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Four People Held As Police Seize AR-15 Rifle & Two Pistols


Police arrested four people after seizing an AR-15 rifle and two 9 mm handguns in separate operations on Sunday and Monday.

On Sunday, investigators recovered the AR-15 rifle at Cul de Sac, Castries.

On the same day, officers arrested four individuals after seizing a 9 mm handgun in Soufriere.

And on Monday night at Bois Jolie, Dennery, officers seized another 9 mm handgun.

There are no further details at present.

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  1. The Magestrates not Imposing the Maximum Fines on these illegal gun and Ammunition Holders .This is Really out of Hand

  2. you see of course and when ralph Gonzales and mia motley speak about magistrates and judges being to soft the OECS bar association want to call it attacks on the judiciary. Where and what these guys doing with an assault rifle

  3. Gonzales and Beam pm are right when they say magistrates are too soft and magistrates and lawyers’ relationships play a role in punishments given to the guilty. Carriom is too blind to see that they need to rotate these jokers among members of the organization. Don’t give them time to foster lasting relationships.

  4. Mia Mortley and Gonzales have truly mislead the hacks according to what I read here. The magistrates can ONLY penalise what is in the Laws which are set by people like Mortley and Gonzales themselves. To those who believe the judges not puttting the maximum penalties THEY ARE. People like Mortley and Gonzales depend on these guys for votes to win elections so they never vote for more stringent penalties or death sentence.

  5. Good guys finish last here in SLU. My neighbour waited while I was away, trespass on my property crushed my plants & pipe excavated their place & lodged their huge boulders on my land. Who does that? 8 months ago.

  6. is money that talking once you have the money and the links then you are free like a Mason

  7. Pierre, change the law regarding bail. You putting a guy with an AR-15 back on the streets. One can easily read into that character. He has a total disregard for the law.
    Next thing I see you on TV talking the usual crap. For goodness sake, close the gate…close the tap that allows them back into the public.

  8. Under the guise of fairness and judicial independence, the judges will behave stupidly and let the convicts out on the streets immediately further terrorizing the nation. We cannot substitute stupidity for justice and cowardice for fairness.

  9. How many judges and magistrates have 24 hours , 7 days a week armed police security ?

    Therefore the prime ministers cannot expect the judges and magistrates not to exercise discretion when the law allows it.

    Then if they expect change, they must follow Jamaica by removing the bail options.

  10. Thank you SMLH. Politicians write the law in parliament. They can make the laws more appropriate for our times but they do nothing. Trying to blame the judiciary for their actions is laughable. Unfortunately, most of these islands are populated by many unintelligent people and these comments by mortley and gonzalves will be held up as true.


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