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Pierre Congratulates Saint Lucia Jazz Organisers, Says Next Year Will Be Bigger, Better

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Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre has congratulated and thanked organisers and everyone who contributed to the Saint Lucia Jazz & Arts festival.

“I want to thank them for buying into the vision of giving Saint Lucia a festival that is world-renowned – giving Saint Lucia a name for something,” Pierre told reporters on the sidelines of a Cabinet meeting Monday.

He explained that this country’s jazz festival reputation is worth millions of dollars.

Pierre said the Saint Lucia Jazz and Arts Festival is known globally, and next year’s event will be bigger and better.

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He asserted that his administration’s focus is on the people.

In this regard, Pierre explained that the economic multiplier effect of the jazz festival was massive.

But with the event concluding one day earlier, the Prime Minister also responded to the issue of making an economic-impact judgement now.

“You could see for yourselves. You could see the buy-in; you could see the outfits. You could see the musicians. You could see the number of local artistes. You could see all the people who worked at the park itself. You could see the enthusiasm of the artistes,” Pierre told reporters.

He said those artistes could go international.

“We can’t be myopic,” Pierre declared.

He also indicated a country could not function if party politics influenced everything.

And he told reporters that the Saint Lucia Jazz and Arts Festival goes way beyond party politics.

“The entire country benefits – you could see it for yourself, and furthermore, you can’t have a country that depends on tourism and the people cannot get the benefits,” the former Tourism Minister stated.

“Tourism is about people. You can spend millions of marketing dollars through travel agents, through airlines etc. and when the people come here the local people do not give them satisfaction, you will not benefit,” Pierre told reporters.

“You need to have a society where the people buy into tourism,” he asserted, adding that they are the ones who work in the hotels, drive the taxis and work at the immigration department.

Pierre said jazz creates a fusion between the people and the tourism industry.

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  1. i dont know for other people but the thing that was really bad for jazz was the organization of the traffic police in assisting people when leaving the event especially from the VIP parking lot to make it worse after it was jam packed the police escorts with sirens on want to come and make you do all sorts of Jimmie flix with your vehicle to give them room to pass to leave with their special guests but nothing was implemented to have at least even if it was slow but a smooth transition out of that area.

    You had to remain in your vehicle almost thirty mins to an hour before you can even move and the traffic police stationed on the road were of no better use. Imagine I came in and the police said to show him my pass, after showing it to him and he saw it had vip parking he said go in this way and speak to his colleague, so I drove in and saw a lady officer suited in that light green khaki suit so I showed her the ticket so I could find out where should I park, the woman just stood there looking at me like as if she is a GORGOR and she on a phone call and Never took a minute to assist, when I saw this I just sucked my teeth pull my ticket , roll up my window and drove off and whilst i driving off that’s when she want to come and give me directions I just move on her. Some of yall police think yall have to much rank.

  2. Thank You Mr. PM – Now that Jazz is over and according to YOUR standard it was a real success. Can we go back and focus on the real issues affecting the People who voted for you ? When will we get an update on the Health Care crisis in SLU – from what I understood blood donation is almost impossible as there is nothing in case of emergency. While you are at it, can you also provide an update on the hospital project in the south. After all if it is a project there should be a start date and an end date. It seems to me you have redefined the word project. We also have some corrupted ministers in your cabinet. When do you intend to address the actions to the public. Do you have any plans to provide an update on the Sale of land by RF (Escobar) ? The gun violence should not be ignored. Even though there was no major incidents during Jazz, I would prefer to credit the criminals by letting their good sense prevail instead of any strategy implemented by your team. I believe the only strategy you and your team had in place was HOPE. This should never be considered a strategy. What are your plans going forward in the absence of the Regional Police men and women. Can I suggest you put a conference call together to update the St. Lucian people you have managed to put them worst instead of putting them first ? Thank You – hope to hear from you soon.

  3. Yes Most Honorable those yellow complain about everything., It’s our tourism and the should be the ones who benifit the most and that I did $$$$$$$. Ye$$$$$ makr it bigger same speed get some real Ganja Artist to come down like Sizzla or Luciano ye$ I got my mind on my money and my money on my mind.

  4. All them clowns complaining about the use of profanity at Jazz must be just start going to Jazz, because if they knew jazz from it’s inception they would have known that profanity is not permitted. People like Mary j Blige, Keith Sweat , Al Greene got called out and were booed for using profanity on stage, yup I was there front row and center so educate yourselves.

  5. U mean the biggest government street and park party ever funded! Still giving 3 tickets! No tourists! No business! Just borrowed money spent by SLP to have some form of fete and bhaccannal. Who Pierre think he fooling? You all have no shame! But the ballot box will give it to you all!

  6. Are we living in a real world. Where are the mature, competent leaders in this country of St Lucia?
    In the face of abject economic misery the government spends $8 million to foreigners and gives away almost all the Jazz tickets. For every 200 locals we saw one paying white face! The government is so blatantly morally corrupt they gleefully BOAST that we ‘enjoying ourselves ‘ completely ignoring the poverty around them.
    The rational for Jazz was international exposure in the marketplace instead all we got was $8 Million for a big local fete!

    Taxes about to be increased to siphon off more millions from the taxpayer and not a word about frugality or savings or hard work.
    In fact they are promoting a culture not only of corruption but of arrogance and fete!
    Well if we will not accept the reality of our economic condition we will feel it even more as the years of SLP wastefulness and spending on friends and family continue.

  7. Well well well the bellows from degenerates not that I am surprise of this anything progressive by this government is like a lightning bolt from the debts of hell on them. Never knew the success of jazz was measured by the amount of White headcount in attendance, I guess they stayed docked on their yacht we poor negros can’t contribute to anything. Traffic was always a nightmare leaving pigeon island especially for us Southerners. What economic feasibility would there be to gain from giving away tickets to everyone, Ludacris amplified propaganda to steer up resentment for political gains the absolute shame of it. Once again the people’s choice has put St Lucians first and had delivered and excellent show.


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