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Alleged Cow Thief Roughed Up In Dennery, Forced To Return The Animal


On Sunday, a man accused of stealing a cow received blows at the hands of Lumiere, Dennery residents who ensured that he led the animal back to where it belonged.

A social media video showed men hitting the suspect with a whip, slapping, punching, and choking him.

He tried to run away at one point, but the men pursued and held him as he complained that he was bleeding. He had suffered a laceration to his arm.

According to reports, the suspect advertised the cow on social media.

The reports indicated that the cow’s owner, who got wind of the sale, caught the seller in the act while the cow was about to be transported by a buyer.

The alleged thief was made to untether and remove the animal from its cage and ordered to return it, slipping and falling as the cow suddenly bolted while he attempted to lead it away.

Dennery police and an official of the Praedial Larceny Unit said they had no report of the cow theft.

Headline photo: Alleged thief returning animal (Screen grab from social media video)


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  1. I don’t advocate violence, but it is hard to work
    hard and have people come and steal any of your possessions

  2. In jamaica they call it jungle justice. You could get beaten bad and killed for stealing and nothing for that. No one gets aressted for your death

  3. After being the victim of multiple burglaries, I have absolutely no sympathy for this @55h013!

  4. The best and most effective policing is “community policing with a punch”. People in the area know this was happening to not only animals but crops go missing after months and sometimes years of hard labour. The Praedial larceny unit cannot service the entire island, the RSLPF already has its hands tied with major crimes plus in the Dennery/ Richfond Area, these officers are lazy af. Happy the alleged thief was not killed. Next time- do not record this on your phones, now all type of human rights couch experts will talk shate!

  5. Was this cow going to be sold to a guy called Kenny? A cow was stolen in Belair and there was evidence that it was sold to Kenny, the Praedial Larceny was informed, nothing happened. So?

  6. He Should be Given a Vip Treatment off Camera.That must be a Habitual thing

  7. Behlehlesh, Mary! People are fed up with crooks ripping them off. The community took a stand against this parasite…Oops, your client! I doubt he will pull that little stunt again…at least not in that community. This is truly community policing. Your little predicted statement about excessive force on criminals, will fall on deaf ears. People are fed up to their chins. I well want to catch one one intruding. He will then become private property.


  9. Sometimes, violence executed in the right way is necessary. Even our creator “punishes” us for those who believe. Like a fellow commenter I’m glad he was not killed but hopefully a lesson was learnt. Community policing; as the saying goes “it takes a community to raise a child” and as we move from children to men we become our brother’s keeper. Spread love

  10. I think a closer look should be taken at tunfortunate e so called buyers, some of them know that that the animal is not property of the seller, but because it is underpriced the buy it and unfortunately only the alleged seller is left to get som public justice.

  11. Both party should have received a good whipping because the huyer encourage thieves to carry on there trade because they make tons of profit. Not verifying he is the owner for the animal.

  12. A gang stealing livestock has been operating all over the island. they have been doing it for years now. butchers should be regulated to prevent this illegal sale. too much bacchannal going around this little island.

  13. How does one steal a cow? a chicken or a rabbit maybe, but a cow?
    How about getting a job? are things so tough? after the public beating, jail him.

  14. In la Ressource vieux all they do is smoke cocaine and steal young plantains and pineapples and come and sell it by the road

  15. I say that’s a job well done folks! Considering the police needs all the help they can get these days. No one was hurt in the process and the thief was apprehended. Just imagine what can happen when the community come together to fight crime.
    Thank you everyone for your service and support.

  16. Anymomous: this is not Jamaica we don’t need to kill someone for stealing and animal, you really don’t want someone else’s blood on your hands. A good ole whipping and having the person return the animal one could agree that’s more than enough….. we not that wicked and evil here to kill folks just like its a walk in the park.

  17. I know of a cow which went missing in the Deep South of the island hitch was recovered on someone’s farm in Dennery. The complainant knew where the animal was and brought a cop with him for the recovery. When they got on the farm in Dennery as soon as the stolen animal saw his owner he raised his ears and began moving towards him. No other evidence was needed.

  18. The internet is the most evil place on earth….Satan has unleash the key to conquer all mankind souls,it’s you the individual to know where and how you stand…..our kids future is looking bleak and deem,we are getting to an era where the oldest man alive will be atleast 30yrs old until mankind extincts…W.H.O tried to speed up the illuminati agenda with their covid19 scare tactics and their evil Jabs…the father is really wailing for us to repent and change our lives around…I challenge anyone to call me crazy


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