himself to make a positive contribution to society must be lauded. It is much better to have a happy ending to your life than to rot in prison (even at home) as a disgrace. Not many get that privilege to get up from the lows and climb the ladder of success. It takes courage to overcome those challenges. Remarkable ambition! “Forgiveness and salvation are nearer and always closer to the sinner than the righteous.”

  6. Youll hating on Shyne as a guest speaker to speak on turning one’s life around against violence. Tell me how is this so different from the likes of our very own ” Ninja Dan ” and other local artist who went through the same and begged persons to turn their life away from crime and violence. At least the oppposition UWP is finding encouraging ways to reach out and speak to the youth. The church and the current government , even the PM is not doing that much of a good job in that area. Therefore dont bash on those who are trying cause they want better for the youth affected in our country. Every effort counts.

  7. boy back in the day shine was hitting especially the song with barrington levi. It was a bit hard to believe that he left the rap game to become a politician but after reading what happened and why i guess he had no choice. the thing that surprised me is that when we hear rappers we think of them as no good people who just make stupid music for money but shyne was really smart. I read about him on wikipedia and the guy has gotten so many awards not only for music but for so many other things political. shyne is a good example that when life gives you lemons you can make lemonade. Who ever that wants to make something negative out of it thats them

  8. Spider is not a good role model for the youths to emulate. The opposition has no clue just like the rest. I sincerely hope that this guest speaker can make a difference, even though I have my doubts.

  9. Lucian’s stop the hate, preach love. Everyone gat to do what they have to do for survival. Mr montoute, if you grow pigs thanks for reducing the importation bill 💵 and providing employment for the less fortunate. These are clean $$$$ . We do pork 🐷🐖 not ☠️☠️. Give thanks for our second national dish.🤑$10 a lb. We taking it slow . One love ❤️ ❤️Ppl stop the hate

  10. Lucian’s stop the hate, preach love. Everyone gat to do what they have to do for survival. Mr montoute, if you grow pigs thanks for reducing the importation bill 💵 and providing employment for the less fortunate. These are clean $$$$ . We do pork 🐷🐖 not ☠️☠️. Give thanks for our second national dish.🤑$10 a lb. We taking it slow . One love ❤️ ❤️Ppl stop the hate

  11. I base is jazz the man coming for smh ..just shows uwp still about the fame life and not about serious issues . No disrespect to shyne but i am sure he is not doing this for free and i am sure his culture and socio economic issues are different from what we are dealing with . Uwp awa you all can never get it right with chas, guy ,fedee ,belrose spider smh losers !!!!! Proven losers !!!!


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