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Fedee Says Next General Elections Probably The Most Important In Saint Lucia’s History


Former Tourism Minister Dominic Fedee, asserting that the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) has been a ‘total disaster’ in government, has said that the next general elections may be the most important in this country’s history.

He spoke at a news conference Thursday, announcing plans for Sunday’s opposition United Workers Party (UWP) convention in Soufriere.

“The next election is going to be the most important election probably in this country’s history, and so what we have to do is to make sure that we have a very successful process of reorganising ourselves,” Fedee said.

The UWP left office after the July 26, 2021, general elections, which the labour party won by a landslide.

Fedee described Sunday’s UWP convention in Soufriere as an important step in preparing for the next polls.

He told reporters the UWP was ‘enthused and inspired’ by the Soufriere event.

The former Minister revealed that the opposition party had received numerous enquiries about buses, tee-shirts, and paraphernalia for the public meeting after the Soufriere convention.

Fedee noted that people had some two years of the SLP government.

“The majority of the population, they have graded this government ‘F’ in terms of the management of crime, the management of the economy, the management of important sectors like education. They have just been a total disaster,” the former Anse La Raye-Canaries MP declared.

And Fedee said the people have now been able to compare the direction the UWP was taking while in office with the performance of the labour administration.

“I think a lot of people are rejecting the idea and the direction in which this government is taking the country,” the former Minister stated.



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  1. Why? Incompetence and corruption in the red corner, vs incompetence and corruption in the blue corner. No difference.

  2. I can wait for the next general election. Will UWP be ready? If yes, who will be the leader? Who will be the deputy leader?

  3. I totally agree that “the next general elections may be the most important in this country’s history”. But not for your reasons. We citizens and by extension, voters have to decide which set of thieves we put into political office – your set or the ones currently governing. This is a sad way of looking at our political situation but it’s the reality. So while I am utterly dissatisfied with the current government, I am not inclined on supporting your party either, primarily due to the level of corruption amongst your peers when in office, and the refusal of your party to field younger, more competent candidates. Your party is currently seen as a recycling plant, churning the same garbage every five years. However, if you can bring in new competent blood then you have my vote. And if not, I have decided to vote for the Green Party in protest and will convince many others to do likewise. All we are asking for in good governance and I don’t think that this is too much to ask for.

  4. Fedee u can huff, u can puff, u can say all what u want but UWP can never win an election under the stewardship of Chastanet. Trust me we don’t want chastanet. Again I’m telling u we don’t want chastanet

  5. No doubt about it I will grade the SLP with an F+, I think they are better suited in opposition to keep the UWP in check. The UWP sucks in opposition while the SLP is good in opposition, and the UWP is better in government while the SLP is a disaster in government.

  6. The cocolowrum is talking nonsense . The people of St Lucia fired you all for doing a poor job and also for. Corruption so I not believe that they will employ you all back in 26 although I am an independent, I believe that labour will win all 17 seats and that will be history …

  7. I agree the next election will be the most important one in st. Lucia. God is fed up with both parties and the way they lead their people.both Shepards have fail god. In my opinion uwp have a better conscience than slp. It’s rough for everyone under the leadership of the slp gogernment. They are selfish and never and fake. Gods prople as a nation will one day be set free from political bondage. I wish u guys the best at the convention and pray that god help you guys chose the right people to lead. Hon Allenyou made mistakes while in government and I pray that you have learn from them. I dm willing to give u a chance again over the party that I once supported. And I will keep on praying and hoping that gods will lead Stlucia in the right path. Peace and love

  8. Dominic, until Chastanet apologize for referring to our cuzin as Non Entity we will never support all you. It’s better you pack up and move back to Guyana.


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