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Jazz Festival Organizers Apologise Over Adjustments To World Beats Schedule


The organizers of The Saint Lucia Jazz & Arts Festival would like to express their sincere apologies to the artistes and patrons who were affected by the adjustments to the World Beats Schedule on Saturday May 13, 2023.

The timings of festival performances are based on a scheduled running order.

We understand the importance of punctuality and keeping to a schedule, especially when it comes to live events. All artistes are expected to stick to the order and timings.

“Sometimes, due to unforeseen circumstances, such as technical and artiste coordinating issues, difficult decisions have to be made in order to bring the show back on track. These issues are sometimes beyond the control of the Festival organizers. Our apologies to the artistes and patrons that were affected by the unavoidable decisions. We will make every effort to redress the dissatisfaction caused by engaging both artistes to ensure they fulfill their obligation to the Saint Lucia Tourism Authority.” Remarked, Chairman of the Saint Lucia Jazz & Arts Festival, Thaddeus M. Antoine.

One of the artistes, Joeboy (Pondeck) remarked; “The Saint Lucian Tourism Authority has been in touch with us with a view to us both making things right for the fans and Saint Lucia, and they have been very courteous. I am sorry that you my fans were not able to see me perform but we are looking forward to coming back to Saint Lucia and I can assure you that we are working to make that happen as soon as possible.”

We appreciate the understanding and support, of our patrons and performers and look forward to the culmination of the Festival on Sunday, May 14, with the Ultimate Celebration.

SOURCE: Saint Lucia Tourism Authority

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  1. Meanwhile my hard earned money spent goes unspoken for? Total bs there was no adjustment to Sunday costs nor was an announcement made that very same night yet the same take what I give you mentality is the call of the day but carry on exactly why I boycotted tonight along side many others as the numbers will show

  2. In the mean time what happens to my money. I paid money to see certain artists and that never happened. What happens now. I feel betrayed and have lost trust in the organizers of the event …it was actually a breach of Contract because you never delivered on what i paid for. Apologizing does not make up for the level of disappointment and wastage of time. Yall imposed some artists that I would never even go watch for free let alone pay to see them. I was subjected to lewdity not fit for an event like this yet yall prevented an artist from participating for a using a word that all six year old have heard. I want a refund…I don’t know how but I want a refund. I now regret not getting a receipt for my tickets. Smdfh

  3. LOLOLOLOL… everyone is upset as on the previous article but I bet next year y’all fellas stilling lining up to buy tickets. Lucians will never know the power of boycotting.

  4. I am disgusted and pissed off at this. I feel robbed and cheated. In these hard times people make sacrifices to get a little enjoyment and then they are robbed…this is a blatant breach of Contract. I paid for something which I didn’t receive. Apologizing does not put my money back into my pockets and there was so much bobol and freeness in this jaz event the people who actually paid money will not get anything back. Some ticket outlets didn’t even offer receipts and at the gate they never even gave you back a ticket stub which I found very odd. This was a farce to begin with because they knew they were not delivering what they made you pay for. I want a refund… I don’t care how or where but I demand a refund from these crooks.

  5. Meanwhile, on the 7pm news tonight you will hear the politicians spewing the customary post-Jazz verbal diarrhea that Jazz was a major success and they are already planning for next year.

  6. All the bouji people that was in VIP eh care because as usual every jazz those who can afford get free tickets and the little malayway that scrunt to pay a ticket eh get nothing for their money. It least the freeness VIP people got food smh. This is so not fair. Why was Thaddues coordinating this in the first place. A bunch of clueless arrogant stuck up snobs in positions they can’t handle. Pay the people their money and not the VIP leeches

  7. I feel for those who paid for the tickets to see Joeboy. For those who received free tickets might not be singing the same tune. They were there as a marketing Plackard so they can show a successful outcome. One could not tell the difference between the Free ticket holders from those who paid $$. This is the reason a refund might be not be possible unless you have a receipt. From my sources, 80% of the folks who were there to see Joeboy was given free tickets – thanks to Hilaire’s strategy. This just back fired in his face because it looks like the left hand and the right hand on the team did not communicate before they decided to pull the plug on the show. On behalf of Hilaire and his team, I apologise.

  8. Yes, while the top officials and their friends with the complimentary tickets were enjoying their freeness, some of us actually paid for an experience.

    The organisation was lousy in general. Not sufficient amenities for the crowd sizes, traffic management was horrific, the quality of some of the artists was questionable and time management was non-existent.

    I was disappointed overall; definitely will keep the above in mind if there is a next time.

  9. All you complaining because your boy Chas didn’t host one of THE most successful St. Lucia Jazz events ever. So what they pulled some fouled mouth black boy off the stage. This is a religious country and those things don’t belong on this island. As far as I’m concerned PJP and his boys have all the rights in this sweet world to gift his friends and family whatever he sees fit. The man has worked hard enough to get where he is and why shouldn’t he benefit. I don’t see what all the complaining is about. One act gets cancelled boohoo. Get over it. This was the best SLJF ever!!!!

  10. While I never really cared about joeboy, this should not have happened. However I did enjoy my kassav as it is who I came to for the st lucians, yall were alright but just not for jazz. Carnival is you’ll segment let jazz remain classy. Organizers next year do better.


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