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Montoute Says The National Security Minister Has Been A Failure


United Workers Party (UWP) Public Relations Officer Lenard ‘Spider’ Montoute has declared that Saint Lucia’s current National Security Minister has failed in his responsibilities.

Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre also holds the portfolio of National Security.

Montoute said the Minister had failed ‘miserably’.

“The Prime Minister will have to determine in his cabinet who is the best suited person to fit that bill,” the former Gros Islet MP told a news conference on Thursday.

His comments followed a surge in deadly gun violence, particularly in Vieux Fort.

Montoute acknowledged that the government had taken some drastic measures, including inviting Regional Security (RSS) troops and beefing up policing in Vieux Fort.

However, he recalled that under the nose of the RSS and the beefed-up police presence, four murders occurred in Vieux Fort during the Easter weekend.

Montoute reiterated that the opposition United Workers Party stands ready to work with the government in addressing crime despite the continued rejection of its offers.

And he disclosed that the party would do what it could in the meantime to address the crime problem.

In addition, Montoute questioned the legitimacy of the Saint Lucia government to speak on crime.

“When I, for one, speak to Saint Lucians, the first thing they do is point a finger at the composition of the present cabinet. And if you have people within your midst who have questionable backgrounds and who are questionable characters, you will have a problem addressing the subject with any authority or any legitimacy,” the former Minister told reporters.

Headline photo: Lenard Montoute stock image.

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  1. I was under the impression things would have been under control by now in Vfort. Unfortunately this has not been the case. It was my stupid understanding while the RSS was on the ground and patrolling the areas, some long team and sustainable approaches were being developed in the back group and once the RSS leaves then the new Strategy would kick in. This was never in the plan and as a result the criminals have won again – they are at liberty to conduct business as usual.
    We all know the RSS will not be available forever. The question remains, what happens when they leave ? What strategy do we have in place to stop, interrupt or slow down the criminals.
    This is the reason, I have to agree with Montoute. Pierre is a failure and should allow some other minister to take up that role. He does not have the understanding of security. Patrolling the street after the fact should not be an approach. We need strategies in place to stop those bad guys and obviously Pierre is not capable to providing any solution.

  2. Just like him all what he did and still lost the seat. How are you making a difference? Sir sit down and search see how you can meaningfully contribute to the issues we are facing.

  3. Spider u are a failure as well. I’m tired of these guys talking about someone is a failure when u were there and u couldn’t do anything to show u were productive. I noticed ur nose getting bigger day by day talking nonsense

  4. If the PM is holding that position he won’t let it up because it’s a paycheck he will loose out on. The formation and functional structure of St. Lucia governance is a big joke. How can one individual be responsible for two to three position for such a small population and above all they cannot do one job proper. Joke joke

  5. @Kebry you are even A BIGGER Joke…you have an opposition leader that speaks little or none at all on Crime…. that’s like giving him a white plastic spoon he doesn’t know what it is, the man NEVER touches the subject or he simply just tip toe around it but let the price of gas go up O Lord brim stone and fire he want to send on this government. I choose to laugh at them instead lashing out on them……if you read what this Clown has stated his party “stands ready to work with the government on crime”. He question the current government”legitimacy” to speak on crime. Who would be more “legitimate” an administration that had no crime plan, Even during their raign of terror they did not have one. Their party has the dubious title of having the worst minister of national security in St Lucia history so what “advice” would these LAPO fools would like to give ?? .The PM had done a good job in dealing with VF. They are acting like an officer should be at every ones house…..he can’t stop crime he can only try to control it, the wicked way of man is just that wicked. I hope they catch a deal with the perpetrators before the RSS leaves so VF again can be the sleepy fishing village they love to hate

  6. The title of Security Expert is obtained through schooling and experience. There is a common misconception that it attained otherwise. Some people believe, by locking their doors and windows at nights, made them experts in the field of security. In our local instance, my father was a police officer decades ago, therefore I am an expert. Fortunately, the foolery of such actions always show.

    It was patently clear that Pierre was not up to the task of securing the nation. The first and obvious indicator was his failure to close the spigot. The flow of bailed gunslingers back into society. It was like a boat crew, bailing water from a boat, instead of trying to stop the entry of water into it. Everyone knew that those gunslingers were rearming and causing instability in communities. Then, Pierre’s failure to understand the psychological impact of forceful and sudden actions told me he was no expert. Just a pretender.

    Sure, Pierre provided vehicles, personnel and necessary equipment to address a very serious problem. You can’t take that away from his credits. Much more than his terminally weak predecessor. A huge part of the present problem is due to the inaction of the previous government. Whistling in the dark.

    My gentle advice to Pierre. Just throw in the towel. You are not suited for this position. It’s a tough job that requires ruthlessness. You just don’t have it. The more you muddle around, the more expensive it gets. Quit bumbling and be a provider which is your strong suit. Hire an expert it will be money well spent.

  7. The Minister of National Security did not create the conditions that have prompted the gun violence in Vieux Fort. The RSS is not a permanent solution but a temporary deterrent. The former administration did very little to address the escalation of violent crime. It is easy for ousted politicians to take cheap shots without offering an alternative viable solution. The Prime Minister needs to continue to deploy security resources to Vieux Fort and keep the pressure on the criminals.

  8. Tell me something, how does one man take on the job of PM , Finance minister and security minister ? He is failed miserably on all 3 and should do the honourable thing and resign. If not lucians should demand that he resigns and demand a general election before it is too late. I am not UWP nor SLP but surely UWP cannot be that bad at doing the basic function of a government. Keeping the people safe.

  9. @ Poule Foo:- I agree with everything you said. The previous Chairman of the Council for National Security & enforcement, Dr. Horace Chang needed to unload and hand over to someone ready to accept and carry out the function, up jumped PjP to accept, while St. Lucia really needed someone with the b3lls to put an end to the carnage, we have been waiting and it looks like we’ll still be waiting a damn long time for something to happen.
    Sometime ago I asked for a contingent of some Bad-Ass Cops from Jamaica, Trinidad or Possibly Cuba to wipe out that crap, but guess what, Barbuda-Antigua, etc sent some of their best and we’re back at Square-one.
    Many times I’ve asked to do the only possible thing – HANG THE BASTARDS – game over. But see who’s in the Cabinet, that wont happen. PjP is not the man for that job, nor are the two Independents. IT MUST BE AN OUTSIDER HIRED TO CLEAN UP THE MESS. I’m sorry to say that wont happen, so we’ll continue to bleed. (we should all continue to Pray).


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