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Vieux Fort Fisherman Succumbs At Sea – Companion Swims To Shore With Body


Relatives of a Vieux Fort fisherman missing at sea since Wednesday have confirmed his death.

The deceased’s sister Sharon Johannes told St Lucia Times that her brother, Gavin Selwyn Evans, also known as ‘Yellow’, left with a companion on a fishing expedition.

She said the companion, whom she identified as ‘Cadege’, swam to shore with her brother’s body on Thursday.

“My lady, I am very sorry. I tried my best to help him,” the sister recalled ‘Cadege’ telling her.

Gavin Evans – Deceased

Johannes said ‘Cadege’, the boat captain, explained that the fishing vessel began to sink suddenly after taking in water at sea.

She said, according to him, he and her brother held on to an empty gas tank and a piece of wood and spent the entire night trying to head for the shore while about twelve miles out to sea.

“He said, my brother saying he weak, he cannot do it, he going to give up. So he said he started encouraging him, telling him ‘We will make it. Let’s go’,” Johannes recounted.

But she said the boat captain disclosed that her brother insisted he was tired and could not make it, despite repeated words of encouragement.

“So he said they started swimming, fish trying to eat them and they fighting the current,” Johannes told St Lucia Times.

“He said after a while he not hearing my brother at the back of him, so he turned back to watch. So when he turned back, he said he didn’t see my brother. So he swim back and just see my brother going down under the sea,” the sister stated.

The brother eventually succumbed.

She said ‘Cadege’ told her he tried to carry her brother to shore.

“He said, ‘My lady, I would not leave him there and go. So I say either both of us go down’ but he is going to bring the body,” Johannes said.

“He said the waves, the current trying to take the body from him, but he said no, he is not giving up. He must bring his partner down with him,” the sister disclosed.

She said ‘Cadege’ eventually reached Canelles, put her 38-year-old brother on the sand, and reported what had happened.

According to Johannes, the two men did not have telephones at the time but had GPS and life jackets.

She told St Lucia Times that ‘Cadege’ was receiving medical attention at St Jude Hospital.

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  1. It’s ecouraging to know that some people here on our shores still care about others in such ways!

  2. you see of course if it was drugs the coast guard would have already picked them up and another thing to note as well if yall had life jackets in the boat how is it that one guy drowned? isnt a life jacket supposed to save your life from drowning? so none of you had life jackets on?

  3. Nun but respect👍🏽💯 I’ve been lost at sea before. More than once the longest was close to 2 weeks. Jah know…….

  4. WoW!!! This is the real deal right there. Wouldn’t allow his partner behind. This is a real “solda” there.

  5. Something do NOT add up. Good he bring the body back , and I know its a difficult situation but if that was my brother I will find out a little more.

  6. don’t want to dispell the good spirit but I’m seeing its missing long was his body submerged for, I’m a diver it’s easier to swim with a live body than a dead why didn’t he opted to swim with him alive? massav just asking

  7. Rip Evans and amazing job Cadege, true hero to float his body over 12 miles back to shore for his family and restitution.

  8. Is it too much to Legislate that all Fishermen carry Life Jackets?
    Will someone in Authority propose that CADEGE receive a Medal in honour of his effort. The Angel of the Lord was with you all the way, my man. May the good Lord Bless You.

  9. All those who ask about life jackets when you all go and backanal on those boat rides which carries less life jackets while the vessel carries about 200+ you all care about it? Most times when you all hear about rum you all brains gone elsewhere looking at asses. I call on the coast guard to start charge those boat owners, captain even seize the freaking boat. It is just a matter of time for the mega tragedy to happen and you will hear the foolish ones start barking.

  10. If seas are very rough one can still drown with a life vest on. It takes a lot of energy to keep self above water in rough seas with or without a life jacket.

  11. for the people that thinks they are detectives the man almost sacrifice his life to bring his friends body with him… yall think thats an easy task smfh on water while trying to stay alive emmm . people like PATAT GO SLOVE THE UNSLOVED MURDERS IN LUCIA THIS ONE IS A TRAGEDY THATS IT……….

  12. Hope thats not the dennery style thing. They go out to sea in Dennery and one come back and the other does not make it back alive. Let’s hope vieux fort did not take the gang activity to the sea. How do u swim with a dead body that long. I don’t know. But if he telling the truth may all be well with him

  13. I wish everyone was just the same with this loving gentlemen i hope that people see what’s love

  14. Folks I don’t know in what water body the fishermen were in, but if it was the Atlantic side they would have to battle consistently 5 to 6 feet waves and sea currents. Life jackets could only keep you on the surface not prevent you from succumbing.

    12 miles out in any water body Caribbean or Atlantic is a lot. Body will lose salt and cramps will set in.

    The comments from some of you are indicative of ignorance of condition fishermen face at sea, or you cannot swim.

    I doubt that if the guys didn’t have life jackets Cadege would find his buddy’s body or even drag it back without eventual giving up.

    Bravo Cadege!
    I would like to meet you some time soon to personally congratulate you that hero.

  15. This man is a real hero and deserve a national recognition. He saved his own life, brought back to land his friend’s dead body through the rough sea. His willingness to do this herculean task is both commendable and unquestiinsble


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