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Pierre: ‘We As A Country Have Good Reasons To Celebrate’

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Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre has declared that economic gains amid external challenges and security concerns are reasons for Saint Lucia to celebrate.

“We as a country have good reasons to celebrate because of the economic gains we have made, notwithstanding the external challenges and concerns about citizens’ security,” he said in a Facebook post.

” The challenges of the day have informed the strategic choices of my government,” Pierre asserted.

He explained that the government’s choices sought to secure a better life for people.

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And the Castries East MP observed that his administration had fulfilled most of the promises made in the last budget.

In addition, Pierre said the government has shown that the management of the economy and the country is in safe hands.

“We have navigated the country out of COVID and around the new global economic threats which have emerged since COVID. We have restored growth to the economy. We have reduced unemployment. We have provided tax relief and other benefits to workers and consumers,” he noted.

Pierre also said the government had restored hope and purpose to the young people of this country.

Earlier this week, Pierre presented the 2023-24 budget under the theme ‘Health and Security – The Pillars for Sustainability’.

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  1. Celebrate?? Mr pm i do not think that is the word we should be using . I expect those words from chas not you . We should be grateful but we need to better this country for there is no reason to celebrate . Just say thank you father .

  2. Restored ‘Hope and purpose’ to the younger generation. Was he high when he said this? That’s just embarrassingly inaccurate.

  3. Let us celebrate the 5 year passport that is effectively four years at best, while paying 5 times as much per renewal compared to when it was a ten year passport. Not to mention you cannot travel on it within 6 months of expiration. Not to mention that it is of less value to us now.
    Let us celebrate jobs given to foreigners when more qualified locals are denied their rights to earn their living in their own country.
    Let us celebrate the state of our infrastructures not being repaired until there is no choice but to replace them. Let us celebrate the increasing crime rate.
    Let us celebrate having to go abroad for health care
    I am sure that there are many other reasons to celebrate that I have left out.

  4. That’s right Most Honorable let’s celebrate good over evil Red over Yellow you had to deal with all the challenges they left behind. Put the nail in their coffin finish St Jude’s, the airport is long term. Every economy after Covid trying to rebound and expensive. If it’s expensive from the hands that feeds us I don’t know why they think things will be cheap here. You are trying on crime Boss man, you are most active as ,Mister of National Security that have them, you brought in the RSS, you have fund the police, beg for help instead of panhandling, walk the garrisons fellows respect you, fund small business initiatives, bring back lap top, give tax breaks, export bananas, they were bawling about the roads they well quite these days they are fix gwan Boss do your thing you just start

  5. What economic gains? Those retarded covid policies cause the economy to shrink. These “gains” are simple the economic activity returning to pre stupid covid policy levels. This isn’t true growth. This is reversion to the standard.

  6. lol can you believe the nerve of this guy taking the credit in saying getting the country out of covid. you were just piggybacking on the efforts of others smh

  7. For the nerve of you wanting to take credit for the country rebounding after Covid. Things are just returning to pre Covid because of what the previous administration put in place, and we should be doing much better had you continue on the programs they left instead of you playing politics. We can’t celebrate unemployment, crime, corruption, high fuel price, high food price, worst road conditions, terrible health situation and most importantly saying the former PM was the only person in the world who thinks rousing will return after Covid and you didn’t understand the important of tourism but now saying something totally different. It’s just sad with what’s going on in fair Helen but this too shall past.

  8. I never thought we could have a worse Pee Emm than Chassneigh. Yet here we are. Abject embarrassment.

  9. It’s the end of the month $$$$$….. Lucian758 WHAT ECONOMIC POLICIES did your yellow government left in place for a ” rebound’ ??? LIST THEM….
    Better yet list one ?? Don’t talk the talk and can’t.walk the walk. Let me speak The Queens English for you since Massa is all you know…….what have The United Workers Party left in place for Saint Lucia’s Economic stimulus recovery and development ?? Inquiring minds would like to know because as far as I know they left this country BROKE with highest debt ceiling since 1979 undisputable.

  10. According to the PM regarding E.Gains ,I think with the Economy gaining we should be able to establish a fair living wage system of $10+ per hour to the working poor and their Families..
    LET’ US SHARE THE WEALTH with the people of St Lucia.. let’s keep moving in the right direction..
    That’s all folks..

  11. The level of arrogance this man displays makes my blood boil. It is one of a few things. He is either illiterate, a bigot, foolish , incompetent or just a jackass. Celebrate what Ray Charles? People are dying in the gutters like dogs. Dogs are safer in SLU. People are struggling to put food on the table, price of basic food items have skyrocketed, electric bills are through the roof, no hospital in the south, people dying in the vieux fort hospidium due to curable illness, the roads are a bloody mess, corruption is rife in the police and SLU government, the youth have no future , drinking water quality is shit when and if you get it. WTF is there to celebrate Ray Charles. Its that you saying to us you and your monkey gang run out of ideas. My citizens do ourselves a polite favour, take to the streets and demand this illiterate clown and his monkey gang hand in their resignation before it is too late.

  12. Lucian people!! why complain you’ll put him in office so take what you get there’s a saying be careful what you wish for……..

  13. Lots of us lost our jobs because of y’all you talking about reducing unemployment I’m feed up with slp trying to fool the people well new generation and we endorse chas BBC BBC BBC BBC BBC

  14. I’m I really hearing this from you mr Pierre? I don’t blame you mr Pierre because all is well with you. Whilst your laughter bag is overflowing, your pension is secured, our children are dying by the roadside. No jobs, no no work in the country, people can no longer walk our streets safely, people cannot buy food for their families, and you are saying there are reasons to smile????
    Come on PM . The only trade we are left with is the evil trade where our children are being killed by gun men . This is why you are looking to collect more taxes from the hospital and funerals homes. I am so disappointed in your leadership and the way you belittle the people of this country.

  15. I have no words to comment. The posters above have said everything … and they are so right, except for the “noted SLP Hack”


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