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Bail For Juvenile Charged With Possession Of Shotgun, Ammunition

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On Friday, the First District Court granted a juvenile bail of $20,000 or a suitable surety for possessing a shotgun and $5,000 cash or a suitable surety for possessing Ammunition.

There were other Court conditions.

Police arrested the juvenile after an operation in Forestiere, Castries, on Thursday at about 9:00 am.

The officers found one pump-action shotgun and two rounds of 12-gauge Ammunition at his home.

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During the search, the officers also recovered two 7.62, two 9mm, and one .357 spent shells.

As a result, they charged the young man with Possession of a Firearm and Possession of Ammunition.

In addition, the police arrested Kareem Louis at Forestiere, Castries, on an Outstanding Bench Warrant from the High Court for absconding concerning an Indictable Offence.

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  1. He has 7.62mm spent shells. That clown knows quite a bit; and needs to tell. This is dangerous stuff and he should be held…period. There is a possibility that he or his crew are in possession of a AK 47 series weapon.

    There was a WhatsApp video in circulation a few months ago. You can distinctly hear the sound of a crew-served weapon shooting nighttime in Vieux Fort. I guess when he is caught, he too will get bail. It’s so comical, yet, this can’t generate laughter. That clown, Pierre, is still playing security guru. Poor St. Lucia.

  2. what did i tell yall and he got bail as said. But what i find interesting is that it was said that it was found at his home. Someone as young as that cant even have their own home. The same way if the police do a search and they found a weapon who ever that is found in the house will go down so most likely he was the only one found and just maybe he was not responsible for that gun so they just went with him cause someone had to be charged

  3. Somehow I knew they would Bail him back out to continue to do the only thing he knows what to do for a living. IN MY WORLD, I WOULD PULL OUT THE LOLO-BEFF AND WHIP HIS AXX TILL I FEEL SORRY FOR HIM, THEN JAIL AND ANOTHER WHIP AXX BEFORE HIS RELEASE. If he is caught again more Bullpistol in his U no wot. WHO PAID HIS BAIL? ANOTHER ACCOMPLICE?

  4. Is it me being stupid or something does not make sense here. A juvenile at his home? Or at his parents home. Since when do kids have their own property ? Something is telling me that the criminals know too much about the law. If a juvenile is caught no jail, bail guaranteed and case pretty much closed. In my mind the law needs to be adjusted, all adults who reside in the property should be arrested, charged, convicted and incarcerated regardless of age for facilitating. ZERO tolerance

  5. So this guy is out on bail with the snap of some fingers and probably gonna be waiting in Marchand tonight to take revenge! Woi Woi smph woiiiii SMPH

  6. it is his “home” he lives there! “A HOUSE & A HOME” are two ( 2) different things. Bail is denied or granted based on the severity of the crime, like murder in the first degree ( as in pre-mediated, willful forethought, etc), and how the ” Prosecutor” argues against bail! the law guarantees this just like it says “Innocence until proven guilty! yes, I agree that the justice system needs to toughen up, yes a judge has inherent powers and can decide to not grant bail regardless of the crime, but that would open a can of worms later down the line especially if the defense chooses to appeal, another thing guaranteed under the law.


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