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Chastanet Lauds Reformed Former ‘Bad Boy Rapper’ Shyne Ahead Of UWP Convention

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United Workers Party (UWP) leader Allen Chastanet has lauded reformed former ‘bad boy rapper’ turned politician Dr. Moses’ Shyne’ Barrow down to address Sunday’s UWP national convention in Soufriere.

Barrow spent almost ten years in jail following a shooting incident at a nightclub where three people sustained injuries.

After serving jail time, the United States authorities deported the Grammy award-winning rapper.

But  Belize-born Barrow, who rubbed shoulders with well-known rappers like P. Diddy, turned his life around, eventually becoming the Leader of his country’s United Democratic Party (UDP), which is currently in opposition.

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He is also a member of the Belize House of Representatives.

UWP leader Allen Chastanet recalled meeting Barrow at an International Democrat Union meeting in Washington, DC.

“During our extensive discussions, I became amazed at Hon. Barrow’s passion for youth empowerment, social justice, economic development, and his ability to navigate challenges that would have dissuaded many people,” Chastanet wrote on Facebook.

The former Saint Lucia Prime Minister noted that the former rapper had spearheaded various initiatives to improve Belizeans’ lives, particularly those in marginalised communities.

In addition, Chastanet indicated that people widely recognise Barrow as a charismatic leader with a deep commitment to serving his country and its people.

“It therefore gives me great pleasure to welcome him as our esteemed guest speaker at the 42nd UWP Convention. His unique perspective and unwavering dedication to serving his community make him a valuable addition to our event,” the Saint Lucia opposition leader stated.

The UWP has promoted Barrow as someone who, having transformed his life, had the legitimacy to speak to young people, especially those involved in a life of crime, to reach their hearts and minds.

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  1. Interesting and laughable at the same time….on the flip side who is better to speak on a life of crime than an ex con. Here are two men who are shaking hands that were born in wealth are from an upper class one followed the wrong crowd the other didn’t. If shyne father was not the PM of Belize at the time he was deported he would have been another deportee on the streets of Belize, you know how it go already you are not coming here to embarrass the family even more so I will place you here. Good for both of them…thrown out office by the people for the same mess investment without dividend raising the debt ceiling to astronomical levels, only cared about their cliques………yeah birds of a feather.

  2. Well done sir, a lost son is found. You are definitely a winner🙌 . A lot of parents today would have loved to see their sons alive breathing and standing in your position right now instead of thinking of NO MORE in a shallow grave. Bless up brother . Who jah bless no man curse. Dust yourself up my bro and do the right thing . Never going back to that deadly weapon. Preach it to our young st Lucian’s and the world . Bless up. Spread the love . 🤜 one love ❤️ people accept change.

  3. I think this is a positive example for the youth. It will let them know that it isn’t too late to turn your life around and get on a more fulfilling and moral path. Hope he represents his country well.

  4. My country’s standards has really deteriorated! unless St Lucia Times is being destructive again and only posting comments that glorify criminality! My take; how about you don’t do crime? how about you obey the law of the country you are in? how about working for a living? How about living within your means? afterall, your peace of mind is worth more than a “tet-sho” any day of the week? How about being an honest person in your dealings? I cant glorify any criminals about turning their life around. People who are prone to criminality do not think like normal people, they justify their crime. They are not poor and destitute as some of you seem to think. real poor people eat what they can, how they can and work and grow what they can. they dont turn to stealing from other people or guns. the violent and the criminal minded do this. and they have no conscience or when they do, its either selective or it comes too late, they enterprising at any cost, and enjoy the perceived power that they have in being criminal. In short, these forks are a psychological basket case. They come in all sorts. politicians, lawyers, bankers, doctors, street gun-man, drug baron, trafficker ect.. We cant sugar coat the truth. One sure way for evil to prosper is for good men to sit by and do nothing. or say nothing. UWP I not voting for your platform and better get rid of that thug Spider! before he sinks you people any lower!

  5. We should never give Low Grade a second chance if he ever makes a mistake in life. When we fall we have to get up from the gutter and Shyne. We then have to let world know that if we can change for the better so can you. Ok people like Shine can have a very positive impact on others. So please low grade hush up and crawl back under your red rock..

  6. If you believe in the living God, you know that he changes hearts and lives!
    Let’s continue to pray for the changing of hearts and lives ♡. God is real.

    We have all fallen short.

  7. Why is it so difficult for us to embrace someone who has done wrong but change. He who is blameless cast the first stone. We all have sin and come short of the glory of god. All sins are sins but committed differently. I applaud this young man. To stand in the present of human who are judge and jury and say yes I have done wrong but I am a changed man deserve my respect fully. Young man you rise with the help of god because he is going to use you to do mighty work in this world. Continue to strive boldly with faith. Thanks for sharing your experiences with our youth and let them know that there is hope and they too can be victorious. Thank you again for making time to be here in Stlucia and share with us. Peace and love

  8. But he didn’t want to hear from bad boy Miguel and Rehanj ..mate always prefer foreigners over locals


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