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Pierre Advocates Workers’ Rights, Free Enterprise In Labour Day Message


Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre has advocated protecting workers’ rights and highlighted the need for free enterprise in a message to mark Labour Day.

“We must continue to build a society where free enterprise can flourish. And that the rights of workers are protected, and they can get a fair day’s wage for a fair day’s work,” Pierre wrote on Facebook.

“We must build a society where meritocracy and inclusion are valued and embraced as basic principles for progress and development for generations to come,” he stated.

The Prime Minister said that to ensure equality and fairness, the Minimum & Equal Wage Commission is currently formulating a livable wage for workers in Saint Lucia.

He disclosed that consultation would involve all sectors, including the private sector.

Pierre also said that there would soon be an ‘appropriate announcement’.

“As we celebrate Labour Day, I also had the opportunity to reflect on the opportunities that we have created to better the lives of families and impact the course of future generations. Whatever we do, we must, in a positive way ensure that our children can live in and inherit a thriving nation,” the Castries East MP noted.

“Let us continue to be guided and inspired by the philosophy and values of the founding fathers of our great party- the Saint Lucia Labour Party – to open doors of opportunity for every Saint Lucian, irrespective of their social and economic standing in the society,” the Saint Lucia Prime Minister declared.

“Our party originated from the bosom of the labour movement and has consistently served the best interest of the workers in this country,” Pierre noted.



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  1. Let’s enact a livable minimum wage and increase labour laws then. Talk doesn’t save lives

  2. In my opinion trying to get an equal minimum wage is cool and stuff but when this has been implemented how are you so sure that every work place is going to or can adopt this minimum wage? There are places where they don’t even pay NIC for employees and some places they say they pay NIC for you and they deduct it from your salary and the NIC never gets paid

  3. After 400 years of slavery 44 years post independence. The working poor has been in chains of oppression and poverty by a greedy capitalist , private sector system that have over 80 percent of the working class earning wages as low as 3 to 5 EC dollars an hour can’t afford health care, can’t afford to sent their children to school , poor housing and can’t afford to eat 3 meals a day … Minimum wage is a must … The Revolution has began …

  4. Help create employment for the youth, they need to have decent families and good paying jobs as well. The must be able to approach the bank freely to obtain mortgages and live comfortable lives as others . Make us happy again Mr. prime minister. Bring in investors to develop our country to keep the work flow going . We need work mr pm
    We need a paycheck. Make it happen for us .

  5. When will they address Beaurcracy in government? They take too much from the citizens to feed the already overpaid Politians leaving the merchants no other choice but to sell their products at an absorbent price. Poor workers, low wages & bus fares leave you chump Change in your hands. Some jobs aren’t worth it hence the high rate of unemployment.

  6. Let’s start with the basics. Enact minimum wage laws in this country. Talk is cheap.

  7. Workers in St.Lucia have no Rights the Employers do what they feel like to the Citizens of St.Lucia .when the workers report the employers to The Ministry .Persons from the Ministry call the Employers and Reports .You think that’s True for St.Lucians to do this to their fellow Countrymen and Women

  8. Only a increase in salaries would make me believe u care about the worker’s of this country


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